Sunday, February 25, 2007

February 25, 2007

Friends of Lulu Empowerment Fund: a false door leading nowhere (Via)

Why is that Woman on Her Hands and Knees?


More on the Treatment of Female Superheroes.


Introducing the John Birchosphere

Idol Reflection Essay: Rachel Summers-Grey aka Marvel Girl

In light of "Unexpected" ...

"Aimed for the Milky Way, then got stuck in a traffic delay ..."

The comic pimpage continues

I Know Whose Side I'm On: Thoughts on Marvel's Civil War

Friends of Lulu Responds

So You Want Her To Read Comics ?

Cliche Critics

There's nothing civil about it

Caption This Panel

I Think I'll Give Up Self-Loathing For Lent

Blogger’s having a bad day…

And, Just Because We Were Just Talking About This…

Put on Those Ol'Glory Short-Shorts

More Like Legion of Super-Jerks!

Shelly's Comic Shelf: Her Pondering and My Thoughts

Go to sleep, Livia!

Of course, sometimes FBOFW doesn't need a dark mirror

Courting justice with editorial cartoons

The first of the superheroines?

And there it is... again

So...lemme get this straight...

*smacks PHD*

Joy in the Comics Blogosphere

A Stormwatch: PHD rant and some maintainer-like commentary. (Also discussed here)

That Comic Fan Poll

Christ, I'm a bad mod...

So, anyway.... Comicfangirls

Random Thoughts - Political and Comic Books

Feb. 25th, 2007

NYCC – Panel reviews

Observations From The Blogosphere

More Heroclix fun

Supergirl cover?

NYCC – Minx for teens

Minx at NYCC

NYCC: What happened Friday

Wonder Woman’s Lasso - Amazonian Lie Detector

The Last Temptation Of Mary Marvel

If Supergirl joined the Legion TV show, here's what she might look like

Ikebukuro 'maidens' say being geek is chic.

“It all started on the day that I died.”

Where’s Frank Miller?

NYCC: what’s really important

The top 15 things learned at New York Comic-con: A personal list

I Read the Internets - 2/24/07

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back to Normal.

The Ormes Society
Cheryl Lynn has some reading for the class.
Cheryl Lynn’s Ormes Society: a proposal
Information gathering!

My vision of Supergirl...Mr. Berganza would probably not approve
Dear Kara....
This is not a post about SUPERGIRL 14.
Japanese elementary school students reactions to Michael Turner's Supergirl
Old School Supergirl

Marvel Knights Poetry Corner
Feb. 12, 2007: Spider-Man’s radioactive sperm, and other atrocities
If I wrote Spider-Man: Reign #3
If you have a speck of good taste, just don't read this. Seriously.
Does What a Spermatozoon Can
My Day of Vindication has Come ...
Spidey's load

Those DC Anime-ized Superheroes.
Sex, politics and religion
Sweet Revenge, on DC Direct & Kotobukiya!
I am Officially the Last Person to Comment On…
No, seriously, what sells the best
Toy Fair’s third day showcases superheroes
Since the federal legislators were busy this week, Nerve instead asked...
DC’s Ame-Comi Super Heroines
Comic Drama: Dance, Batgirl, dance!
Who's Manga's Market?
New, From DC Direct!
Toy Fair 2007 starts today
That Animain't Right

Atari Force: The Mother and Child Reunion Is Only a Multiverse Away

Cage wants Mendes to play She-Hulk

Elayne's views on NYCC panels

All Star Excuses

A couple of radical statements about sex, from the end of my rope.

it only ripped slightly when I threw it across the room

Stuff and things...

Ruminations on Psylocke

"You Had Me At Goodbye" -- The Stalker And You

She's Spartacus

The Difference Between Juvenile and Wizard

This is Glory #0...

Let Fly The Freak Flag!

That's A Lot Of Child Support

Romance Special: The Matrimonial Mishaps of Lois Lane, Part Three

Girl Stories

Romance Special: What's In A Name?

This is for Ethel Guiness, Wherever You Are

And yet another question

The Goddess Athena Speaks.

Everybody Knows That No Woman Can Keep a Secret

PSA: Delicious Candy!

Ms. Marvel is Cool:

20 Comics That Can Change Your Life

Comic store clerks have some Nerve

The Putting Things Together Files

Sunday, February 04, 2007

February 4 -- Finishing off the Backlog


In Defense of Wonder Woman...
Wonder Woman
Tidbits: Movies, Retail and Writing Aspirations
You Can't Win 'Em All
Josh Whedon out of the Wonder Woman movie
Whedon off of Wonder Woman
End of An Era…
No Diana the Vampire Slayer for you!
Wonder Woman Whedonless
I trust I don't need to outline what's wrong with this statement.

Why I love Geoff Johns :D
Johns leaves Titans, but the next writer (surprise, surprise) may not be any better

‘Rama Rampage: Well, as long as it’s decent.

Ice...just because

“My First Date” (Happy Birthday, Scott)

Maybe I get too worked up ...

Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done: Tales of the Teen Titans #s 48-50

No! No! No! Piper Can’t Be Bad Again!

Welcome to the Diversiverse (Ion #9 and #10, Cover Dated Feb. and Mar. 2007)

Musashi #9 Book 4

Spider-Man: Back in Black

February 4, 2007

That time of year!
That time of year...again!

Expanding the Readership
Wanted: new editors for DC Comics
Supergirl and Paris Hilton: separated at birth?
Supergirl Redux

Losing It: A Frank Miller Chronology of Failure

A non-spoilery Reaction to Teen Titans:
Choice of Poisons
One small step for OH TIMMY
! Spoiler gets a case!
The Terrible Secret Of Cassandra Cain
Batgirl Returns

Almost There, But...

About damn time
Good News for Wonder Woman Fans
Whedon off Wonder Woman Film
No Whedon Wonder Woman!
Argh. Whedon off Wonder Woman
WW: The Movie / Thoughts
Who Will Script the Fight for My Rights Now?
Goyer and Whedon: a dream deferred
NO. just, freaking, NO.
i'm distraught.
Jenny-O's Wonder Woman
Joss Whedon has announced that he's no longer involved with the Wonder Woman film
I Wonder... Women?
Joss News

You'll Never Look At Superman The Same Way Again

Oh, looky, it’s manga vs capes again

Independent study

YES - Reviews for 01/31

The Politics of the Acockalypse

Thursday Thirteen: 13 Pet Peeves

Madam Whats-Her-Face

What about me?

Superbra Technology

"Our existence deforms the universe, that's responsibility." - Del of the Endless

"Be patient! Not that I will ever have to hear those words."

14 Valentines - Body Image

Perhaps In An Alternate Universe...

I had a huge entry about comics

Equality in death

THE SHORT STACK: Diversity On The ‘Net - February 4, 2007

The Tenth Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy
Call for Submissions: 11th Carnival of Feminist SF and Fantasy Fans


52 on 52 #39

Ack! Speaking of Wonder Woman

Coloring Makes All the Difference


DC talks to Women

Dear Joel Silver,

Hal Jordan, Day 5

Ice...Just Because.

In Case You Were Wondering...

Listen up, DC Comics

More Cat-man and Kitten

On Flying Women Who Punch Things

Questions I Ask Myself When I'm Pissed At Myself

Some Good News

Super Follow-Up on Supergirl

Supergirl Redux

Teen Titans #43

Tell the Big Monkey

Thoughts On The Joss Off Of Wonder Woman Controversy

TT Thoughts: Batgirl, Supergirl & Miss Martian

Wonder Woman vs. 3- Point Perspective