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Ableism in Comics

Run, Don't Walk (or Roll?)

Not Strictly Comics
M. Night vs. The Internet: The Airbender Mash-up

An Open Letter to Racebending.com Detractors

And He Opened His Mouth Further. And I Saw Feces.

Special issue: Nationbending (September 2012)

The Bigger Picture

Shyamalan, just stop.

The Last Airbender: who is to blame?

The Despicable Last Airbender

Make Your Dude-Dominated Subculture More Accessible to Women

Courtney Stoker on Feminist Geek

Twilight, tweens, and abstinence

New Twilight Book Suggests Hollywood Likes Male Fans More Than Female

LGBTQ in comics

Comic Con Gay Stuff: Thursday's Schedule

Willingham The Comedian

Hulkling Kisses…

Angelface #1

idratherbeloislane: dcwomenkickingass: (via...

Apple Censors--Then Approves--Gay Kiss In Oscar Wilde Comic (PICTURES)

Gays in Comics: Year 23

Jeff Krell’s Archie Ambitions Part 1 of 2


Your Manga Minute: A much closer look at Blackbird

MMF Color Trilogy Podcast Posted



G. Willow Wilson Interview conducted by Ian Burns Part Three (of Three)

Ask Chris #16: Comics, Politics and the Suicide Squad

Flippin' through Previews - July 2010

The 120 Days of Simon

The Chronicle - Sandboxed

Platinum and Robot Sexism

Kinda Early For a Running Theme.

The Robot Queen

This Page Can Cause Whiplash


POC's in comics

Jonah Hex – Heroine Content

Mr. T Comic Book Jibba Jabba: Part Five

TinTin in Otherland

Comic Critics #122!

A post on the Super Post Racial

interrogating the text from my perspective


Supergirl In Next DC Animated Movie!

Supergirl #53

Apocalypse Thoughts - What Shouldn't Be In The Movie

Women and Gender in Comics

Misadventure in Misogyny:Bloomerism

June is Finally Over...Here's Reviews!

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week 6/30/10

Archie Americana: Best of the Seventies Book 2

Coming Up: DC Comics Due September 2010

On Stories

Supergirl Preview Page In Superman #700

Our Story Opens With

Power Girl #13 review

thegoddamnbatgirl: THIS What two...

Interview: J.H. Williams III on Batwoman and More

Graphic Content at Northwest One Neighborhood Library

Comicvine: Off My Mind: Female Superhero Costumes - Practical or Exploitive?

Kreativ Blogger Award

Kreativ Blogger response

Power Girl's Boob Window

Women as Victims in Comics, Movies, and Books

First, Zatanna, you are awesome. You are always putting...

I totally forgot to post...

Weekly Reviews: Lois Lane and a bottle of Rum edition

kandidkandor: Huntress | Cully Hamner Now that’s a...

nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E vol 1: This Is What They Want

More Blatant Gender Politics

She Has No Head! - The 12 Comic Wishes Of Kelly's Birthday Post...

Hey That's My Cape-Simone's Talking, But Not About WW

And this is why I like Dinah.

SHE HAS NO HEAD!- Brian Micheal Bendis and Alex Maleev's Scarlett

Worlds Finest

Chain Reactions | Scarlet #1

Comics I Did Like

Romancing The Stone: A True Double Team Would Involve Van Damme or Rodman

Kick Ass LGBT DC Women

DC Women Kicking Ass: Kick Ass LGBT DC Women

How I made it to Eighteen

Interview: Nigar Nazar CEO, Gogi Studios

Race + Comics Notes: The Missing Women Of Marvel

Things That Matter

Top Cow to put out Veolcity mini-series!

Kate Beaton brings Charlie Chaplin to life in film series poster


Yay! A question for you that you can actually respond to publicly! Oh, happy day.

dcwomenkickingass: Wonder Woman, she can do anything.


callmekitto: Colors! THANK YOU. Now does that not TOTALLY end...

W is for Amanda Waller who kicks ass, takes names and I think...

Iinspired by another poster, what do you think of the Ollie/Dinah relationship?

Yeah, really go read all the other...

I do agree...

7 Artists: Amanda Conner

Preview: STREET ANGEL trailer

Random Thoughts (July 6, 2010)

DC Women Kicking Ass

Book of the Month: Elfquest

DC Female Creators at SDCC: Table for One

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week 7/8/10

Review backlog - the 3 sentence version

Reviews of five recent-ish comic books

A Look Back at Line Gamache’s Hello, Me Pretty

Pissed Off

Wonder Woman

She Has No Head! - Wonder Woman #600: A Lot Of Promise, Not Enough Delivery

DC Spinner Rack: Secret Six 22, Teen Titans 84, Doom Patrol 11, Wonder Woman 600, Tiny Titans 29

Alternate Realities

Weighing in on Wonder Woman #600

Review: Wonder Woman #600, Pt 1



That Hot Topic

Why Wonder Woman isn't allowed to work: A perpendicular perspective

Review: Wonder Woman 600

Sugar, spice and everything nice: Ben Caldwell's manga Wonder Woman pitch

Wonder Woman’s Costume Change Makes for Good Reading

J.H. Williams III pays tribute to Wonder Woman #1 with variant cover

Keeping the World Safe for Democracy and Star-Spangled Panties

Comic Critics #123!

Wonder Woman: Amazon. Hero. Icon review

Won’t Anybody Think of the Pants: Wonder Woman’s New Look


Gloria Steinem on JMS's Wonder Woman

Finally, updating Wonder Woman for the 90s

Why The 'New' Wonder Woman Misses The Mark

Masculinized Wonder Woman Becomes . . . Michelle Obama?! (warning for anti-transness/general weirdness)

My ideal of modern feminism (warning: blog plays music)

More on the Wonder Woman Costume, Feminism, Sexism

Wonder Woman Isn't Feminist Enough


X-Women #1

Brutally Honest: X-Women #1- celebration or exploitation? - Comic Vine

Rich and Strange Aeons - Uncanny X-Feminism

In which Mike didn't read any comics but decided to have a “review" post anyway

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Wonder Woman Internet Explosion Part 2- July 04- Gloria Stienem has spoken now too.

Wonder Woman's new costume and direction

Grumpy Old Fan | You can change the name of a rose, but you can’t do nothin’ about the smell

Wonder Woman's new duds spark interdimensional ire

Gloria Steinem on New Look Wonder Woman

You know what other DC Comics character the new Wonder Woman costume reminds me of?


Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman…

Wonder Woman, bring back the legs, the muscles and the flag please

The Wonder of it All

Agent of S.T.Y.L.E. (and Friends!): Wonder Woman’s New Look

Committed: Jim Lee's Lack of Wonder

Wonder Woman Celebrates 600 Issues By Putting On Pants

EXCLUSIVE Wonder Woman in Pants is Not a Feminist Win

You're [Slightly Less of a] Wonder, Wonder Woman!

Rebooting Wonder Woman: More Retro than Revolutionary.

Project Runway's Tim Gunn Loves WONDER WOMAN's New Costume

Let Wonder Woman be Wonder Woman

BrandFreak: DC Comics gives Wonder Woman a costume change at age 69

Wonder Woman's New Makeunder: is it Feminist? | E-Styling

Jim Lee's new Wonder Woman costume blows

About the Wonder Woman Stuff

Why we need a second (or third) Wonder Woman series

Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover For Her 69th Birthday - Zelda Lily ...

Bold Fashion Choices--The New, New (New) Wonder Woman

Snarky's Cinemachine: Wonder Woman Puts on Pants!

Women's Views on News: Wonder Woman finally gets a makeover

Wonder Woman gets a new costume, Internet explodes…..

One Big Bad Wolf: Sunday Wild Card: In Your Satin Tights. .

The Cultural Impact of Wonder Woman's pants

Wonder Woman's New Costume: Superhero Fail?

A few links of note for Friday: Wonder Woman\

Wonder Woman #600
Chain Reactions | Wonder Woman #600

funnybook of the week: June 30th, 2010

'Wonder Woman' reboot leads to massive sales: If you make it ...

Adam Hughes’ wonderful Wonder Woman #600 cover

Wonder Woman #600

Rebooted Wonder Woman #600 Sells Out – Deadline.com

Numbercrunching: Wonder Woman #600 – One More Diana Bleeding Cool ...

Wonder Woman #600 review

Wonder Woman #600 [Review]

Wonder Woman #600

Laid Back Comics: Wonder Woman #600 and New Costume?

Wonder Woman #600 Review





News at 11: Wonder Woman is too Unpatriotic and Feminist!

New Wonder Woman Loses Patriotic Costume in Favor of 'Globalized' Duds

Fox News Criticises Wonder Woman For Lack Of Patriotism. Comments Say She’s A Communist.

Wonder Woman Reboot: Strident Feminism Is the Problem, Not the Costume

Research discovers that trousers lead to idiocy in mainstream media

In honor of American Independence Day...

Wow. Just, WOW.

Why Wonder Woman Is A Victim Of Feminism According To James ...

I accept that there are idiot bloggers, I expect more from big media

Wonder Woman General Stuff

W is for Wonder Woman

Comic Book Legends Revealed #267

What Wonder Woman covers tell us about ourselves