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Adam Hughes Batgirl Statue

I have no idea why people think there needs to be more women in comics, do you?

Batarangs Are Hard; Let's Go to the Mall!

THANK YOU Comics Alliance

Girl Comics

Girls are welcome too … if they have money

Fourcast! 37: Girlcast II: Girl Comics

Girl Comics in the New York Post

Girl Comics #1

Kitty Pryde

The Return of Kitty Pryde: Everybody's Girlfriend

Thanks iFanboy!!!

LGBT Issues in Comics

GLAAD honors DETECTIVE COMICS as Outstanding Comic Book

Detective Comics wins GLAAD Media Award">Detective Comics wins GLAAD Media Award

Batwoman Wins GLADD Award | Geekosystem

GLAAD Honours Batwoman

Did Hercules celebrate the art of Greek love?

Interview With Sean McGrath

Gay Previews 5/10

Rawhide Rides & Other Surprises

Finding Superqueeroes in the Comic Book World | Gay Rights ...

Lian Harper

Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #1

Ew ew ew

DC, stop it. Stop it right f-ing now.

srsly DC. Srsly

For the Record, Anger Does Not Equal Interest


The wisdom of Stu

Mark Millar

Lame-Ass: Comics Scribe Mark Millar’s Work is Sexist and Racist. So How Come He’s So Famous?

Is Mark Millar sexist and racist?

Not Strictly Comics

ComicsAlliance's Twilight Drinking Game

Facebook Deletes Racebending Group

POC's in Comics

We made it cool to wear medallions and say “Hotep!”

This Is What They Think About You

Three words.

The End of An Era? Memories of Milestone Comics

Guest Spot: Scalped and the Stereotype That Wasn't There

Anti-Racism in 1950s Comics: Weird Fantasy 18 - "Judgment Day"

Exploring Ethnicity, History, & Tension With KATO

Power Girl

Power Girl with issue #13">Winick, Basri to take over Power Girl with issue #13

Talking Comics with Tim: Jimmy Palmiotti

New Team for Power Girl


NuSpidey fandom wank: On the Internet, your arms are NEVER too short to box with God. :)

Too Cool For School?

What Roger Stern Says About Spider-Man's Love Life (first entry)

101 Ways to Redo the Spider-Marriage


Warner Bros. goes after girls market with Supergirl clothing line

Supergirl Makes Her Mark In A New Clothing Line Aimed At Young Girls

JC Penney And Supergirl

(Super)Girl Power?

Women and Gender in Comics

The Personal is Political in Young Love's "Bride and Broom"

Stop Forgiving

When is enough enough?

Witchy comics out there?

Comics: Guys and Gals, friends?

Green Arrow #31 - The Worst Comic Ever? It's a Contender.

on the state of the DCU

The Twilight Graphic Novel Review

Straight for the art | Meet Ms. Inkwell ...

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Secret Six #19

Quick Catch-Up

The Debut of "Public Announcements"

Why I Hate Comics

Hey, That's My Cape!: 'The Night Owls'

Hey, That's My Cape!: Batgirl vs. Supergirl

No Batgirl/Red Robin Play-by-Play This Month

Psyche, Just Kidding Guys!

Vampirella goes to Dynamite

Heathentown Reviewed

Q&A #63: Artists who deserve to be superstars!

Titans #23 review

Ladies first!

5 Female Characters They Should Bring Back

June 2010 DC Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

June 2010 Marvel Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

She Has No Head!: Spotlight: Gabrielle Bell

She Has No Head!: Ruminations of X-23, Minx, Comics for Women vs. Comics for Girls, Twilight and the Kitchen Sink

Committed: Comics are Better than Psychoanalysis



Interview with Suzan Loeb AKA Suzan Says!


Audience, Fans, and Marketing to Women

Phil’s Reviews — Stuff I Read and Put Back #163

Today's Trade> Terra « BW Media Spotlight

My top 15(ish) female comics characters

Another Thrilling Issue Of Michelle Obama's Female Force Comic

Am I a Condescending Sexist Jerk? also: comics reviews and porn (February 2010)

Feminism and Comic-stuff

PAUL DINI Weaves His Magic for new DC ZATANNA Series

Wonder Woman

Where Is Our Wonder Woman Smallville?

Gloria Steinem on Wonder Woman (Pt. 1)

Gloria Steinem on Wonder Woman (Pt. 2)

Gloria Steinem on Wonder Woman (Pt. 3)

Gloria Steinem on Wonder Woman (Pt. 4)

Why isn't Wonder Woman in this picture?

Typo’s Best: Her Origin Gets Odder With Each Retelling.

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Batgirl #8 and Red Robin #10 ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! part i

Batgirl #8 and Red Robin #10 ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! part ii

Super Mega Batgirl review the eighth

Super Mega... Red Robin Review?

So, Red Robin was pretty much awesome.

Red Robin Batgirl crossover

Fun With Bat-Babes

A Quick One

The new Batgirl

Larfleeze loves Zatanna?

Okay, we need a pick-me-up- I turn to Steph!

Cry for Justice

Where I weigh in and. give. my. thoughts.

James Robinson's response to Cry for Justice

Fourcast! 36: Ragecast!

What hath blog wrought?

Tucker Can’t Get Enough Of Waxing Babies

The Moral of the Story

In Defense of James Robinson

Kids, cannon fodder and Cry for Justice

The WORST part of Cry for Justice

Cry For Justice#7: When The Joke Stopped Being Funny

Justice League – Cry For Justice #7


Girl Comics

Discussion question: If Girl Comics isn't a completely fantastic comic book, does it risk doing more harm than good?

Review: Girl Comics #1

Comics Grinder: Girls! Girls! Girls!

She Has No Head!- Girl Comics: Not Quite Great, But Mostly Free of Landmines

Punisher MAX: Butterfly & Girl Comics Reviews & News, part deux

Marvel profiles

Review: Girl Comics #1

Girl Comics #1

The Real Women of Marvel – Girl Comics #1

Girl Comics- well, they do all star girls. But so do most of the comics I buy.

LGBT Issues in Comics

Six by 6: Six gay comics that are better than anything on Ranker's list

Fantagraphics New Manga

LGBT Characters in Comic Books

Comic reviews: Super Friends #25, Super Hero Squad #3, the Essential DTWOF


If You're Going to Hate on Manga...

The Other Love that Dare Not Speak its Name


Unbound | Zahra's Paradise creator speaks

Nina Paley

Cuckoo for Copyright: Sita Sings for Your Entertainment

Inteview with Nina Paley

Interview with Nina Paley Part 2

Not Strictly Comics

Does Disney really know what boys like?

Girls Get the Short End of the Stick Again: Disney Renames Rapunzel to Tangled

POC's in Comics

Talking Comics with Tim: Ho Che Anderson

Black Superheroes On The Web

Afrodisiac, Dracula and the Venusian Invasian

Quoted: Dwayne McDuffie on Race, The Comics Industry, and Creating Characters

AVENGERS: Tokens, quotas, and Triathlons

From the I-Wish-I-Were-Her Desk: Nancy Goldstein Talks Jackie Ormes's Roundtable discussion on Comics and Color

Martin Luther King, Jr. Comic Book From The 1950s Redefined Superhero For A Generation

The Biography of Ebony White

Power Girl

Palmiotti, Gray & Conner Off "Power Girl"

Departure of POWER GIRL Creative Team

Conner, Palmiotti, and Gray off Power Girl

Valerie Barclay

Trina Robbins: Valerie Barclay 1922-2010

Violet "Valerie" Barclay, 1922-2010


an interview with supergirl team, sterling gates & jamal igle

Bits Of Supergirl Business

Review: Superma:Last Stand Of New Krypton #1

Women and Gender in Comics
The Best And Worst Superheroine Cosplay Costumes

Molly Crabapple: Sexy, Provocative and Banned at BN

All-Ages All-Stars: Mike Maihack’s Scarlet Witch

Getting Others Started on Comics Vol 2

Comics cavlacade: Conan, Sinbad and Charlie McCarthy

The Sun Will Come Out

Review: Unlovable Vol. 2

Will Superman have his own "Brand New Day"?

The First Annual Fantastic Comic Book Awards

All-Flash Quarterly, Part II: THE BLOOD RED RAY!

All Flash #2 Part 4. Almost Done. Really.

All Flash Comics #2 ends with…ew

Your Superheroine Fail Of The Day

Lighten up, Val.

OS Journal 3/10/10: WWEFD?

4 Tips For Marketing Comic Books To Women

Ugly Things Are My Muse

Occasional Linkage For 3/12/10

It's International Woman's Day!

Tales From The Quarter Bin--Sybil Danning IS Black Diamond!!

Speaking Of Female Action Heroes Debuting In Black Diamond #1...

Controversy LinkBlogging

She Has No Head!: Marc Andreyko's Manhunter

Woo Hoo! Kathryn Immonen and Tonci Zonjic! Color Me Happy!

Committed: Kick-Ass and Why Violence is a Feminist Issue

Phil-In: Stuff I Read and Put Back by Dan Jacka

Yeah, but Will It Last?

Rich Kreiner: A Minis Monday Special Bulletin: Woman King

Review: The Supergirls by Mike Madrid

Female Force! Women in Comics

The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Wonder Woman

J. Michael Straczynski to write SUPERMAN and WONDER WOMAN, starting in July

No limits: J. Michael Straczynski on SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN

Thoughts on Wonder Woman

JMS Takes Over Superman and Wonder Woman

Say it ain’t so! Gail Simone leaves Wonder Woman

Prince of power.

JMS On Wonder Woman

Straczynski on Superman and Wonder Woman = AWWWW YEAH

Wonder Woman palooza!

Wonder of Wonders - War and Peace: For She So Loved the World

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So many, many links: Part Three

Women and gender in comics:

The Europeans do comic book movies differently

A Wise Man Sleeps

Fun Home: Technically Speaking on the first 86 pages

Likewise, A Response

Links: We know what boys like

Review: Amelia Earhart: This Broad Ocean

Logo Study: DC ROMANCE COMICS Part 1

Rescue me: Pepper Potts' armored alter ego gets a one-shot in May

I Think, Therefore 'I, Zombie'

Themed List: February--Romance Comics

DC Entertainment

Nice Guy Syndrome - Why I Hate Warren in Early X-Factor

SEX CITY: A Superhero Sex Education Video Game

The Sorceress’ New Clothes – Zatanna’s new outfit doesn’t “etiuq krow"

The 5 Most Disturbing X-Men Love Affairs

Christian Beranek’s Life of High Adventure #16: Fashion and comics meet in Ready to Where?

Marz, Sook, and Simonson weigh in on Magdalena cover

A brief interview with Diane Nelson

She's back!

Character Spotlight: Nola Thomas

Character Spotlight: Rocky Rhodes

Batman's Women and You

Do you have a certain Zatanna in your life? How about a Harley Quinn?

Finding romance in comics

Confessions of a Comics Shop Junkie: Mercury, Nola, Supergirl, and More

Kitty Pryde's Return Is Cause For Celebration


Batman Burlesque Dancers Take on Riddler, Harley Quinn and 'Killing Joke'

10 of the Worst Female Action Figures Ever [Girl Week]


The Best and Worst Super-Heroines In Comics! [Girl Week]

Keiko Agena & Ming Doyle Interview

10 of the Best Female Action Figures Ever [Girl Week]

ComicsAlliance Takes On: Gender-Swapped Fan-Art [Girl Week]

I guess March is womens history month or something!

She Has No Head! - Marc Andreyko's Manhunter

Creator Spotlight: Afua Richardson

Creator Spotlight: Ms,Shatia Hamilton

The Bottom Line

Unlovable by Esther Pearl Watson

Garth Ennis’ Most Revealing Moment?

This Week in Girl Geek: Wherein Comics Alliance does my job for me


Cactus's Secret Book 1

Proof That Superheroes Are Mainstream

Ryusuke Hamamoto's Darkseid is a Pretty Little Lady [Girl Week]

'Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths' Actress Gina Torres Celebrates Superheroine Curves [Girl Week]

Creator Spotlight: Alitha Martinez

Creator Spotlight: Marguerite Abouet

Ann Nocenti's 'Daredevil': An Appreciation [Girl Week]

Character Spotlight: Friday Foster

Character Spotlight: Mari Royal

Cheyenne Wright of Girl Genius

Hey, That's My Cape!: Resident Shoe Expert

Straight for the art | Damian-Robin, by Polly Guo (Hire her!)

Cartoonist Lucy Knisley Wants to Be a Cartoonist When She Grows Up [Girl Week]

Blackest Night: JSA #3

Foundationed Deep #1

Girl Week: A Celebration of Feminism

The Real Power Of Comics

The Fifth Color | The Will She? Won't She? of Susan Storm

Reviews Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #1-3

Happy Women's History Month!

Some Reviews

Book of the Month: NANA

Hat Week: The Hats of Romance Comics Explained

Wonder Woman, Gail Simone, Birds of Prey:

Be advised this post is probably not terribly coherent

Gail Simone on leaving WONDER WOMAN, returning to BIRDS OF PREY

Gail Simone Leaves "Wonder Woman"

Wonder of Wonders (3/5/10)

Gail Simone Leaving WONDER WOMAN, Reveals BoP #2 Cover

Gail Simone to Depart from Wonder Woman [Girl Week]

End of an Era

So many, many links: Part Two

Lian Harper and "Cry for Justice":

DC and the Arrow Family: the kids are all right. No wait, they're all white!

An Open Letter to James Robinson

I miss back when you could get new DC Comics


Fuck this Robinson shit

Justice And Injustice

I Knew it with Spoilers

Well, I didn't see that coming (Spoilers for JL: Cry for Justice #7)


“Wait, what?” For Justice!

Violent death is still the spice of superhero life, apparently


Cry for Justice #7: When Comics Are God-Fucking-Awful

Cry for Justice ends most utterly repugnantly

Review: Justice League: Cry For Justice #7


I Brief Thought on Cry for Justice

Justice League: Cry for Justice #7

Just us.

Son Of A Bitch!

Some questions I have about Justice League: Cry for Justice, after having

Justice League: Cry For Justice #7

Powerful response to DC’s murder of Lian Harper

Lian Harper, 1986-2010: A Tribute, Part 1

Lian Harper, 1986-2010: A Tribute, Part 2

Cry For Justice #7 - What REALLY upsets me...

Justice League: Cry for Justice #7 -Review-

Driving away from Comics, Part One

Yet Another Delayed Reaction (aka I took time I do not have to catch up again)

Review: Cry For Justice #7

The Value of Daughters, alt. title: Narrative Cop-outs I Am Sick Of

Powerful response to DC’s murder of Lian Harper

Lois Lane:

Re-Evaluating Lois Lane

Thursday WHO’S WHO: Lois Lane


Tintin’s List

Controversy LinkBlogging

Unbound | Zahra's Paradise creator speaks

Jewish Narnia Is Called Marvel Comics

Bronze-Age Comics

The comic books that brainwash North Koreans

Ms. Marvel:

Ms. Marvel #50

Will the Real Ms. Marvel Please Stand Up

Not strictly comics:

The Last Airbender Trailer - And Other Thoughts

How the Bechdel Test could save the Oscars

Seeking: Dynamic Women Who Don't Need A Hero

Girl heroes take spectacular flight

Media portrayal of Disability and Martial arts (a personal statement)

The Fading Histories of People of Colour: Depardieu Plays Dumas

Stories that Ally vs Stories that Appropriate: a Yardstick

The Smurfette Principle

Princely Tails

POCs and Race in comics:

Hunting BET’s Black Panther

Exhibit Celebrates Black Comic Book Superheroes

Race & Comics Round-up: Around The Marvel Universe

Emanata: Hi, Kids. Do You Like Violence?

Captain America To The Big Screen

Black Future Month ‘10

ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Winston Blakely

Tak Toyoshima: Secret Asian Man

Celebrating Black Superheroes

The Golden Blaze

Luke Cage, Still An Avenger

Power Girl:

'DC Universe Online' Power Girl Designs

Money. Power. Respect.

"Skinny bitches" comment:

Not cool, Ms. Torres, not cool



DC's 'Supergirl' reaches milestone

Some excellent Supergirl moments

Supergirl #50

So many, many links: Part One

Disability in comics:

Wasn't there a Seinfeld episode about this?

Dwayne McDuffie and Milestone Comics:

DC Comics: Meanspirited, spiteful, and childish.

Race, Sci-Fi, and Comics: A Talk with Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne McDuffie's Sad Meta-Commentary on Corporate Comics

Girl Comics:

Girl Comics #1

The Lady Editors of Marvel Talk 'Girl Comics' [Girl Week]

Let’s Hear It for Girl Comics

Daily Breakdowns 068 - Wave Hello, Say Goodbye

'Girl Comics' shines spotlight on female creators

Hot Ink Review - Girl Comics #1 [Girl Week]

Girl Comics #1

Girl Comics #1

Girl Comics #1 review

Girl Comics #1

Review of Girl Comics 1

Comic Book Rape Watch | Green Arrow and Girl Comics

Ready or Not, Girl Comics is Out

CA Hits the Girl Comics #1 Signing [Girl Week]

To Do: Girl Comics Signing at Handleys

Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.

The Week In Ink: March 3, 2010

Reviews For Punisher: Butterfly & Girl Comics #1

Let’s Hear It for Girl Comics

Glyph awards:

2010 Glyph Awards Announced

1020 Glyph Awards nominees announced

Your 2010 Glyph Awards Nominees

‘WORLD OF HURT’ Nominated In 2010 Glyph Awards

2010 Glyph Awards Fan Favorite of the Year online ballot

Handley case:

Christopher Handley Sentenced to 6 Months for 'Obscene' Manga (Updated)

Handley sentenced to six months in manga obscenity case

Man Sentenced to 6 Months in Prison for Buying Lolicon Manga

‘Obscene’ manga leads to six month jail sentence

Handley With Care: Can it Happen to You?

Christopher Handley sentenced

Commentaries on Handley's Sentencing for Obscene Manga

Reflections on the Handley case

Must read: Handleys attorney comments

Christopher Handley’s Attorney Comments On His Case


Kathryn Immonen Gets Cosmic with the Heroines of 'Heralds' [Girl Week]

Marvel heroines to face cosmic threat in Heralds weekly miniseries

Marvels women star in HERALDS

Hope Larson's "Mercury":

Mercury rising: Hope Larson on the perils of making comics for teens

Hope Larson Explores the Mystery of "Mercury"

Kelly Sue Deconnick:

Kelly Sue DeConnick Penning 'Rescue' One-Shot At Marvel This May

Kelly Sue Deconnick on 'Sif,' Sexism and Lady Snowblood [Girl Week]

LGBTQ in comics:

(no subject)