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In Fiction, No One Will Have You Fired.

2006: The Year That Was In Diversity In Comics (Creator Response Alert! See Comment #4 and on)

Quoted in Powers (Another Creator Response Alert!)

How to kill $7.50 without mercy

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Idealized women, fine, but whose ideal?

The Year of the Hero

In the Company of Women

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Did White King's Knight Just Come Out? (Checkmate #9, Cover DateFeb. 2007)

What ever happened to...

Honestly, what they teaching at Harvard these days?

On Dixon and Politics...

Chuck Dixon To Write Midnighter GAY!

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Dixon-gate: Whew, did I come late to THIS party.

An Open Letter To Chuck Dixon

(Thinking of adding a "Creator Response Alert" whenever the post involves, or details, a fan directly interacting with a comics creator over something in their work involving gender issues. Thoughts?)

Jan 6, 2007

Akahori, Satoru and Yukimaru Katsura. Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~. Vol. 1. Trans. Adrienne Beck and Janet Houck. Seven Seas, 2006.

Chuck Dixon to Write Midnighter GAY!

[comics] annotated Anita Blake #3

How Did We Miss This?


In the Company of Women

Just Read an Interesting Article

On Dixon and Politics

Opposite Man

Ouran, Stellvia and Planetes (tangential)

QUIT COMICS: Awww, It's a Year Old Today!

Quoted in Powers

The Sensational She-Hulk Graphic Novel

Tuesday Otaku Debate: Shoujo Beat vs. Shonen Jump

Um. Chuck Dixon is "wacky"