Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, August 30th

Top Ten Comic Book Women

Top Ten Women Comic Book Characters

Geek Girls list Top Ten Women in Comics

Top 10 women comic characters?


Muslim Women in comic books

Fangirl Invasion p1- The changing face (and sex) of fandom

Comic Book Girls: Week of August 19th

Meet a Real Life Comic Book Superhero: Marie Severin

Girl Power & Comics

Real Women Don't Need Superheroes

A new era at DC Comics?

Bound to Blog: Wonder Women #14

Privacy is the old Porn

Superheroines, sports and sexuality: Or why can't we be both?


Jo-Jo knows how to handle a woman

Fan Expo '09: Day One!


Ooku: The Inner Chamber, Vol 1

Flipped!: David Welsh On Fumi Yoshinaga's Ōoku: The Inner Chambers

Ooku: The Inner Chamber

Sexual Orientation and comics

Web Spotlight: Comic Book Queers

From Headrack to Claude

Superheroes and Sex: The Art and Innuendo of Batwoman

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday, August 9th

Wonder Woman vs. the Internet

Bound to Blog: Wonder Woman #13 (with bonus twilight nattering)

Sadly Un-Wonderful

Wonder Woman

Threesomes for Justice?

A Brief Rant of Cry For Justice #2

Cry for Justice #2: not sexist at all, actually

Your mileage may vary: Cry For Justice #2

Grrrl on Film

Modesty Blaise: Princess of Spy-fy

Whiteout and Women on Screen

See Barbarella do her thing


How to embrace fangirling

Birds of Prey talk

Women of the DC Universe: Supergirl Bust


The Nightwing/Tarantula Rape Controversy

Review: Abstract Comics

EW praises sexist marketing as ‘clever’

Laydeez do comics

Feminism and Television: Female Superheroes?


Gluey Tart: Yakuza in Love

Race and Comics

Comics Journal #298

Most racist “mainstream” comics ever?

Equal opportunity offenders

The “Talented Tenth” returns

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wednesday, August 5th

Comic Con

Sex and Death at Comic Con

Gay Gamer. Net punks Electronic Arts sexist comic con contest

If I can’t squee, it’s not my comic con

Female Force

Stephenie Meyer gets her own comic book

Twilight Writer gets a comic book


Female Friendships in Comics

Friendships between Women

Gay for Justice #2


Comics by Women: August 5th, 2009

Huntress: Year One

she loves the sun

Everything Geeky- Give Female Superheroes a chance!

Empowered- Comics Review

Feminist Comic: DAR

Lesbians Have Sex Appeal, Too. Damn. (also some Batwoman)

Sirens and Divas: A comparison

Who is This Chick?

Race in comics:

Comics Waiting Room

What’s so Terrific about Mr. Terrific?

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday August 1st


Miley Cyrus: Cosplaying for Great Justice?

The many mind games of The Dark Knight - part 3 of 3

Comic-con, relating to:

Comic-Con’s culture clash

Some follow-up on the “Booth Babe” story punks Electronic Arts' sexist Comic-Con contest



Beyond Lois Lane: Civilian Girlfriends in Love and Capes and Jersey Gods

Unbound: Rethinking Girlamatic

A Pink Green Lantern?

Comics for girls part 2: Bunty, 1987

Jennifer Love Hewitt to launch comic with IDW

Gotham City Sirens #1

Blog@ takes aim at “Girls With Slingshots”

Father Figure

Gluey Tart on Women in Comics

Support Women in Comics – Buy the T-Shirt

Female Creators Roundtable: Ariel Schrag, Like Who?

Women of DC and other comics on Google themes

Miller wants Dawson for 'Washington' role?

Best Shots Extra: DETECTIVE COMICS #855

Spoiler Sport: MS. MARVEL #42: Who's That Girl?

Webcomic Wednesday: Girls With Slingshots

'So You Think You Can Dance' Tries Superheroes on for Size


Female Creators Roundtable: Ariel Schrag, Like Who?

Muse/Amused/Not Amused:

A Very Modern Muse By Irene Adler

Bleeding Cool's New 'Muse': Intentional or Unintentional Parody?

The ISS Takes on: Rich Johnston's "Sexy Muse"

We need more hookers in comics?

Aim higher

Race issues in comics:

Dear Hollywood,

Thursday (Friday) Aftermath: The Guy Perspective

Friday Female Comics Creator, IBARW Edition: Jackie Ormes

1602: Manifest Destiny in Action

Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology (IBARW continues!)

Sexual Orientation issues in comics:

More from the Gays in Comics Panel

Howard Cruse’s From Headrack to Claude

X-Men characters share Marvel’s first gay kiss

Wonder Woman:

New Wonder Woman Comic To Confront Her Bondage Past

Wonder Woman To Become Cagefighting Superhero