Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More backlog

Vixenification Right On Damn Schedule

Pretty, Fizzy Paradise: A couple of cover reactions.

Oh, Christ, NOT AGAIN. Look who's been Vixenified this time

(Now, what's all this crazy talk about "Whitewashing"?


The Not-So-Funnies: Using Niqab in Comics to Otherize Iranian Women

Witchblade Adaptation Gets a Sexy Teaser Poster

Teaser poster, um, revealed for Witchblade

Witchblade plus a Wolverine-esque tangent

That Witchblade poster...

"You cannot overcome my laser-proof breasts!"

Final Defecations On Countdown Vier

Conversations With Young People

Rogue’s Review #2: Catwoman

Monday Morning Meditation...

Open Letter To Valerie D'Orazio

Torchbearers: Jasmine Callihan

Morrison, what the hell?!

Chronicle of a Hiatus Foretold

Plot Devices that Need to Go Away #2

It’s Never Too Late!

More Gender Politics

Misogynist puppeteering

Making It Hot: OK in my book

Shake Girl - an online graphic novel

I bought comics. I went splutterwhat???

Yeah, What The Hell ARE You Wearing, Raven?

Marvel Loves Sexually Controversial Images

Why I Despise Greg Land's Artwork Reason 139

What’s wrong with bein’ sexy? the frank and open edition

Gasping neck wounds and protruding tails: scrambled sexuality and dermatological disorder in Charles Burns’ Black Hole

Is This Gratuitous: ECCC 2008 Exclusive Edition

A Question Not Of Prudery, But Taste

Soft-Core Titans Action

Fast Thoughts - The Week of 05/14/08 & 5/21/08

Shake Girl

Random Thoughts On A Comic-Loving Librarian's School Visit Or Why Jenny Doesn't Read Comics.

Val Reviews American Dream & DC Special: Raven

On Appreciation…A Musing

Devon Vs. Checkmate #26 And The Bear Wins And Other Stories - Updated

Saw the Robin scans, just like everybody.

Trolls being trolled

Shocking Update!

Still catching up, so don't mind accidental relinks.  Pile's huge.  Sorry 'bout the little rant last post.

Thanks to Notintheface for providing some links. --R.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Backlog

It is sunny and warm and I am at work; one of these three things is just not right!

Dave Sim lives up to his reputation, again.

Should Newsarama Apologize Over Jihad Remark?

We don’t do news, but…

My Take On The Issues Within And About The Iron Man Movie

On A Certain Blogger

Late Edition

Rucka says Batwoman comic is a go

From zombies to boarding school

(No title)

Shake Girl

Rogue’s Review #1: Harley Quinn

Iron Man

Can Wizard Magazine BE anymore sexist?

The Fifth Color - Old Dogs and New Tricks

Miss Masque

james_nicoll: One benefit of FBoFW

Most Excellent Super What?

mildredmilton: Comics Oscars!


Why It Still Matters

Variations on a Theme

Bring on the men

Men of the DCU Contest - All Entries

Let Her Wear Pants

Torchbearers: Amanda Shane

A feminist geek's letter to Toyfare Magazine

Secret Wars on Infinite Earths: The Comic Book Fight Club

The Boys hate The Girls (NSFW)


Open Books Features Nancy Goldstein

Writing For Rookies Podcast Features Cheryl Lynn Eaton

Robin #174

Robin 174

Not quite done

Devil's Panties - Monday, May 19, 2008
Devil's Panties - Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On WFA itself:
Not on Strike!: Rally the Troops!

McBangle's Angle: Sigh.

Written World: Quick Note

That's some of the backlog.  I've had a shitty week and I'm not telling any of you about it, and if you ask for an explanation or quibble over the links posted here I'll probably snap and metaphorically bite your head off (which is all I can do until they perfect the technology to actually bite someone's head off over the internet).  And I really don't give a fuck this time if there are repeats or out of date news or unclearness on how it applies or not naming the authors so that you can tell who the trolls are today so don't bother complaining.  Most of these are quality links.  Enjoy them and leave me alone.

Also, don't comment with your sympathy or appreciation because I don't want to hear that either. If you really want to be nice, send me links I missed so I don't have to sift through the ungodly folders of unread blogposts I have sitting on my accursed computer. Damn the internet and my parents for bequeathing me the personality flaws that led to this sorry social position. Happy fucking Memorial Day.  --R.

Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12th, 2008

Not Quite Sure How To Take This: House Of Mystery #1 (Toriach)

Variations on a Theme (Melissa Krause)

Characters I Love: Big Barda! (Joel Bryan)

red pleather, blue armor (Holly)

You can’t have it all, girls (Comics Curmudgeon)

My issues with manga. (part I) (Adalisa)

Adventures of Comic Book Girl - Teh drama, pt 2. (Nevermore999)

All the GIRL things (Redlib)

Power Girl Fan Art (sfa_webcomic) (NSFW)

Enter "the Woman Who Knows" ... and several who don't. (Mad Thinker Scott)

The Empowering Secret (Anon, A Mouse)

And now for something awesome. (Ragnell)

Women, Movies, and Iron Man
Where Are The Superheroine Movies? (Van Jensen)

Quote, Unquote (Tim O'Shea)

Frank Miller Loves Tough Girls (Elisabeth Rappe)

INTERVIEW: The Supergirlfriends of Batman, Hulk & Iron Man (Jim Littler)

Iron Brew (Tymbus)

I am Irooon Maaaan... (Tiredfairy)

Iron Man review (Mela)

Does whatever an iron can? (Trixie Firecracker)

innerbrat: Iron Man rocks, and if you disagree, you're wrong. (Innerbrat)

Everyblonde (Marionette)

Friday Links - But First, A Call For Guest Reviewers (Skye)

Iron Man: The Summer of Men (some spoilers) (WOC PhD)

Iron Man, Firefly and different layers of feminist analysis of pop culture (Jess McCabe)

And once again, Iron Man is an asshole (Fox in the Stars)

I Saw Iron Man! (Lisa Kansas)

The Continuing Saga of Brett (An earlier disagreement that this particular blogger had with activist readers is mingling with some of his off-topic posts in the comments, turning most of them into on-topic posts.  Not sure how long this will last. --R)
You must pity him! For we were all SO MEAN! (LurkerWithout)

Supply and Demand Trumps Liberation and Enlightenment (Brett)

Your Grandpa's Captain America (Covers) (Brett)

Open Source Self Ownership Project (Brett)

What? No seriously, what? (LurkerWithout)
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