Saturday, July 29, 2006

July 26-28th

Wedding of the- Oh, Who Are We Kidding?

Feast and Famine

Official Call for Submissions: 3rd Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

Things discovered at SDCC: DC Comics has at least one complete douchebag working for them.

Superhero Comics

Top Five Brother/Sister Super Villain Duos

Red Sonja #11

Miscellaneous thoughts: A couple I liked

Josh's tribute to chunky Jewish girls

Amateur Art Appreciation: The Light That Never Shined

Battle of the sexists sexes — ’70s-style!

The New Donna Troy?

You didn't take the spam thing seriously, did you? This, though, has some thinky stuff: Terra. Yay.

My my, how far we've come...

Spotlight on Gail Simone

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Tangential)

SDCC '06: The DC's Big Three

Battle of the Comic-Book Babes '06: Feisty Foursome

The Black Panel At Comic Con International (also known as Geek Vegas)

That you had to say it speaks volumes in itself

more about the Black Panel

Mainstream Comics Lose...2

Mainstream Comics Lose...3

Welcome To My Nightmare

LinkBlogging Women: Supergirl and Black Panther

Comic Entry -- Interesting Website...

Hawkman, Master Of Romance

Show #34 - July 26

Pilgrimage before work

Read This: Castle Waiting

Comic-Con Wrap-Up

Studies In Emerald

Whose Goddamn Title Is It Anyway?

FUCK COMICS: I may just throw up.

What I Bought, 27 July 2006; plus catching up on last week's books

Podcast Grant

Who Wants to be a Superhero [Spoilers] (Tangential)

The Week in Ink: 7-26-06 (Tarot Review)

Wizard Coming!

T-shirts, my Wednesday, some incredibly brief reviews, and stamps.

Spidey 3's Women Talk

Looking Back

Saturday, July 22, 2006

July 19-22


JLA: Golden Perfect (10th TPB, 2003), Part 1 [Spoilers]

More Random Musings and some 52 Opinions.

Random Musings.. and where is Wonder Woman?

Gender-Based LinkBlogging

Isn’t the Green Lantern concept inherently Feminist?

Fool’s Gold

Congratulations, Karen

Tokyopop Manga Grants Girl’s Wish

Dooooooom!! Dooooooom!!

52 on 52 #11

Boogie Emerald Nights

Bad, Brad Meltzer! Bad!

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #20 Review

Contest? What contest...Oops!

"...Our main lady, whom I will call, Diana...."

Catwoman/Squirrel Girl

Namor appeases a fool.

Too Easy.

Unpopular Opinion: Why the Dick/Barbara couple doesn't work for me

Lara Croft Will be Back in 2007

Lois Lane

Top Five Captain America Girlfriends

Newsflash! Rosario Dawson likes JTHM!

2006 Friends of Lulu Award Winners

Gender Reassignment Challenge: Black Canary To Black Eagle

Talking Comics: Super heroines or streetwalkers? Also, why Baltimore beats San Diego, and "My Name is Earl."

Going out on a limb

All Things Being Equal


And Women Aren't Interested In Politics. That's Why There's Never Been A Female USA President.

San Diego

Early Morning Observations

Reviews From The Scary Pile On My Desk: Wonder Woman #1, Ion #1-3, Flash #1, Atom #1, Jonah Hex #8-9, Supergirl #7

Linkarama -- the "Everybody I Know Is In San Diego This Week...Except Me! (sniff)" Edition

Ditto and Awards

WW to be Daily Planet Photographer....

The All-New Atom

Way to disappoint me, people.

More SDCC Goodness

When Fangirls Attack

McCloud: ‘We’re starting to get the kids back’

Three Is A Magic Number

Super powers & unsuper relationships

Rewind: Why Are Superheroes Super-Clueless In Matters Of The Heart?

Day 1 Party Poop

Frank Miller to write, direct THE SPIRIT


Comic-Con 2006: Willingham on Fables

Wonder Woman in JLA

I am Shocked

Because I'm not paying for a MeFi membership

52 Week 11: "Batwoman Begins"

Grr. Argh. This is my ranty face.

Bomb Queen Vol. 1 Review

The Super-Traitor From Krypton?

Comic Reviews and a Long-Suppressed Batwoman Rant

And the weblog lives up to its name for once

Comic Book Review: Justice League of America #0

*falls over*

Nothing New Under The Sun

Women in Comics

Karen Healey wants to help you

soyo's grand adventures in a heteronormative society!

Comics & movies

Kyle Rayner kills more women than cancer.

girl power = gayness


Mild-mannered won't cut it

Why the Hell–?

Great Article!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Short Batch: Wednesday Night

A Reflection: The mistake that bore a thousand shin kicks

Are All Writers & Artists Created Equal?

Batwoman comes out on Wednesday. Really.

Behind Batwoman's Gayness

Danica Novgorodoff

Female And Fiction

Feminism in Shoujo Manga: NANA by Ai Yazawa

Follow-up/Response: Nana Psychology

First Look at Whedon's new Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic

Gunslinger Girls (2003) (specifically anime-centered, tangentially applicable)

It's Time for Comic Books to Show Us What They're Made Of

Legend of Chun Hyang by CLAMP

More on Joe

More Rants and Randomness

Pandalicious Presents: Ai Yori Aoshi

Strange Adventures And Apparitions: Ridiculous Plot Edition

Taking cue from "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"

You want to be a comic writer? OMG no way, you're a GIRL!

Yuri Comic: Girly, Volume 1

July 19th

(Sorry about the sporadic updates and monster lists. We haven't stopped compiling, but things have been hectic enough for Kalinara and I that posting every day has been difficult. We'll get back on a daily schedule as soon as we can. -- Ragnell.)

Joe Quesada Doesn’t Like Women

"Comic Shops are a dieing bread"

Decoding Wonder Woman

Rosario Dawson - Geek

What he said

Wish I had a local comic shop...

Daughters of the Dragon: Exploitation or Celebration?

Oh, what might have been.

Top Five Best Storm Costumes

Superman Redux (Movie Spoilers)

One possible partial defense of Joss

This is what happens when you don't clean the space-fridge often enough (Green Lantern Spoilers)

[Wiscon] Academic Papers, Saturday morning

character love thingy

Random Ridiculous Realization

HURT COMICS: Ken Lowery Wins My Internets!

A tribute to Dublin's comics shops

Reason #876 that I hate Green Lanterns

I know what I said about not doing Solicitation Day anymore.

Is Joss Whedon feminist enough?


Sunday night weekend update....


You have two options: girly-girl or lesbian.

Comic Con Fan: Goth Girl

Battle of the Comic-Book Babes '06

Because I [heart] Snark

Katy Keene and Archie Comics

Superman Returns, Disappoints, May Disappear Again and Take His Friends With Him

Comic Con Fan: Furry Unicorn Man with Guitar

Cassandra Cain: Batgirl

Monday Misogyny

The obligatory post about Power Girl's boobs

Wednesday Morning Follow-up


It Should be on Screen: Daughters of the Dragon

JSA Classified: cheesecake with personality

Bad Doctor Week: Harleen Quinzel

Kevin Smith on girl nerds


Lying In The Gutters Vol 2, Col 61

Bat or Bust

Well, that's it then...

Squirrel Girl at War

Bad Doctor Week: Karla Sofen

Speaking of babymaking

Breeding = 'superpower', apparently.

You are Spider-Man

Spider-Man: Unmasked

Superman and Wonder Woman, sitting in a tree...

Random thoughts for Tuesday

Dear Dan Didio: Shut the fuck up.

Our peculiar Mr. Marston

A Distinct Lack Of Shouting.

Alan Moore's "Lost Girls" Linkarama

Second Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

Sunday, July 16, 2006

July 14-16th

The quick and easy guide to not writing stereotypes

Friday Night at the Internet: It's rampant stupid for dinner!

Ladies, are you using your uterus?

Attack wombs at the ready!

Rescue Me: The Vamp

SDCC Meetup!

SDCC: Friends of Lulu; Hall blogathon

Women in Comics Signing

Leave it to Hal

Girl Fuck 2005

DCU: Brave New World

Oh, for fuck's sake.

Misogyny: What it means, how to spell it, and other comic wank.

William Moulton Marston Was Not A Feminist

brief wonder woman bits:

Yes, I have breasts, yes, I read comics, and yes, I have heard of Birds of Prey.

I don't read Power Girl.

COMICS - Should Superman be with Wonder Woman or Lois Lane or...?

Why Reginald Hudlin Should Never Be Allowed Near the DC Universe

Taking control ...

It's Mr. Graves World- We Just Live In It!

IGN: Digging a Deeper Hole, One Slice of Cheesecake at a Time

Bunty Annual 1978: or, Katherine has a geekgasm

The comics legacy of Bettie Page

Randy Reviews July 13

Joe Quesada, head of Marvel, is a MORON

Fanboy Returns


Perhaps one...

Quesada Steps in It Again

What Quesada’s Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome Says About Comics

Lots Of Linky Goodness Yum Yum - 7/15

Definitely not in Kansas

Snark: Sex Sells

[Frank Miller Memorial Case] Vote for Losers Here!

Random Ramblings: Flaws and Past Perspectives

Right. A Question That May Offend.

Picture this: A novel approach

Celebrity Q&A: Rosario Dawson

Too ‘Weenie’ To Deal With All Of This ‘Girl’ Stuff”: Women, Comics, and the Classroom

A Lost Princess of Mars?


This Again

Random Panel: Jade and What Army?

Women and Writers and Women Writers

Firebird aka La Espirita aka Smokin' Hot Babe

Comic Book Review: Superman #654

The Time-Honored Game of Nerd Superiority

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Short Batch

Archie Andrews: What the Hell Happened?

Are They Trying To Make Me Think We're Back In My Heyday?

Comic Book Rant, part 4 - Waste of a Good Death

Comical Women

Because It’s Bad Enough When Male Aliens Try to Conquer the Earth

COMICS: A sneak peek at Alan Moore's "Lost Girls"

Feminism In Shoujo Manga

Gender, Body, Comics, Men, Wah, Overload

Molly Sez, Mari Respondz

My Summertime Movie Critique

Rehab, Please

Snap Judgements

Sometimes There Are No Words

The Big Deal (Part 4) Industry Facts and Ugly Truths

Visit Ashley's Ink on Paper

July 12th

In which I walk on broken glass, as Jesus would have*

Artists Behaving Badly


PowerPuff Girls: Townsville, by way of Tokyo

What is it about boys and superheroes?


Legion Of Super-Bugs

Why girls?

Thinking out loud

Wondering about feminine stuff in comics

Arrgh! Fuckwittery at its best

HA (Spoilery)

Cross Examination: Manhunter v. She-Hulk

Is there sexism in the comic book industry?

Monday 03 July

DC Boards. Fish. Barrel.


COMICS - Spider-Girl is Back!

Spider-Girl Returns!

Spider-Girl Is BACK! YAY!

Mayday! Mayday! I'm Going In....

They share a lot....don't they

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The 12 Labors of Superman (or me writing a Superman flick)

Make The Linking Stoppppp!! Ahhh!!!!

July 13th

ABC Drama Report: Fat Yaoi Fangirls


Archie Week: Minority Characters

Bleach Can Become Great Again

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #36 – Our First COVERGIRL: Felicia… Just one of the boys? (Not Work Safe)

Chapter 15 Commentary

Comic Con 2006

First Manga Specific Convention in USA

Gravitation =/= Porn

Harlequin Bringing Its Manga Line Back In-House

Man or Superman?

Men > Women?

Mystique IS BI-SEXUAL!!!!!!!!!

Spider Girl News!

Swallowed MindCatcher (warning, possibly not Work Safe picture)
Things which are awesome (part eight) - an unpopular fannish opinion

Wonder Woman Shipping Dates: The Mystery Deepens



Blast From The Past: The Fine Distinctions Between Fangirls

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Special Manga-Only Edition!

A Review of Moto Hagio's A, A PRIME

Earthian By Yun Kouga

Feminist Rantings


How to Impress a Longtime Yaoi Reader
Lolicon -- deserving of protection or worthy of prosecution?



New Smithson!

North Shore Manga

Shojo Heroines

Sorcerers & Secretaries, Vol.1 - Manga Review

Blast From the Past: Plot? What Plot? (Some Images NOT WORK SAFE)

And it's follow up: A Little Girl-on-Girl - Yuri Hentai (Also Not Work Safe)

Yuri Manga: Maya's Funeral Procession / Maya no Souretsu

July 10th

How to Be a Feminist Comic Book Reader (Part 1)

Guns, Girls, and Motorcycles in "Model Operandi"


Monday linkblogging

Review: Manhunter #23

What A Girl Wants #32 / HeroesCon

Color Commentary

In the future, girls can be Robin

Freedom Fighters Poll

Women and Children First, Chicago (One of the drawings in one of the photos NSFW)

Fetch Me An Ax, That I May Kill A Man.

DC Romance Comics

The Fantasy Heroine's Guide to Fashion: Valda

Reacting to the Industry Insiders
Monday Misogyny: He Wasn't Even Trying This Time

Just getting it out of my system, that's all.

On objectification in comics and Frank Miller

Joe Quesada Angers The Entire Female, Comic-Reading, Population

For Her Lists
More on girlfriends and fandom

Monday Monkey

Some random stuff.

Boy/Girl, we have fun!

10 ways to get your fanboy boyfriend to stop tying to get you to read comic books.

Wonder Woman
Heroes & Villains: “A Dollar Short” Edition

Wonder Woman #2 Delayed??

Quick history lesson

An Italian Music Video For Gay Comic Book Geeks!

Look Familiar?? Wonder Woman #105 Cover Inspires

Wonder Woman is Back in the News

Supergirl (And Superman)
The Composite Superlolita Batwaif

Deja Vu: Supergirl 7

Superman Returns

A Cold Case Re-opened?

Welcome back to the Silver Age

Superman Returns to Mixed Reviews


Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday Evening

--Comics (Miscellaneous)--

Vintage British Girls' Comics


Putting The Panel All Together

--Getting Your Girlfriend Into Comics--

Getting Your Loved Ones Into Comics


Angel Cup & Other Yaoi and Yuri/Lesbian Manga

anime whore and get the bloody water in the sink

Feminism and 121

Girls, Girls, Girls

I Have To Admit I Like...

Main Characters in Manga

Manga of Feminist WHA??

Playing Catch-Up

The hills have eyes remake can get fucked (tangential)

--Superman Returns--

Man of Steel, Woman of Stale: Superman Returns

--Women Creators--

A Few Questions to Start

July 10th

Saved From Obscurity and Comic Book Oblivion

Badass week at the ISB

Kids, clothes, and costumes


Not so brave, not so new

Fangirl Rampage #13: Melanie Barnes

Pointy Dog Theatre: Bitey Goes Shopping.

The "Extremity" Of Gay Superheroes

'Twas Marketing Killed the Son of Krypton

What's The Buzz, Cuz?

San Diego Con

Masters of American Comics

Reviews From The Scary Pile On My Desk -- 7/8

Jimmy Olsen's Guide to Life

Opinions about Professional Opinions
Didio and the Batgirls

In defense of Joey Q

"We don't have women creators because...because!"

Oh, look!

Responding to this
This may be the most retarded thing ever written on the internet

"Y: The Last Man" is the new "Strangers in Paradise"

Benefit of the Doubt

More “Girlfriend List” Idiocy


How To Get Your Girlfriend Into Your Fandom (Is also discussed in comments here and here)

So I read this, linked to by the inestimable When Fangirls Attack, and immediately started chewing on my keyboard.

Whoa. Hello, feminist rage.

I will never be this incoherent again

Yes, no, maybe?

I am a little o_O at this.

IGN: Stupid is as syndicated stereotyping does

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Read Comics (Older, Slightly Tangential, but still in response to that kind of post)

Monday, July 03, 2006

July 3rd

Feelin' DAMN powerful.

Quick question

Superhero Comics: Not a Feminist Stronghold


“Comic book people are the nicest people”

New Wonder Woman Writer: Best Selling Author: Jodi Picoult

Focused Linkblogging

Does The World Need Another Superman Movie?

Comic Book PSA: John Byrne's Guide to Safe Sex

Evil Woman!


Creativity takes `Flight'

Sexual Harrassment at conventions

In which I fangirl Bryan Singer

Creator intent vs. reader perception

July 2nd-3rd

So We Only Get One Question

A Matter of Degrees: When Cheesecake "Works"

Shooting Blanks At The Pie In The Sky

Plotte twists

We Lost Another One: Julie Doucet Quits Comics

Lea Hernandez' Grant Nan; with a wider thesis on awards generally

Sexual Harrassment, Cons, and You

Marvel boss states the bloody obvious

Does This Sound Like An Answer?

You know, you coulda phrased that better

fandom mode: [comics] Alas

Feminism and Comic Books

Fangirl, Interrupted -- Part One: The Sufferings Of Young Robin

The List (Sexual Assault Topics)
Rape of the month: June

Pinpointing an Issue

Thoughts on the Damned List: Responses.

Monday Misogyny

The Carnival
Announcement and Submission Call: The Feminist SF Carnival

First Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

July 2nd

So who HASN’T been attached to the role of Wonder Woman?

Can Comic Fandom "Handle" An Indian Wonder Woman?

Etta is a Role Model

Will female superheroes get their glory?

So once again another Joss Whedon Wonder Woman casting rumour hits the Internet.

Animated LSH news 40: Heather Hogan, voice of Phantom Girl

"The Kendra Monologues" A Review of Hawkgirl #53

Noir Women

Sue Finally Talks Back.

She-Hulk: Single Green Female


"Not Your Typical Superheroine"

Barbarella: How Does She Stack Up?


Unexpected Arrivals

The Backlash

Sue and Reed: The Drama Continues to Build in FF 538

DC Comics may be trying to ignore/ruin the Atom's history

"Egg-Laying Killer Naked Chicks"

Polly & the Pirates

The Squirrel Mother

I went back to work this week

Comic Makers: Episode 19


Almost 70 years later, Lois Lane retains her edge

Lois Lane: The Warning Signs

Cousin Buzzin'

Superman Scenes You Won't See in the Movie

Movie Spoilers
Have you heard of this film yet?

But I'm weak in the knees around Lois Lane...

Dear Brett Ratner:

[movies] Superman Returns: Expanded

Who are you rooting for?

Superman Returns

My Two Cents on Superman Returns


Superman Returns!

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's a complete letdown!

Superman Returns (to Otisburg)