Monday, December 13, 2010

Race, Ethnicity, & POCs in Comics:

Secret Identities:

announcement: secret identities volume 2: shattered

Secret Identities: Shattered Seeks Contributors

Racism and "Jungle Girl" comics:

What Makes a Jungle Girl Different? More on Savage Beauty

Why Do I Even Try?

Race, Ethnicity, & POCs in Comics:

G3 Guest Essay: DC’s Legacy of Legacies

Batman and Superman as Indian Chiefs?

Fred VanLente on "The Weapon" casting

'Chew' heading for the small screen?

[LinksRoundup] Always got something to say like an okay player hater

Collecting Black Comix: African-American Superheroes and the Luke Cage Problem

[LinksRoundUp] Since I left ain’t too much changed

The Millions Interview: Gene Luen Yang

Marvel’s Black Panther motion comic removed from iTunes

Image to Adapt Chinese Action Comic 'Daomu'

4×4 Elements: Icon: Mothership Connection

Tea Party Comix: Interpretations and Intent[WARNING for racist caricatures and references to rape]

What Makes a Jungle Girl Different? More on Savage Beauty

Why Do I Even Try?

Meet Me At The Total Experience

Ain't No Uzis Made In Harlem

Stop Jockin’ Jay-Z [Thunderbolts 147]


Immigrants in Comics, Secret Identities Sequel News

I'm a woman of color...

SDCC Notebook: Creators’ Spotlight


Stop Jockin’ Jay-Z [Thunderbolts 147]

Guest Post: Why do the Japanese Draw Themselves as White?

I really hate how white-washed the female hero population of the DCU is.

And people wonder why I say DC alienates me.

Nation’s Only Black Staff Editorial Cartoonist Laid Off at ‘South Bend Tribune'

Racism and Comic Book Readers

Racism, Comic Retailers, Mark Waid And High Rollers

Buyers’ Remorse

Batman Vs. Racism

Yeah, there’s no way of getting away from this

No More Mutants by Andrew Wheeler #3 – The Secret Asians

"I wish there were more characters that looked like me"

SDCC Notebook: The Fan Diaspora & Eric Wallace on diversity in DC Comics


[LinksRoundup]‘Nation’s Only Black Staff Editorial Cartoonist Laid Off’

Are all green cartoon/comic book characters ethnic?

[LinksRoundup] Ain’t got much time left, I’ve got to funk you now.

[LinksRoundup] Ain’t got much time left, I’ve got to funk you now.

[LinksRoundup] Boy genius grown up

How to Dismiss Claims of Racism [TRIGGER WARNING]

The 25 [Most] Momentous Black Comics Characters

guest post: the illustrious and superlative fu chang

[LinksRoundup] People still thinking what’s happening is a joke


More Anti-Columbus Videos

Quote of the day | Grant Morrison on diversifying the DCU

It’s not just that I’m upset about the treatment of Asian characters like Cassandra Cain[...]

Exotic, Perilous, and Inscrutable: A History Of East Asian Portrayals in Comic Covers

Exotic, Perilous and Inscrutable: A History of East Asian Portrayals in Comic Covers « The Hooded Utilitarian

That Birds of Prey cover in particular is like a punch in the gut.

Deadpool Takes on Racists in 'Deadpool MAX' #3

The Top Ten Black Presidents

I don’t think it’s too much to ask at all, I think it’s the bare minimum that should be expected at this time in history.

read these blogs

Aliens In America


Know the Ledge: Verisimilitude, Race, & Comics

Diversity Is Not The Problem, You Are

Supermen! Revisited [Warning for racist caricatures.]

The Experience [Shadowland: Power Man 02]

Cartooning the U.S. Chinese Exclusion Act

Black Comix: African American Independent Comics Art and Culture

The Black and White Universe

Alliterate November 14

Tea, Over-steeped, Luke-warm

Canaustralian Ahoy! 15 November 2010

Ape in a Cape 15 November

Alliterate: Your Friendly Neighborhood Arana

icons: the dc comics & wildstorm art of jim lee

Open Thread: Jay Chou In The Green Hornet

Who Needs Some Black Comix?


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