Sunday, May 31, 2009

A short post- Sunday, May 31

Get us out from under, Wonder Woman…

The Lasso of Truth

Make a liar tell the truuuuth…

Wonder Woman for president

Megan Fox: ‘Wonder Woman is a lame superhero’

Megan Fox is NOT Wonder Woman

What’s your scene, baby, we just gotta know! BATGIRL!

Interview about various post BotC comics, including Batgirl

Is she a chick from outer space…or is she real, with her tender warm embrace? BATGIRL!

Trying to sort out my thoughts on Batgirl

Battle for the Cowl: Batgirl

Women of the Bat


*bangs head against wall*

Comic books…

Pioneering comics, disturbing gender attitudes

Marvel Comics isn’t adult only now, is it?


The Tarot Experience- Live!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Also Tuesday, May 26th

Review: Supergirl #41

April Sales Review

My beef with the Oracle mini

Feminist reading of Spiderman fairy tales

My joy surrounding this week’s haul!

A quick comics post

Sweating the Small stuff

Wonder Woman: Bondage and Polygamy

Comic Book Review: Uncanny X-men #510


Object of desire

Other issues (Race issues, Sexual orientation, ableism ect)

Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology

I would make a terrible Superhero girlfriend

Gay comics

Northstar: The Only Gay Superhero? WTF?

Tuesday May 26th

Sana Takeda should not by working on superhero comics

Beyond Mary Jane: Fashion Models in Marvel Comics

Request: Nightwing #93-#94

Romantic Proposal for Mobile Women in China

Of Course You Can Have Batgirl…

Marvel Divas #2 Cover Released…To Bad It’s Too Late.

Not trying to be a jerk or beat a dead horse or anything, but...

Geek Chic | (Super) Models Meet Comics

Amruta Patil talks about her art and one Karismatic Graphic Novel

Secret Six poll

Join the Empire!

A quick comics post

Reader Retention Program Fail

Life Sucks: A Dissenting Opinion

Alan Moore’s misogynistic legacy

Fun Home

Review of Fun Home

DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary

Fangirls: Fact or Fiction?


Gluey Tart: Otomen

Also of interest:

Working in Harmony

The Last Airbender film pics released

Dark Reign: The Hood #1 - now with 75% more racism!

Three Lessons from the Handley Case

Comics in Full Color: a look at racial diversity in superhero comics