Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 28th, 2007

Wonder Woman Gets a New Voice, and It’s Female (George Gene Gustines)

Two good WW links (The Plotting Muses)

Gail Simone Profiled in NYT (AF Duncan)

Gail Simone in NY Times (Johanna)

Speaking of (Wonder) Woman… (The Beat)

Gail Simone's helm of Wonder Woman--quick note (Tamora Pierce)

QUICK FIX DOUBLE FEATURE: When Fighters Attack! (Mike Haseloff)

The Other Princess Di (There's a "Mel" in there)

Huh, they're right: this scene DOES work! (Kalinara)

Occasional Links: The "Spidey Loves Oranges" Edition (Occasional Superheroine)

F*ck You Fans (Rational MadMan)

Reactions to "Gail Simone Hates Women" (Rational MadMan)

How are fan-boys like battered wives? (Rational MadMan)

Open Letters: Comics Edition (Ariella Drake)

A Vast Statue-Making, Woman-Hating Conspiracy? (Occasional Superheroine)

Delayed reaction to Countdown #25 (McBangle)

Who is he to address this issue? (Avi Green)

The Trouble with Jade (Holly)

Women. (sigh) (A. Ishii)

Why Gamers Need to Get A Grip (Tiredfairy)

Exactly How Many Women Are Working In This Industry, Anyhow? (Occasional Superheroine)


Anonymous said...

Can you guys stop putting Rational Half-Man's post in there?

I'm tired of not being able to hold my curiosity and ending up giving him hits...

kalinara said...

RMM's posts are frequently on topic regards to gender issues in comics. Our stated goal/policy is to link all posts relating to gender issues in comics that we find, not all posts relating to gender issues that we agree with.

We are not responsible for your inability to refrain from indulging in your curiosity.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

aaaawwww but it's so hard! :(

(I didn't wanted to sound in any way bossy up there. I forgot to add the most important word of all in any such situations, "please". It's just it feels like it's anchoring down the discourse until it comes to a point where HE is the center stance and you guys are taken as the "radicals" "outside the box"... Instead of him being seen as for what it is, sad weird creepy uncle who likes 'Wizard')

Thank you.

PS: I love your blog.

Ragnell said...

Really? I got the feeling he was trying to be so absurdly reactionary as to make your run of the mill sexism look "reasonably centrist" by comparison, and thus make all feminists seem more radical.

What the motive and the effect, normally half of what he sends me is actually on topic so he gets linked.