Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Holiday Backlog

Stephanie Brown Memorial Case - I Don't Agree.


Wonder Woman vs. Xena

The Last Temptation of Mark Millar

Dear DC Comics...

Wonder Woman vs. Xena

The Avengers Part II: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

Review Time

She’s a Marvel

Marvel proves comics ARE soap operas

They couldn't have had any particular artist in mind, could they?

Marvel Announces Second Print of Anita Blake #1

But...but Supergirl has a belly button! And a skirt!

Thoughts on Heroes, episode 5

Child's Play

Skills you didn’t know Superman had

Runaways v2

Greenaway, Future of Media, Superficial Reality

Women want Anita Blake? Really?

EiE: Infusing Estrogen in the JSA, Shining Knight

Outside wank makes me happy

Clothes but not clothes enough...

Why Tamora Pierce is awesome.

The Best Comics Right Now.

Hmm. It's been a little here's what I've been up to...

Displacement Isn't a Solution

Dave Sim's blogandmail #46 (October 27th, 2006) (Double Size Issue!!)

Frabjous Day! Calloo Callay!

Mama Spank

Secret Sex

Blink logging

Good things from being the Designated Sidekick

The Batslap: Then & Now

Why oh why?

Yo, it's that time of year again.


Comics that make me buy comics (or, JLA as gateway drug)

Page 1 and Page 2 of Sin-drella, which to me seems like a comment on beauty culture.

Once Upon A Time It Didn't All Seem So Pale Ale

dupes and lizard-men

Metaphoracle is writing a big paper on minorities on comics--*all* minorities, characters of color, women, and teh gayz

All You Need to Know: New Avengers #23

Abandoned Graphic Novel: In time for Halloween

This is barely enough to warrant a Spoiler Warning