Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, February 25

POC's In Comics

Black + White = Heartbreak!

Milestone forever review and spoilers

Black Future Month ‘10: Life in Marvelous Times

Black Future Month ‘10: Brandon Thomas

A quickie

The 99 Gets Animated

Firestorm & Black Lightning in Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths

Typo’s Best: Roy Raymond, TV Detective!

The Gauntlet: The Amazing Minuteman vs. Mr. Negative Stereotype

Race and Comics Roundup: Around the Marvel Universe

Warner Todd Huston Is Angry About Comical Books

African American Characters in Comics: Frontline Combat 9 - "Abe Lincoln!"

Exhibit Celebrates Black Comic Book Superheroes

Will Jim Lee Take After The Brave And The Bold?

Gina Torres

Gina Torres On Comics: "No Skinny Bitches"

Gina Torres: Superheroes Are Curvy, "Skinny Bitches" Need Not Apply

Girl Comics

Marvel's Girl Comics

Jeanine Schaefer on "Girl Comics"

Girl Comics Editor: The Title Could've Been Worse

EXCLUSIVE: 'Girl Comics' #1 Preview

LGBT Issues in Comics

Jimmy Olsen

Coming out in comics: The DC offices

The Moon and Sandals (as part of LGBT history month)

Questionable Content (as part of LGBT History Month)

Fun Home - LGBT History month continues

Love is in the Air

Marvel’s Top 10 Power Couples

Gay Comic Book Creator brings pride with "So Super Duper"

Likewise Roundtable

Reviewing the Reviews: Likewise

Dick Talk (Likewise Roundtable)

In Search of “It”: A response to a review of Potential

Battle At the Likewise Roundtable!

How Much Alike Is Likewise?


Likewise Roundtable

Not Strictly Comics

Not! Percy Jackson


My Darling! Miss Bancho Book 1

Two Trends Are Better Than One: Vampire Yaoi — Blood Honey and How to Seduce a Vampire


Comics cavalcade: Sexism, racial insensitivity and ugly americans


Review: Supergirl #50 Part 1

Review: Supergirl #50 Part 2

Women and Gender in Comics

She Has No Head! - Ten Women Of Fables

Hey, That's My Cape!: One Con Glory

Cry for Justice #7 preview

Blogs I Like

Comix of the week- Double sized Supergirl edition!

The Annotated Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse: Executioner #4

DC Direct Arisia review

2010 May DC Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

FAT WEEK: Millie’s fat friend

Review: A couple of very violent Teen Titans trades

Some miscellaneous links and unimportant comments:

Here Comes the Sun?

The Art of Jaime Hernandez due in April

Review: Smile

The 30-Second Review of "Devil" #1

In Defense of Dave Sim's 'glamourpuss'

The King Vs The Scarlett Mermaid

Romancing The Stone: Could It Be Magic?

Gotham City Sirens 9 review and spoilers

Very Pretty! Trina Robbins and Nell Brinkley

Life in Comics# 11: What Women Want

Women Running From Houses on Comic Book Covers: Sinister House of Secret Love 3 - "Bride of the Falcon"

Crossing Lines in Mark Millar’s The Authority

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday, February 19


Batgirl #7 Play-by-Play

Super Mega Batgirl review the seventh

LGBT Issues in Comics

Mod Post: Clarification on the Community Ethos and Anti-Oppression

Gay Previews 4/10

Why I Don't Like "Gender Bending" in Fiction


Project Fanboy

Comics A.M. | The comics Internet in two minutes

New Readers Start Here


Green Lantern/Green Arrow volume one

Not Strictly Comics

Recognition, Codes & Box Office Draw

POC's in Comics

Black Future Month ‘10: Things Are Getting Better

Glyph Comics Awards Nominees

Black Future Month ‘10: Julian Lytle

Connective Tissue

That Girl is Poison

Some Random Bits

Luke Cage: Like Thunder

Typo’s Best: The Glory that is Steamboat.

The Fifth Color | An Open Letter to Warner Todd Huston

Women in Comics

2010 May Marvel Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

She Has No Head: Real Love Takes Time


In which Caro reads The Bun Field, muses on gender and metaphor and remembers how hard it is to write short

Google turns up the weirdest things.

Woot! Music video and last weeks comics

Red Sonja: Wrath of the Gods #1

Review: Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade

Cerebus Valentines for That Special Void in Your Life

Typo’s Best: Poppa Spanks — for Real!

Typo’s Best: Sue Knows Her Place.

Free e-book: Memoirs of an Occasional Superheroine

Romancing The Stone: Dating the Last Man

Wonder Woman as a Star Sapphire

It's never perfect, but we take what we can get

hottest motherf****r on the whole damn block

and a day came...

What I bought - 17 February 2010

Comics for Girls

Wednesday Q&A: Louise Simonson

Everything I Hate About Representations Of Women In Comics In One Easy Image

Comics: A Beginners’ Guide: Girls’ Comics

Download the Girl Comics Podcast

Brea and Zane Grant Will Bury You

Comics Ridicule the Tea Partiers? Big Deal. Look How They Objectify Women

A Damn Scribbling Woman: an Interview with Jennifer K. Stuller about Ink-Stained Amazons

When romance comics were a little racist

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Thursday, February 11th

LGBT Issues in Comics

Why Anti-Opression Is Serious Business

When Politics and Privilege meet Comics, Part One--Transgender Issues

Gay Characters in Writing

Drawn Together

Interview with Perry Moore

Captain America Vs Fox News

Quesada responds as Captain America's Tea Party controversy gains steam

Captain America is a Political Character

Captain America Tea Party Controversy

Why Marvel Owes No Apologies for Captain America's 'Tea Party'

Taking a Comic Too Far? Marvel Displays Racism and Ignorance

If anyone can ID the enemy, it’s Captain America

Tea Bagger reference to be taken out of Captain America book

Somone Bring That Dead Horse Over


Digital Harlequin Manga: The Apartment, Millionaire Husband

Del Rey Chibis: Yozakura Quartet 5, Minima! 4, Dragon Eye 7 and 8

Not Strictly Comics

The Last Airbender Trailer - And Other Thoughts

Different Day. Same Sh*t


POC Issues in Comics

Black Future Month ‘10: The Stereotype

Black Future Month '10: Jay Potts

Black + Aqualad = Blaqualad?

Whatever happened to Chocolate Thunder?

Captain America #143 Is The Most Seventies Comic Book EVER

Superhero Stuff

Marvel (Fan)Girls

............ wow.

Women in Comics

Q&A #58 Who is your favorite legacy character?

Comic reviewwwws!

JSA All Stars #3 Preview

Birds of Prey Begins - Oracle and Canary's first team-up

DC in March

Gender and Cartooning in Chicago

Hey, That's My Cape!: Abracadabra 2-10-10

Artist's hobby becomes livelihood

10 Graphic Novels You Should Pick Up with "Twilight"

Book(s) of the Month: Firestar and Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds

Review: Newave!: The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s

Typo’s Best: Hal Jordan, Ladies Man.

...Just Add Pink!

She Has No Head! - Discovering The Unknown

Lorendiac's Lists: Timeline of First and Final Appearances of Every Supergirl, Superwoman, Etc. (5th Draft)

Human Proportions in Comics

Religion and Science Fiction: Women and Their Portrayal in Comics ...

women and transgendered members of the comics community

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: A Comic Book Character Shows the Way - Community

Bitch, you run in heels.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday February 7th: Part Two

Ableism in comics:

Fantastic Four 575 Postbag - on the subject of "retard"

Chromatic Casting:

tl;dr in defense of chromatic (re)casting


The Safety Dance: Helping End Sexual Harassment at Conventions

Idle Thoughts

Ending Sexual Harrasment at cons

DC Covers:

The "babes" of the Justice League

Did the comic artist boob with this image?

Comic Book Cover Artists

Oh hey, look at this stupid thing.


The gay cartoonists who had the last laugh

Gluey Tart: Madness

Milestone Forever:

Puffy is Good, but Milestone Is Forever

Milestone Forever: Being Post-Racial Before It Was Cool

Milestone Forever

Number Crunching: Milestone Forever #1


Campus Ghost Story [Comic Review]

Everything You Know About The Amazons Is Wrong

Aging, Technology, and the Funnies

Indie Comic Spotlight: Ross Campbell

Not strictly comics:

Whitewashing in Young Adult literature

The true story of MLK and Lt. Uhura

Adios Ugly Betty

Avatar and Twilight: Native Representation on screen 2.0

The Last Airbender or The Last Straw?, or How Loraine Became a Fan Activist

Is there 'hope' in Hollywood?

Black stars don’t mean Hollywood is color-blind

Top Black Characters in Science Fiction

wear your love like heaven

Barbie and G.I. Joe: Inscribing Gender Norms on Toys

Race and Diversity in comics:

George Wallace Segregationist Comic from the 1960s

Race & Comics

Bring On The Black Good Guys (And Gals)

Black Future Month ‘10: Proclamation

The Racial Politics of Riverdale: Why an Interracial Kiss Is Still a Big Deal

Black Future Month ‘10: Ron “D-pi” Wimberly

Race & Comics Roundup: Archie’s Romance, Milestone’s Return & The Great Ten

Black Future Month ‘10: Paris/Tokyo

Why Ebony White Isn’t Sassy

Should I really like Bruce Wayne?

Separate And Unequal: A Mule And Forty Acres Of My Own, Part Nine: What, Me Angry?


Fangirls Make a Difference With Offensive Ad Copy

And they wonder why some women are reluctant to get into comics...

Just to prove this isn't an isolated incident...


Twilight Manga: a reality check

Twi-lite: graphic adaptation of Twilight loses ‘baggage’ and Robert Pattinson

Wonder Woman:

Crows’ Feat


Sunday February 7th: Part One

This batch is a little big, so I'm splitting it into two posts for easier reading.

Women and Gender in Comics:

Media Monday Spotlight – Jo Chen, Comic Artist

Exclusive: Addressing Issues - An Interview with Valerie D'Orazio

I did not work on Marvel’s Girl Comics and never even heard of it.

Is Donna Troy the first superhero to join the Justice League who doesn't even have a superhero name?

no question

Review: Graylight

Q&A #57 What legacy character would you invent, if given the chance?

Frederick native cartoons for a living

Th3rd World Hopes Artist Appeals to MORTAL INSTRUMENTS Fans

One reason why we love Dinah

Review: Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms

Tuesday quickies

This Week IN Comics: Three Remarkably Sexist Reasons Girls Should Read Comic Books

Cliff Chiang teams with actress Helen Slater for a Supergirl story

Psst … Marvel? This Name Is a Really Bad Idea

just because it's not a good band name

Carol's drinking

Male Bonding in Superhero Comics, Part 1: Old Friends, Teammates, and Frenemies

Two Lady Dangers

Hope Larson shows you how it's done

Straight for the art | Faith Erin Hick's Lost sketch

Ich bin ein Avenger #2: Spider-Woman

She-Hulk turns 30!

Location, Location, Location

All the World's a Stage for Zatanna Beginning In May

Children of Birds of Prey

This is a tiny game piece that features Aquaman’s wife vomiting acid blood.

brief thoughts on Marvel Heartbreakers

Contino leaves The Pulse; whither Comicon?

A Damn Scribbling Woman: an Interview with Jennifer K. Stuller about Ink-Stained Amazons

Gotham City Sirens #8 review & spoilers

A Look at Black Canary figures: Mattel vs DCD