Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday, May 31st

Call for a Batgirl Film

Batgirl Petition

Batgirl Deserves Her Own Film


*Flower in a Storm Book 1 — Recommended

Manga Before Flowers -- Battling those Manga Blues

Fairy Navigator Runa Book 1

Shonen Art Studio

Look! It Moves! #50 by Adi Tantimedh: Too Much Of The Old And Not Enough of the New

Manga Movable Feast: A To Terra

Shojo Manga! Girl Power! « Contemporary Japanese Literature


4 Colors, 5 Mics: Rappers Reading Comics 05/26

War of the Supermen #1-3

Melting pots, hardcore, and fanfi

Not Strictly Comics

Body image and geek gatherings... summary of results

Feminine Dignity and the Empowered Sexpot Part 1

POC's in comics

Black Superheroes On The Web

Grumpy Old Fan | Death, diversity, "definitives"

Why We Need Minority Heroes in Superhero Comics

Black like Lois: Dean Haspiel's favorite cover

A new beginning for the black superhero?

Revisiting World War II: The Justice Society Battles The Japs

Spider-Man Casting

The last thing Spider-Man should be is another white guy

Why Can't The Next Spiderman Be A Black Guy? (Things That Make You Go Hmmm)

Community’s Donald Glover 4 Spider-Man?!

Donald Glover 4 Spiderman!

Women and Gender in Comics

Iron Man 2 and the Hype Letdown

The Wednesday Comics Roundtable, Part 2

Sunday Brunch: 5/23/10

Graphic Novels From the Slush Pile: Cross Country, Dolltopia, Jam in the Band, Looking Up, Legacy, Experts

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week 05/26/10

A Challenge to Gail Simone

Dazzler #1 review

Implants land woman superhero role

Beyond Feminist Hulk: The Tweets of Other Feminist Comics Characters

The Black Mark

Weekly Reviews: Fond Farewells and dead cat edition

She Has No Head! - Interview With Hope Larson About Girls & Comics

War of the Supermen, JLA (again), Supes/Bats, Brightest Day, GA preview (again)

Kreativ Blogger Award

I am so touched...also, I like shows about killing people.

Short-Lived Series Shows Comics Struggled with Strong Female Characters

ComicList - Cartoon Art Musuem presents JACKIE ORMES' Nancy Goldstein

Night Nurse and the Struggle to Address Non-Mainstream Culture

The Groovy Age of Horror: Comic shops and topless Nazi women (NSFW pic)

Review: Girl Comics #2

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

From Apple to Zatanna: May 6th

Apple and Censorship:

iPad Publishing No Savior for Small Press, LGBT Comics Creators

That ol' double standard

Gay Comics on Your iPad? Not So Fast…

Tales Of The App Store: Apple Censors Gay Indie Comics

Apple – The New Comics Censors

Brave and the Bold #33:

Why do I do this to myself? the Brave & the Bold #33

What’s Wrong With This Picture?


DC Comics: Now Standing for Definitely Conservative?

CMX demise draws ire — UPDATED WITH MORE IRE

Someone at DC really, really hated CMX

Disability in Comics:

Sequential science

Emma Frost:

Things You Don't See Every Day: Discussion of Sexism in Superhero Comics

why does Emma Frost dress that way?

Faith Erin Hicks:

Wolverine vs. farm fresh eggs, by Faith Erin Hicks

Faith Erin Hicks’ Wolverine is da bomb




Feminist Hulk Smash Patriarchy on Twitter

Gene Luen Yang on The Last Airbender;

The Last Airbender Movie 

Why Gene Yang won't be watching Airbender

Gene Luen Yang to Boycott 'The Last Airbender' Movie Over 'Yellowface'

Gene Luen Yang’s AIRBENDER boycott explained

Girl Comics:

She Has No Head! - Review: Girl Comics #2

Comics Round-Up: Week of 5/19

Glyph Awards:

Glyph Comics Awards Winners

Hope Larson's Girls and Comics Survey:

Girls & Comics Survey Results

Linko! XLV

Girls Like Comics That Are Good

Hope Larson’s Girls & Comics Survey Results

Hope Larson’s survey of tween girl comics readers

LGBTQ in Comics:

Comic strip in The New Gay

Literature Review: Homosexuality in Superhero Comics

Lois Lane:

A Silver Age thowback I can get behind, DC (and I mean you, Geoff Johns)

In defence of Lois Lane


Astonishing X-men: Xenophobia?

Cultural Representation in Comics

Not strictly comics:

Geena Davis' research on women in film and television

Male as the Neutral Default

What Disney Princesses teach girls

PoCs and Race in Comics:

Luke Cage: A One-Man Harlem Renaissance celebrates Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month


The Queen appearing in Spandex Comic:

Queen Calls For Gay Superteam, Spandex. Yes, I Know, I Know.

Queen of England Appears in Gay Superhero Comic Book, Spandex

Queen Appears in Outrageous Gay Superteam Comic!

Ryan Choi:

Ryan Choi Lives!

The return of Ryan Choi

DC Comics Kills Off Ryan Choi

Women and Gender in Comics:

Diary of a Comic Book Goddess: Tentacle Sex and the Politics of Pornographic Pleasure in the Urotsukidoji Saga

Frenemy of the State #1

(Marvel T-shirts for Women)

Janet Evanovich Mixes It Up

Making the World Better LinkBlogging

Fangirl Reviews

PR: Library Wars Coming Soon to a Shelf Near You

Remembering to forget

Review: Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter

Talking Comics with Tim: Colleen Coover

Mini-Series Review: Pixie Strikes Back

Supergirl in "All Men Are But Slaves!" (Not as exciting as it sounds.)

The many 'Hope's of Marvel

Unprecedented Carnage

Three Arguments We Could Be Having

Maybe Power Girl *should* get a boob job...


Tanks, Beer, Violence, Kangaroos, More Beer. Yes, it’s the girl with the tank.

A rare thing with relationships in comics...

*Twin Spica Book 1 — Recommended

Diary of a Comic Book Goddess: “Tell Me, What Are Your Thoughts on Yaoi?”

Sex and the City should be a comic book.

How To Make A Superhero Comic-Book Movie

Review - Sif #1

A Power Girl Mega-Gallery In Honor Of 'Power Girl' #12

Wimmen’s Studies

Why can’t Women in Comics just be portrayed as strong women?

Women in comics

black widow: deadly origin

Wonder Woman:

The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia

Star-Spangled Panties (and some alternatives): A History in Covers


Watch me pull this rapist out my hat!

Likes and dislikes in DC Comics this week

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday, May 22nd

Ableism and Comics

The Facts In The Case Of Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Must read cartoon by Darryl Cunningham about MMR and Dr Wakefield ...

Girl Comics

Colleen Coover Talks 'Girl Comics,' Superhero Anatomy & Hating Purple [Interview]

Review: Girl Comics #2

LGBT Issues in Comics

Your First Look at Ron Zimmerman and Howard Chaykin's 'The Rawhide Kid' #1 [Exclusive]

Gay Previews 7/2010

The Brothers Brown


Your Manga Minute: Say It Ain’t So — Please!

DC Closes CMX Manga Imprint

DC Discontinues CMX Manga Imprint

CMX Shutdown Reactions

CMX reactions

Roundtable: Reaction to the CMX Shutdown

Comics Blogosphere Rants, Rages Against End of CMX Manga


The first volumes of a couple of manga series, both of which star characters named Alice

Ratman Book 1


Attack of the super-atheists!

Not Strictly Comics

Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

J. Scott Campbell Draws Naughty Disney Princesses

Bert Stabler: Girl Germs

Platinum and Sexism Against Robots!

Doc Magnus’s True Motives

In This Issue! Platinum Dies!

In This Issue! Platinum Lives!

To the Moon, Tina!

POC's in Comics

Tintin and the Racist Dream

Atlas #1: “My three-dimensional fade is clean cut”

Cartoon: Natives are best strippers

Heroic Age: Prince of Power with Amadeus Cho

Racism, Brightest Day, Asian Americans and Ryan Choi

Too many words on the weirdness of the All-New Atom’s weird, weird death

John Buys Comics - Ill-Advised Edition

All I have to say about “Brightest Day”

DC Comics vs Asian Americans

Nostalgia: Not Always So Great, Actually!

DC Comics Kills Off Ryan Choi

When life gives you dead Atoms... make dead Atom-ade!

Women and Gender in Comics

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week 05/19/10

August 2010 DC Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

Batgirl #10 Play-by-Play

Super Mega Batgirl review the tenth- Also BoP and everything else

What I bought - 19 May 2010

The Greatest Rogue Stories Ever Told!

The Greatest Supergirl Stories Ever Told!

Wolverine Is Tired of You Eating His Goddamn Eggs Without Asking [Comic]

August 2010 Marvel Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

DoubleDCoverage #59

The Sentry's stupid anyway.

What girls like

Friday Night Fights: Minimum Clonage - Round 5: Crack The Whip, Part Deux!

Supergirl 75th Anniversary Variant Cover?


Huntress and her Costume

feminism and Y: The Last Man

To Save A Spider! The fall of Mayday Parker.

I Gotcher Back

Girls Like Comics That Are Good | Geekosystem

Women and Comics Editorials, Part Eleventy Billion

Female Force Comics

Representations of Women in Comics

Brave and the Bold #33 -- or why I'm startng to hate comics

The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia

Feminism Smash!!!

The Supergirls: Fashion, Feminism, Fantasy, and the History of Comic Book Heriones

We Don't Need Feminism Because We're Equal Now, part 1 of Infinity ...

Multiversity Comics: Review: Riot Shell #0


Super-Witch Profile: Zatanna Zatara, Mistress of Magic

Zatanna's Magical Mystery Date: 7 Potential Love Interests

The Week In Ink: May 19, 2010

Hot Ink Review - Zatanna #1

Prowling The Savannah: New Beginnings - Zatanna #1

'Xplosion of Awesome: Zatanna #1

Review: Zatanna #1 « read/RANT

Review: Zatanna #1 - Comic Book Resources

Zatanna #1 review

Zatanna #1

Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17th Superheroes and Racism Edition

[My Apologies for not categorizing these further, but the overlapping topics here are: Superhero Comics and Racism, Regressive Storytelling, "Minorities and Matchboxes", Ryan Choi, Legacies and Characters of Colour. Note this post has been edited to have new links foldes into it]

The Racial Politics of Regressive Storytelling

Brightest Day and Racism


Why Does This Insanely Racist Thing Happen in Spider-Man: Fever?

Much ado about regression

Race and superheroes: touching fanboy politics' third rail

Avenging the Week, Pt. 4 - Rookie Season

Race and the Legacy Character

The Exit Interview: When Disgruntled Creators Speak Their Mind

Titans: Villains for Hire #1

Tribute for *fairly recent spoiler*

So Ryan Choi Was Killed Off This Week In a Titans Comic

That’s mighty white of ya

Wallace Responds to Hero's Death in "Titans: Villains for Hire"

Comic Rant: A Letter To Dan Didio

This Month in Asian Americans in Comics

It IS Pretty Funny How That Sims' "Racial Regression" Thing Worked Out...

Race + Comic-Book Notes, Part 1: Comics Alliance Speaks Up

How Marvel and DC Pissed Off Comic Fans Yesterday

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

Ol' Blue-Eyes Is Back: Race And The Return Of The Retro Superhero

In Case You'd Not Noticed

The New Apartheid Of DC Comics? by Ryan Mullenix

Shark Biters

Counterweight: It's What's Missing That Matters

Diminishing Returns

Hey, wait a minute, this day isn't all that bright at all!

Can someone look up 'New' in the dictionary? Or, you know, 'Apartheid'?

Stop with the Racism finger pointing.

Geoff Johns, you blockhead!

What I liked and what I hated in DC Comics this week

Non-white people in refrigerators?

DC’s Legacy Heroes: Who’s Regressing Next?

r.i.p. ryan choi, aka the atom

R.I.P. Ryan Choi (The All New Atom)

UPDATE: review/RANT: Titans: Villians For Hire Special

May 17th

Note: Maddy and I posted at the same time, so I have now folded my links into her post.

Anke Feuchtenberger:

Fish without Bicycles: Feuchtenberger and the Distortion of Scopophilia

Appendix: Images by Anke Feuchtenberger

Archie Comics:

Gay Roots in Archie - Just Look to the 1940s

Archie Comics Adds Gay Character

History Of Josie And The Pussycats

Why you might think Archie is a Christian comic

Birds of Prey:

'Birds of Prey' takes flight again under Simone's direction

Interview: Gail Simone on Birds of Prey

The 'Birds of Prey' Betting Pool: 9 Heroines That Might Make The Roster

Hot Ink Reviews - Birds of Prey #1, Prince of Power #1, Siege #4, Killing the Cobra #1

Bird on the Street: Five Scoops From Birds of Prey [Spoilers]

Comic shop comics: April 28th-May 12th

Simone Unleashes "Birds of Prey" 2.0

Birds of Prey #1: A Brief Medical Annotation

Review: Birds of Prey #1

Birds of Prey #1: Fishnets, Fisticuffs and Fabulousness

Birds of Prey #1

Birds of Prey #1

The Week In Ink: May 12 2010

An Oracle that Doesn’t Predict the Future

Birds of Prey #1 and Guess Who

Birds of Prey #1 review

Erika Moen:

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Erika Moen

DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary Volume 2

Glyph Comics Awards 2010:

2010 Glyph Comics Awards Announced

World of Hurt, Aya, Luke Cage Noir honored in annual Glyph Awards

The 2010 Glyph Comics Awards Winners.

2010 Glyph Award Winners

Iron Man 2:
Iron Man 2 Toys – Gender Specific?

Gender 101 From Iron Man 2

Little Orphan Annie:

It's the hard-knock life for Little Orphan Annie as syndicate cancels strip

'Annie' left a homeless orphan in newspaper world

Little Orphan Annie cancellation hastens newspaper decline

Little Orphan Annie Gets the Axe at 86

LGBT Issues in Comics

Chas/ AU...but No Gay

Point-Counterpoint: Kick-Ass FTW!

Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray

Another Visit With Jim McCann

Luke Cage:

Luke Cage leads in 'Thunderbolts' but will Hollywood lightning ever hit?

Sweet Christmas! Luke Cage: The Movie?!


The FedEx arrow and how to deal with it.

Comics Of The Weak: I Wanted A Mission, And For My Sins, They Gave Me One

Bright Reviews

Not Strictly Comics:

Bad Romance (or, YA & Rape Culture) Supporters: Why We Oppose the Casting of The Last Airbender

Race and Ethnicity in Fandom - Transformative Works and Cultures' Call For Papers

Analyzing urban fantasy: Sex, violence and the supernatural

Senses Abound: Comics and Art, Theory and Bullshit

Fannish spaces, girls, and the culture of silence.

Mother's Day

It's the day we celebrate Moms

Belated Mother's Day Cards From Your Favorite Super-Heroes

POCs and Race in Comics:

Tintin guilty of racism? Let the Congolese decide (Fair warning: the very first thing you'll see at this link is an image of the racist caricatures in question.)


Black Comix Panel at C2E2

“What Batman Can Teach Conservatives on Immigration and Other Issues”

The Week In Ink: May 5, 2010

The Greatest Black Panther Stories Ever Told!

Power Man

Van Lente on "Shadowland: Power Man"

The New Power Man

Prince of Power

The 7 Most Brilliant Moments of Amadeus Cho

Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1 Review

Rogue and Sentry:

How Marvel and DC Pissed Off Comic Fans Yesterday

Dear Marvel Writers Who Aren't Mike Carey: Knock It The Hell Off [Updated]

Forget Death, the Character Needs to Be Eradicated From Continuity *Spoilers*

Retconning Rogue's Sex Life: 'Sentry: Fallen Sun' Is Not Very Good

Star Sapphires:

The first Male Star Sapphire

Introducing: The Male Star Sapphire

1 - why. 2 - ew

uhm dc you’re doing it wrong.

If Predator's a Star Sapphire, where's all his skin?

Superhero Movies:

In superhero movies, it takes a woman of mettle

10 Comic-Book Heroines We Want in Movies!

Why Beyonce should play Wonder Woman

This Comic-Book Related List from a Mainstream Magazine Surprisingly Does Not Suck

Women and Gender in Comics:

Bizarro Supergirl am not exist!

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Maryanna Hardy

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Joy Ang

If You Liked It, Then You Should Have Put A Power Ring On It

Happy Mother's Day!

Aya of Yop City:

A Look into Contropussy… the Webcomic

Goodbye To Occasional Superheroine Blog

I'm baaaack- Super Mega Batgirl Review #9

Lady Gaga gets the altcomix treatment in Prison for Bitches

She Has No Head! - Linda Medley's Castle Waiting

Amy Reeder Continues To Take Over The Comics World With Her Awesomeness

Girl Heroes

Henderson Uncovers The "Daughters Of The Shadow"

Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs | Athena: Grey-Eyed Goddess

X-Men: First Class screenwriter has large breasts, once wore low-cut dress


Karakuri Odette Book 3

The Puppet Makers: Interview with creator Molly Crabapple

Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love

My Girlfriend's a Geek Book 1

'Iron Man 2' Special: The Top Five Dysfunctional Superhero Costumes

Dark Horse Brings Scary Godmother Back

Holy Double-Edged Sword, Batman!

The Sensational Character Find of 2010

Some Insane People Are Not Named Betty Cooper

Comic reviews - Gotham City Edition

Law & Order: MU.

What I liked and what I hated in DC Comics this week

Toys, Gender, and Career Interests

Anything but Capes: More Crime

Reasons to Heal Oracle: Part 1

She Has No Head! - Advance Preview And Review of Ross Campbell's Shadoweyes

Reader Beatdown: Men’s Studies Vs. Male Studies, Cartoon Edition

Um Diana...I don't quite think that's what you should be thinking about....

The final encounter between Tigra and The Hood.

‘Twas the Night Before Wednesday…

More Cavemen, Less Funerals.

Book of the Month: Persepolis

Unlovable by Esther Pearl Watson

Library comics Pt. 3: Batman #692-#696

What We Missed

Comic Book Review: Firestar #1

Firestar #1 review

This Movie Gets Two Thumbs Down!

Pre-Op Power Girl

Super Powered Kryptonian Reviews!

Modesty's Creator Dies

Attention Female Comics Fans


Friday, May 07, 2010

May 7th

Archie Comics:


Archie Comics Debuts a Recurring Gay Character

Brightest Day/Aquaman/Geoff Johns:

I got five on it.

'Brightest Day' gives bloom to Geoff Johns' racism


The Kick-Ass Movie is Not Feminist (and Neither is Hit-Girl)

So, you’ve seen the movie Kick-Ass…

LGBTQ in Comics:

A gay old time in comic book history

Not Strictly Comics:

Disability in Speculative Fiction: Monsters, mutants and muggles

Presenting a Feminist Ideal - Star Wars

Race and Regressive Storytelling:

The Racial Politics of Regressive Storytelling

Unintentional whitewashing in comics

Racial Politics in Comics

Women and Gender in Comics:

The Guild #2


CR Review: Pride And Prejudice And Zombies

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Faith Erin Hicks

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Rachel Dukes

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Diana Tamblyn

Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2010: Lesley Fairfield

YOUR MANGA MINUTE: “Caught in a Bad Romance”

The Occasional Superheroine Blog Is Closed

TrackLog 46 – Girl Comics

Girl, You’ll Be a Creature Soon

My Girlfriend’s a Geek, Vol. 1

*Rapunzel’s Revenge — Recommended

Amy Reeder is your new SUPERGIRL cover artist

A Notice

xkcd’s revealing color survey

"I have a friend who writes pretty good comics..."

'Iron Man 2' And The 'Other Woman' Scenario

X-POSITION: Louise Simonson

Political Superheroes? The Bio Comics of Capital Hill

Bakuman Chapter Two: "Dumb and Smart"

Kapow! Batwoman gets her own series

Wonder Woman:

Hey, That's My Cape!: Ever wonder about Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman: Amazon. Icon. Hero.

The Big Beautiful Wonder Woman Blog Showcases a Plus Sized Amazonian Princess

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

May 4th

Disability in Comics:

BADD 2010

Hope Larsen/A Wrinkle in Time:

A Wrinkle in Time: the Graphic Novel


LGBTQ in Comics:
Hey, Arch, leave your comic book alone

A Queer Character on the Justice League


'NAZI ARIZONA': N.J. artist stands behind immigration cartoon criticized by ADL

The 5 Most Unintentionally Offensive Comic Book Characters

Not Strictly Comics:

Can You Update Pulp Science Fiction Without Being F-ed Up?

(Belated) BADD: Fictional Heroes with Disabilities

POCs and Race in Comics:

In which I give some thoughts on Fallen Angel vol1 (DC run)

EXPO Exclusive Interview with Reginald Hudlin

Gene Luen Yang: Teacher, dad, graphic novelist

Which Marvel Character Does Daniel Dae Kim Want To Play?


Tintin's adventures in Congo goes on trial in Belgium

Tintin: Heroic Boy Reporter or Sinister Racist?

Women and Gender in Comics:

Girl Power: Willow Dawson on No Girls Allowed

Everything I Need to Know About Joan of Arc I Learned from Classics Illustrated

Comics by Women, Comics for Girls: Trina Robbins and Mike Madrid talk about the history of women and comics

Geek to Chic: The Evolving Mainstream

She Has No Head! - DV8: The Future Of Comics Is Also The Past?

What Inspired Brad Meltzer's Superpowered Sex In Buffy Season 8?

Kate Beaton’s MacBeth

Twin Spica, Vol. 1

The life and lines of Allie Brosh: Hyperbole and a Half

May: Batgirl, by Bryan Q. Miller, Lee Garbett, and Trevor Scott

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel

Overthinking Things

Likely Changes

Do the Sirens Call to Female Readers?

Female Gender Identity in Japanese Girl’s Comics

Women's Comics Anthology

Ow, my brain!; or, the absolute failure of The Brave and the Bold #33

Reflections on Batgirl