Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 16th

I could go long and drawn out ... (Quietprofanity)

Quick question. (Cheryl Lynn)

Untitled (Oh, If Only It Were Witty...)

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Batman, Thunder, The Outsiders, and why I’m not buying it (Mildredmilton)

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Occasional Links, the I Know You Are But What Am I? edition (Occasional Superheroine)

Do you know the way from san jose? (Rational Mad Man)

If Dr. Seuss was a female comic fan … (JK Parkin and the Blog@Newsarama Comment Section)

Gather 'round children, it's story-time (Betty)

Poor, Poor Tigra. Rich, Rich Bendis. (Mad Thinker Scott)

Things That Made Me Happy (Scipio)

This entry is *not* about Judd Winick and his Amazon hate. No siree! (Kali)

On being nice (Brainfreeze)

While I'm on the subject... (Marionette)

Romance Is in the Air (Andrew Wheeler)

Reason #523 Elongated Man > Plastic Man (Q-U-A-L-X?)

Four Color Heroines (Mickey Schulz)

I will not make a pun on Spoiler, so there. (A contagious state of being)

Fangirl Fridays: The "Goodbye To Comics" One-Year Anniversary (Occasional Superheroine)

New Smithson! (Shaenon K. Garrity)

Creator Q&A: Ellen Forney (Chris Mautner)

Ursa (Shelly)

Double Review of Titans East Special #1 & Batman and the Outsiders #1 ("Starman" Matt Morrison)

Superman Primedickery (Occasional Superheroine)

Variations on a Theme (Melissa Krause)

WW butt shot (McBangle)

Humble Thanks and a Few Thoughts (Heidi Meeley)

And Introducing Karen Healey as Princess Paradox! (Mad Thinker Scott)

Untitled (papervolcano)

"I know exactly who I am." (Michael May)

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Comics Reviews 11/14/07 (Mildredmilton)

I DO believe that Wonder Woman is supposed to come out (SallyP)

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