Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24, 2007

The Annotated Anita Blake: The First Death #1

And Now For Something Completely Different . . .

Fun with photoshop: Batgirl edition

OMG War declarez upon me LOLWTF

Maybe If You Cried More...

Stupid Publisher Tricks: Non-Representative Offensive Covers


Amazons Attack! #4

Organ Grinder

I heart Hailey's Comic

It Rhymes With Lust

WANTED: A Black Actress to Play a Black Character

"That’s not what I’m trying to express here."

Done. In.

A Wonder Woman-less New Frontier?

Hailey’s Comic - Week Eight

The Big Finish


Portrait of Mademoiselle X

Is Marvel SNEAKING us another gay superhero?

Take a Shot!

Upcoming 7/25

Emergency When Fangirls Attack Editorial Indecision Plan B

So Kalinara and I were talking about the latest couple of Gor posts. We were leery of including the first few, because the issue is not about anything in the comics medium, but a set of books put out by a comic book publisher. However, even those posts which spoke primarily about the books touched on the topic of comic books so we included them. Now we've rolled the snowman down the hill so to speak and its picking up bulk and running on a tangent. We reached a stalemate, and couldn't decide between the two of us whether to ride it out, even if it does sidetrack this blog, or drop the topic from our lists unless it specifically touches on comic books.

Kali and I are both fairly decisive people who can normally settle disagreements within a few hours. Granted, there is still the Hal and Kyle thing, but in the 474-post history of this blog matters pertaining to what was on-topic and what was not were very clear to us. This one, however, seems to be special.

So, we're pulling out our Emergency When Fangirls Attack Editorial Indecision Plan B (Plan A -- armwrestling -- was worthless in this matter because we can't do that over the internet), and polling our readers. (You feed and livejournal readers will have to come to the regular blog post to get a shot at the poll.) Do not comment asking us to list our baffling criteria, because you won't get a satisfying answer. Just make your own judgment based on what you've seen in this blog before.

[Edit: Poll erased because we've made our final decision. Thank you everyone who participated.]

And please remember, EWFAEI Plan B is only to be used in the event of an emergency.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

More backlog

Poor, poor Kyle - hold on a minute...

Comic Book Resources article - Homosexuality in comics, Part I

Use your new powers for good, Supergirl. FOR GOOD!

Supergirl Reinvented

I go hunting for witches...Heads are going to roll...

Speaking of tasteless...

Everything new is old again

More on manga’s girl appeal

Rose. Seek therapy, *please*.

Citizen Steel and Power Girl - Cosmetic Dehancement

Banging my head against the wall: Marvel October Solicitations Edition

1940s Marvel Super Heroines

And now, a moment of silence.

NO! Anything but THAT!

We don't need more Eclipso

You’re kidding, right?

Is the Problem Logic, or Reading Comprehension?

I'm not bothered by the Lois spoilers at all. (Tangential)

Irony, thy name is DC Comics

While We Were Out...

This Is Getting Silly, DC.

Weekend Backlog

The Week In Ink: July 11, 2007

Oh No! I'm A Statistical Anomaly!

Okay, let's clear up a popular misconception.

A stolen review

Thou sallow picture of my poisoned love/ My studies ornament, thou shell of Death.

Not Just a Cigar

Comics News Post: July 11, 2007

Covering their assets?

Afraid of Cock III: The Reckoning

Poor Marvel. Poor, poor Marvel.


[Review] Soon I Will Be Invincible

The prophet feels ashamed.

Spoilers: Nova #4 - Annihilation:Conquest

Really Quick -- Why I love Amanda Waller

Regarding the appropriately titled Action Comics

Rogue and the Need to Fix

My, What a Lovely Straw Man

Munson's Milestone Mondays

Oh, No. Women Aren't Sexualized in Comics at ALL

But you're not having enough fun!

DC's October Solicits

You know...

Ripped From The Solicits…

"Men are Objectified, too"