Friday, June 16, 2006


...bzuh. *Fangirl irritation*

Beware the I've Been Holding This In But Will Keep It Brief I'm Sorry Rant

BREAKING NEWS: Rape Is Bad For You

EGL: The Lolita Complex

Frank Cho Draws Purty Women

Frank Miller's All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder and the Grotesque

Gay is Not a Mutant Ability

Given I'm A Guy Who Likes My Fair Share of Anime/Manga/Comix...

Hentai (Nudity) [NOT WORK SAFE]

I Was Reading This Good Summary...

Incandescent Losing Light

Lessons in Creating a Web Comic, Part 1

Like Hip Hop?

Manga vs. American Comics

NANA fangirling. Hopefully this'll be the last for a while

No more need to read homoerotic comics like Batman and Robin! Thank you Fundamentalists!

No Need To Be So Shrill (discussion in comics)

Objectified != Idealized

The Kevins get all the girls

There's No Place I Can Be, Since I've Found Serenity

Thursday Links

Why Manga Can Be a Gateway Drug to Western Comics


Blast from the past-- I Need a Heroine

Girl Wonder's got a few new ones:

Girls Read Comics (And They're Pissed)

Designated Sidekick's got a few:
Never Metafilter I Didn't Like
Since I reply longer than some people post

June 15th

Feminists, Superheroes, and Paying the Toll
Enough with your sense making... gets trolled. Well, that didn't take long.

"Girls Read Comics Too(And they're pissed)"

The forgotten Robin

I knew going in that would get a lot of people angry.


I realized that I haven't yet pimped Girl-Wonder on my own LJ.

5'10 Lesbians in High Heels
"Why Not Create A Whole New Lesbian Batwoman?," and other opinions on the subject from the DC Message Boards

Zero steps forward and ten back

Am I legally required to blog about this?

My two cents on the Batwoman thing...

Unseen Problems
I Love Malice.

I Love Malice, Part II

What He Really Thinks of Lois.

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the "S" on the Way Out

Jumpsuited Amazons

An (Unnecessary) Guide to Diana Prince

Legion Abstract: Suprmetrics

Civil War Rant with SPOILERS

Comic Book Review: Squadron Supreme #4

Ah... another apple post?

Lady Cop Week: Day Four

See Power Girl Fight Cranky Customers & Sexual Harassment...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 4th

Soma v Brownstein
An Open Letter to Chris Staros

Sex Scandal Involving CBLDF's Charles Brownstein Leads to Women's Empowerment Fund (See Update at bottom)

Standing Up For The... Majority?

Avengers: Regenderize!

Where the hell was Jubilee?! or, Yeah, I saw X3.

cybernautical mode: [That Woman] *AAAAUUUUGHHHH!!*


X-Men: The Last Stand?

X-Men 3: The Last Stand

It's Not Over Till She Sings: Greg Pak Talks "X-Men: Phoenix-Warsong"

X3: The Dark Truth
Looking for Help

Two New Sites about Superhero Comics

fandom mode: [comics/women] Girl Wonder.Org

Batwoman and
Silly Site o' the Day

Leszbikus Batwoman

Am I the only person in the world who thinks that Batdyke is a fucking fantastic idea?

Current Mood: Amused

Lesbian wears cape: news at 11

DC newest Batwoman is a lesbian.

Batwoman Named in New York Times (New DC Comics Heroine "a Buxom Lipstick Lesbian")

Batwoman Begins

HURT COMICS: Batwoman: "...these are comics for all ages..."
Batwoman's other secret identity turns heads

First look at Batwoman's Ass

Ahhh!!! Lesbian Zombies!!

Holy Spoiler, Batwoman!

Batwoman's a Lesbian now?

Batwoman and DC Comics in Media Spotlight

Peej is a DCU lipstick lesbian too! Where's HER New York Times article?

Lesbian Superhero Takes Gotham

What A Girl Wants # 30 / Lesbian Batwoman?

Batwoman and General
Comicky goodness...

I've just accidentally come out at work.

Battlestar Galactica #0

As promised, Baroness goodness. (Comments)

Kryptonite Bites

Cheap Shilling Machine Go!

Girls Have It Tough

Wonder Woman, E3, and Geek Culture

Breaking down “Event” comics, Part One: Identity Crisis #1-7; or, why you should always stop one issue short of your goal!

Now it's time to Really Save Manhunter

Saturday, June 03, 2006

June 3rd

Weekly Women's Geek-Out #3

Why Questionable Facts Go Unchallenged

Abadazad: The Road To Inconceivable

Wonder Woman brings up problems with E3’s dress code

Who Do I Want *MY* Daughter to be...

Manhunter: a tale of grass roots and second chances

G.I. Joe

Previous Entry Add to memories! Next Entry
Double standards?!?!

Lady Jaye Rant

I know it's petty...

X-Men 3: The Last Stand


More on X-Men (no spoilers here, spoilers in links)

Halle Berry Likes Kinky Mutant SeX

What I Learned from X3...

Erik Larsen
Willing to Concede?

I left my pants at home...

With apologies to every great person I've ever commissioned...

Erik Larsen's reply to my previous email/post...

CNN Poll: Should the sexual preferences of comic strip superheroes remain a secret?

5.2 About 52

(The New) Batwoman

Comic Book Guys Are Stupid

Mundane secrets revealed!

Shadowing the Batwoman

Oh, and is up and running
Trina Robbins paper

Stephanie Brown

Another Women in Comics Link


A Child in Budapest

Disaster Averted!

Hope Larsen Goes to Simon & Schuster

Pretty Ladies

--Larsen Reactions--

It's stuff like this that makes me want to quit comics and the blogging thereof

Surreal Larsen

752: Batwoman Comes Back


Bat Woman!!!


Batwoman Comes Out!

BATWOMAN is topic of the day

Holy Rainbows, to the sauna Batgirl!

On the Trail of Batwoman (Again)

The return of Batwoman, and her girlfriends

The Well-Heeled Lesbian

Wonder "Woman" & Bat"woman": Most Chick Superheroes are Masculine in Comics