Saturday, December 29, 2007

December 29th, 2007

Earth-11 (Lisa Fortuner)

12/27 -Declarative Rabbit Says… (3 and the CSBG Comment section)

A Kick In The Side (Jack Feerick)

You Aren't Men. You're Just "Market Forces." (Mad Thinker Scott)

Ah, Ah, Ah! (Neal Bailey)

Stupid Heroes (Susan)

Untitled (Shannon)

One More Day Poll (Lisa Lopacinski)

Zealot: the Antidote to Women in Refrigerators - Love Letter, Part the First (Kali)

Persepolis is popular (The Beat)

One More Day - Part 4 - A Review - Amazing Spider-Man #545 (Jim)

A Few Of My Favourite Links…! (Christopher Butcher)

Fangirl Fridays: The "Thank You For Buying Countdown!" Edition (Occasional Superheroine)

Why? (Sean T. Collins)
Sean T. Collins: right to the point (The Beat)

Untitled (S*P/RWW Work Journal)
Yo, Frank! Pay Attention! (Sharon)
And the winner is.... (Caliban)
[Super Stupor] Victims (Something Positive Livejournal Feed Comment Section)
Randy Milholland is a GENIUS! (GeekGirlsRule)
Has Gail Simone seen this? (James Nicoll and his Amazing Livejournal Commenters)
As it should be (Mightbakudan and Comments)
Women as Victim (Gmul)
New GGR! (Sirriamnis and Women in/and/of Comics Livejournal Community)
Attention Jana and Rhias! (Ed Matuskey and Commenters)
R.K. Milholland presents: Women NOT in refrigerators ... (K-Box: the Box in the Box)
Occasional Links: The Custom Supergirl Edition (Occasional Superheroine)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 10th, 2007

Neutral Header #1
Huh, Weird... (Kalinara)

X-Men manga? What? (Electric Goldfish)

Del Rey & Marvel teamup (The Plotting Muses)

Marvel and Del Rey announce manga pact (The Beat)

Neutral Header #2
"The Punch Line" (Occasional Superheroine)

"But They Haven't Even Heard Of Sue Dibny!" (Occasional Superheroine)

Conclusion (Occasional Superheroine)

New York Anime Festival 2008: Field Report (ValerieD)

Neutral Header #3
Review - Elseworlds: JLA - Shogun Of Steel. (Zhinxy)

This Week's Haul: So Very Late (Rachelle Goguen)

a she-wolf after the war (bitterandrew)

Count Veritgo Yelled, "Jagger! I Should've Known -- You By Your Sweet Butt!" (Mad Thinker Scott)

Neutral Header #4
Holiday Picks: Aaron (Kevin Church/Benjamin Birdie)

No naked buttcracks (Dirk Deppey) (NSFW)

Neutral Header #5
“My Woman” (Typolad)

Yo. (Typolad)

Neutral Header #6
Danger Gal Friday: Wonder Woman (Lisa Paitz Spindler)

Neutral Header #7
Gosh. I Feel Almost Necessary. (Anon, A Mouse)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

December 8th, 2007

I need an angry feminist icon (The Masked Dreamhare)

Buffy Season Eight "No Future for You" (Slightly Obsessed)

It DOES Happen To Boys Too! (At Least In Countdown Twenty-Two) (Zhinxy)

Wanda. Pietro. Ultimate Incest (Willow)

The breast thing again (Marionette)

We all want to change the world (bitterandrew)

Knitting with only one needle, unravelling fast it's true (Weaves)

Episode #8 - Metaphorical A.I.D.S. (Bispectacult Podcast)
Episode #9 - Mary Jane Must Die (Bispectacult Podcast)

Weather With You. (Karen Healey)

I Read the Internets - 12/8/07 (Revena)

On rearranging the conditions of the test (Tamora Pierce)

Give up all this? (Ragnell)

Wonder Woman (Occasional Superheroine)
Spicy Tales and Strange For A Girl (Occasional Superheroine)
"Catwoman", "Sid's Comics Get Stolen", and "Jack" (Occasional Superheroine)
"Tales From The Refrigerator," "Mothergods and Destroyers," and "Julie Doyle" (Occasional Superheroine)

JLA #15 Review ("Starman" Matt Morrison)
One More Column On One More Day ("Starman" Matt Morrison)

One More Whatever… (Thom Wade)

World's Gayest Comic Magazine (Aron Head)

Douchenozzle of the Week (Ohnochriso)

HEADLINE: homophobe likes racist whales. (mordicai magog, bestiam caeli)

Captain America #32 [Spoilers] (Brainfreeze)

Gorilla Ranch Girls! (Brian Hughes)

Justice League #15 vs Justice Society #11 (SallyP)

A Letter to Scott That Everyone Else Should Respond To Via Letters On Their Own Blogs. (John Jakala)

A Letter to John Responding to “A Letter to Scott ....” (Mad Thinker Scott)
Auntie Feminist vs Ms. Ogyny: Unfortunately Not a Battle of Drag Queens (Mad Thinker Scott)

The care and feeding of trolls (LurkerWithout)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

December 5th, 2007

It begins (The Masked Dreamhare)

Just a question to all comic book lovers... (A. Strickland)

some items of note! (pinkclad capricorn spamazon)

Feminazi Space Vampires (Karen Ellis)

Geek Girls Rule! #30 - Jade Raymond Redux (Mickey Schulz)

Wonder Woman at her not-very-good-est (Caleb)

The Daring New Adventures of Supergirl #6-7 by Paul Kupperberg and Carmine Infantino (Andrew Wickliffe)

Final Four of the Past Week (Shelly)

HOLY FUCKING SHIT: Even JMS hates ''One More Day'' ... (K-Box: Box in the Box)

Women doing comics named Buscema (Heidi MacDonald)

What We Are Doing RIGHT NOW To Make This The Best Year for Friends of Lulu EVER! (Val)
Occasional Links: The Jack's Back Edition (Occasional Superheroine)
Follow-Up: "Oh No, They're Sneaking Teh Gay Into My Comic Book!" (Occasional Superheroine)

Belated by Turkey Day Comics Reviews, Part II (Samantha)

A Letter to Nenena That Everyone Else Should Read And Comment On. (Mad Thinker Scott)

I Also Hate Being a Spider-fan (Cullen Waters)

Gays in Comics: A Comics Controversy Review! (Joel Bryan)

Secret Origins of a Fangirl (Rachel Edidin)

Carnival of Feminist Sci Fi & Fantasy Part III: Reviews, Reactions, and Recommended Further Reading (Anna Overseas)

More thoughts on the Spider-marriage (Brainfreeze)

J. Michael Straczynski vs. Joe Quesada vs. MJ and Petey (Kali)
In the grand tradition of being in a totally pissy mood on Sundays... (Kali)

Jimmy + Comics for the not Caring (LurkerWithout)

JMS chimes in on One More Day (Rich)

JMS on ‘One More Day’: ‘There’s a lot that I don’t agree with’ (Kevin Melrose)

Finding Wonder Woman's "Voice" in Her Comic Book (Heidi Meeley)

The fact that I agree with this guy is extremely surprising to me. (Katherine)

OMG xD This is what overblown superhero guys would look like irl XDDD (Ami Angelwings)
Teen Titans - #53 Review (Ami Angelwings)

Sexy women, powerful men, pink locker rooms and rape on campus. (Rational Mad Man)
Aww how cute! Another little woman bitching cause some chick got treated like a man. (Rational Mad Man)
Gene Simmons is Da Shit! (Rational Mad Man)
Shut up and Write, from a feminist. (Rational Mad Man)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

December 2nd, 2007

Transpecies Warrior (Teresa Ortega)

My Secret Shame: I Like 90’s Comics (Part One) (Aron Head)

All the Comics in the World (Shaenon K. Garrity)

Jesus, KISS, go away plz? (Macaroni Murder Lady)

The Week In Ink: November 29, 2007 (Chris Sims)

Lets fly some golden apples (Lurker Without)

Pig! (Typolad)

From the Department of Devil's Advocacy and Redundancy Dept.: A Question... or Two... Or More... (Joel Bryan)

Hell Freezes Over. (Rational Mad Man)

Wonder Casting Returns: She's a Wonder, Woman! (Rich)

You're a wonder, Wonder Woman (Maxo)

Comics, women and games (Teresa Ortega)

Creator profile: Gail Simone (JK Parkin and the Blog@Newsarama Comment Section)

No, really. KOREAN Wonder Woman. You're welcome. (Michael May)

Friends of Lulu listing of comic industry women (JK Parkin)

Minx in review (Caleb)

One year later (davidpwelsh)

Crackdown at Scans Daily? (Brian Hughes)

I'm not Gay and Frenchie Shouldn't Be Either (Lee)

Never thought I'd say this, but... (Ragnell)

plain jane Babs (RedheadFangirl)

Y must it end? (JK Parkin)

Inside the Comic Writer's Studio: Greg Rucka (Eric Moreno)

Quote, Unquote (Kevin Melrose)

November backlog

Stan's Vs. Jack's Sue Storm (Kate Willært)

Gail Simone IN DA HOUSE!!!! (Tamora Pierce)

Girl Power at Maximum Capacity (Dean Trippe)

Under the Bridge (Lisa Fortuner and the Blog@Newsarama Comment Section)

Everybody Whack Cheung Tonight (Anon, a Mouse)

Wow! Now, I'm a Bully! (Mad Thinker Scott)

Mary Marvel: Rode hard and put away wet (Sleestak)

Fangirl Fridays: Down With Marriage? (Occasional Superheroine)

Wonder Woman Gets Her First Female Scribe (Dave Gilson)

Gail Simone Restores the Wonder to Wonder Woman (Colin)

Gail Simone in the NYT (Beau Yarbrough)

Lost Girls’ release in France back on?; UC to teach manga publishing course (Simon)

Geek ‘Gasm! (Ororo)

Control Trolls (Michelle Bacon)

What the hell happened to "rest in peace?" (Fab)

Jade Raymond & Why You Can't Get A Date (Mickey Schulz)

A Very Desirable Demographic. (Karen Healey)

Loving Wonder Woman! (Danni Miller)

How Not to Put Women in Refrigerators (Finbar Reilly)

This Week's Haul: Sorry (Rachelle Goguen)

Feminist Controversy or A Subtle Dig at Marvel:The Steel Cage Match (Inkdestroyedmybrush)

Aaron Lopresti Signs With DC (Occasional Superheroine)

All-Star Batman and Robin #6 (Lewis Lovhaug)