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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Important Notice:

I'm posting this link on behalf of Rachel Edidin with important information for everyone who has/has had a forum membership.

Girl-Wonder.Org Hack Update

Now back to our regularly scheduled link-blogging.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Beginning the Catch-Up

Hi everyone! The convention was fun, but now we're going to be scrambling to catch up on all we've missed. I'm also trying out a new way to list posts, so feel free to let me know what you think.


Ami Angelwings: Deformed? Male? No problem!
Glorifying Pain
Green Arrow: Year One - #3 (of 6) Review
Green Lantern - #22 Review

Amy Reads: Amy Reads the Year (on August 10th, 2007)

Bar1Scorpio: Exhibit B: You don't need to be smart to be an activist.
Hey Kids! Remember the 90s?

Brainfreeze: Deadpool-GLI Summer Fun Spectacular One-Shot [Spoilers]

Cullen Waters: Phat Supergirl or Fat Supergirl?

Daniel: Men are from Krypton, Women are from Themiscyra

Heidi Meeley: Is This Gratuitous? Ultimate X-Men #85 Cover
Supergirl #20: Fans Divided

J. E. Remy: Let's Talk About Objectification

Kadymae: Cheryl Lynn, you're too damn funny sometimes. ;)

Kalinara: Rape in Comics: Themyscira

Mad Thinker Scott: Math isn't Hard, Barbie. Honesty is.
What if Mary Jane had a Latex Peter
You Can't Turn Illusory Victimization Into Gold

Mysa: Feminism Friday

Occasional Superheroine: Fangirl Fridays
Gary Frank's Supergirl -- Take Two
Unsung Female Fantasy Artist: Pamela Colman Smith
Whedon On "Wonder Woman"--"It Was A Waste Of My Time"

Palladin: New Supergirl & Apologies as to my On-Line Absence

Phillipos, the acidic one: Another DCMB-inspired rant: Do Editors have it out for Wondy?
Gail's notes from DC for her Wonder Woman run...Could it be?

Ragnell: Wish You Were Here!

Rich: Emma Frost Channels Mary Jane

Rob Mars: Not enough respect for female superheroes

Tim Colwill: Tim Buckley's Guide to Sexism in Webcomics

Viola Canina: Death Note: Naomi

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Quick Evening Batch...

A Lesson In How To

Batman's Marriage Trap!

Black Canary and the Green Arrow: The Road to Wedded Crimefighting

Feminism in comics started in the 50s...

Feminism Friday: Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Hello Kitty is Police Punishment

Instant Replay: Blitzkrieg

[Interview] Austin Grossman and “Soon I Will Be Invincible”.

Misogyny before Breakfast

Oh No! Are Ze Boobies Ok?!

Quick Thoughts on Supergirl 20

Scholarly Brain

Supergirls Gone Wild

Supergirl's Renato Guedes Donates Art To Girl-Wonder.Org's Art Auction

Superman In: "How Not to Deal With Your Female Co-Worker"

These Things Are Fun and Fun Is Good

Women in Fiction Series - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman...




July 8th, Part III

Dude Vs. Chicks, Round Two (Electric Boogaloo)

The problem with DC's "One Year Later" treatment of Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)

Variations on a Theme

The Girl Mightier than Superman!

Iron Man Dickery, Pre-Civil War Edition

Alan Moore Lost Girls video feature....

How I Survived Comic-con San Diego 2007

I almost forgot -- New Sequential Tart content up

Oh, So It's a Women's Lib Thing...

I haven't had a chance to listen through all of these, but I have reason to believe each one is on topic and today I start driving to Chicago so I wanted to clear the backlog -- R.
Show #54 - July 25

7/26/2007: Black Canary, Mike Carey Interview, and New Readers

Epsiode 3: Wherein I Am Late As Usual And Spoil Harry Potter

FBB Podcast - ep 23 - Manstream!

Episode 4: I'm Out of Snarky Title Ideas

July 8th, Part II

Interview: Sandra Hope - Comic Book Inker

OH, COMICS: "Oh, okay, those little books that show up in my comp box."

[Review] Re-Gifters and Clubbing.


P.O.W.E.R. in Comics

Okay, now what?

FYI: Your Feelings May Be Lies. No, Really.

These Things Are Fun, and Fun Is Good

Big sigh.

The Seven Deadly Sins Of The Comic Book Industry

America's Junior Ms.

One more Carol Danvers thought from Ms. Marvel #17 (Spoilers, presumably)

At last! Pants parity!

Joss, oh Joss… you break my heart: Astonishing X-Men - Gifted

A Point We Keep Coming Back To


[Interview] Austin Grossman and “Soon I Will Be Invincible”.

Strategic Placement.

Awesome Damn Comic of the Week: Girls With Slingshots

This has been knocking around in my head a while

Dear Entertainment Industry,

July 8th, Part I

I'm off to Wizardworld: Chicago, so I have 3 long linklists to keep you all occupied in the meantime. This is the first. -- R

I'm Supergirl

"Supergirl" Reminder

PSA: My kind of Supergirl

Totally forgot! Brief thoughts on Supergirl #20

Supergirl #20, Angel Sanctuary 3

Untitled (Comment)

Quick Supergirl #20 (meta) review

New "Supergirl" Art: Awesome or "Fat & Ugly"?

Supergirl Vs. Jenny Craig

It's Safe To Read Supergirl Again!

The New Cousin Oliver?

Spin-offs: Kara clothes, Kusanagi, and adorable Spider-Man

From The WTFiles…

End of an Era...ugh...

Addendum to last entry...

Is This The End For Peter & MJ?????

Itsy-bitsy spider, redux



Nice Cover For Folks To Freak Out About

How would you prefer Mary Jane to die?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

We need to talk.

Hi, I'm WFA.

You all realize that I am only a linkblog, right?

That means I don't have opinions in and of myself.

Beyond that, I'm not restricted to any one part of the comics blogging community. I can find links from anywhere people talk about comics, and that includes your blog.

I've found links from where people don't normally talk about comics.

Those links can be of any opinion on the state of women in comics. So, if you write a post about how much the treatment of women in comics sucks, your post may appear on this blog. If you write about how you only read comics because that's the only place where women seem to do anything awesome, your post may appear on this blog. If you write about how women don't read comics, your post may appear on this blog. If you write a post about how 75% of my links lead to posts that are full of horseshit and lays out the reasons why, your post may appear on my blog.

(If it doesn't, you can write to You-Know-Who and You-Know-What to make sure they catch them.)

I'm a little troubled when I hear people who refer to me as a community in myself, or see comments like this where I'm referred to as an individual.

Because I'm not.

I'm not an individual.

I'm not a community.

I am a linkblog.

And I'm a little worried about people who don't understand that.

Thank you for your attention,
When Fangirls Attack!