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Friday, May 27th through Monday May 30th


'Akira' Director Leaves

Differently-Abled Comics

Kleefeld On Webcomics #17: Differently-Abled Comics

Female Action/ Superhero Movies

The “people won’t watch female action movies” myth

Green light women superhero movies

Matthew Vaughn, on X-Men: First Class

LGBTQ in comics

Exceptional Queer Male Media

Milestones In May

Rob Silverman

Geared Up

Justice League vs. Shadow Cabinet: When Worlds Collide

A Perspective on the Homoerotic Interpretation of Comic Book Characters


Where to go next for More Sports Manga

Cross Game Book 2

Gluey Tart: Lonesome, Ornery, and Mean

License request day: Adachi shôjo

Miss America

Miss America

Miss America (Ragnell)

POCs and Race in Comics

Characters of Colour in superhero comics - the men (part one)

To do: Marvels and Monsters

Ethnic Diversity in Comics

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon 101: Pretty, Powerful, And Pure Of Heart

Saturn stands, framed by stars

Chibiusa’s narration

Such epic womancing

Going to Analyze to SuperS episode where Mako was targeted now.

“The Fated Partner! Makoto’s Innocence!” Part 2

Continuing my analysis of “The Fated Partner! Makoto’s Innocence”.

Trigger warning for victim blaming in pic and being talked about in post

Sailor Jupiter

Mako looks out at the dance floor

Women and Gender in Comics

A chat with former Batgirl writer Barbara Randall Kesel: “I just wanted to read stories where the women didn’t embarrass me”

You know, Batman and Robin 24…

Yeah, i’m actually surprised there hasn’t been an issue yet

Memorial Day Market Monday

Is this more of what you had in mind for your White Queen?

Utilitarian Review 5/28/11

Return of the Revenge of the Bride of Gwog

Twi-hards, rest easy: The second graphic novel is on its way!

May Links: Priest, Thor, Fast Five, and other linkage

Hello I wanted to first say that

First, thank you for your great recommendations for young girls.

Female Friendships: Image Not Found?

Sue Richards.......

Don’t give a damn ‘bout my bad reputation

The Wonder Woman and "female genre product" debate

Wonder Woman - Not a joke, not that complicated

And Wonder Woman is very simply explained:

A clear romantic interest is apparently key to a female genre product

Oh god, he’s not even asking

I mean

Wonder Woman pilot

REVIEW: Wonder Woman Pilot

Wonder Woman pilot wasn’t that bad and neither were her shorts

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman in Batman the Brave and the Bold

What does she see in that man?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monday May 23rd to Wednesday May 25th

A Bride's Story:

*A Bride’s Story Book 1 — Recommended

A Bride’s Story, Vol. 1

Dwayne McDuffie:

Henderson Pays Tribute with "Static Shock Special"

Dwayne McDuffie on writing black characters

The Late Dwayne McDuffie on Writing Minority Characters in Comics

Comics: Dwayne McDuffie on Writing Minority Characters [Video]

Writing as a black person in comics and the rule of 3


Dammit, DC...

Worries About Post-Flashpoint Supergirl?

The Flashpoint Map - REALLY, DC?????

Jeffrey Catherine Jones:

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones: January 10, 1944 – May 19, 2011

Documentary about life of Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Jeffrey Catherine Jones: A Life Lived Deeply

LGBTQ in Comics:

Justice League vs. Shadow Cabinet: When Worlds Collide


What the Fans Say About the #comicmarket

Race, Ethnicity & PoC in Comics:

Blackwing and Troublemaker

Milestone and "Black Avengers"

Sailor Moon:

I talk way too much about Sailor Moon and sexual assault linkpost the first

I talk way too much about Sailor Moon and sexual assault linkpost the second (tw)

CONCLUDING THOUGHTS AT LAST: Sailor Moon and metaphors for sexual violence

In the manga, it sort of does look like

Static Shock:

Henderson Pays Tribute with "Static Shock Special"

The problem with having all comics icons: when I'm pissed at comics it still feels like they've won.

Twilight Manga:

Yen Press Announces October 2011 Release For Twilight Vol. 2 Manga

PR: Yen Press Unveils New Twilight Manga Cover

Women & Gender in Comics:

Zatanna #13

Mimi and Eunice: Misinformation Wants to Be Free

'Suicide Girls' Comic Book Gets Even Crazier, Begins Harvesting Tears [Review]

X-Men: First Class B-roll finally shows January Jones speaking as Emma Frost

Bonnie King Jones (Miss Arrowette)

Teenage Satan!

Review: Possessions, book two: The Ghost Table

Interview: Gina Gagliano

The Josei Alphabet: Q

Webcomics watch: Donna Barr’s A LITTLE DEATH

Wrap-Up Interview With James Peaty

People suck, and sometimes they suck at you because you’re a woman doing comics.

How did I miss that this was finally announced??

Gail Simone on comics, characters and Asheville

Henderson Pays Tribute with "Static Shock Special"

Fuck you, Marvel. God-FUCKING-damn you.

hahaha you do not get to be offended on behalf of all women

Not Very Fun at All

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman back on TV via Batman: The Brave and the Bold

I am done with people saying stripper or prostitute when discussing Wonder Woman’s costume

Clip of Wonder Woman from Batman: Brave and the Bold

Can Wonder Woman Be a Superdick? (Part 2)

Wonder Woman: What happened and why she is wearing shorts

When She's Bad, She.....Looks Really Good!

Wonder Woman Clip From Batman: The Brave And The Bold

Something cheerful

Monday, May 23, 2011

Friday, May 20th- Monday, May 23rd

Flashpoint World Map, Apes and Africa

Flashpoint world map sparks controversy

Race + Comics: DC Comics Monkeys Around Yet Again

It's settled

Is there a surprise villain in Flashpoint!!???

Glyph Awards

2011 Glyph Comics Awards Winners

2011 Glyph Comic Award Winners — Updated With Full List

Fist Stick Knife Gun, Unknown Soldier win Glyph Awards

Jeffrey Catherine Jones

ProFile Friday

Jeffrey Catherine Jones: The Good Draftsman

LGBTQ in Comics

Alpha Flight: Following The Northstar

The Teiresias Wars

Regarding A Cisgender Slur

The Power Within: Anti-Bullying Comic Book Raising Funds To Spread Positive Message

Artist Spotlight: Steve MacIsaac

Great Comics That Never Happened #23: SLASHPOINT


I talk way too much about Sailor Moon and sexual assault linkpost the first

Never sneak up on a sniper

BL Bookrack: May

“Two volumes in and they’ve already gotten further than Yuki and Luka."


Is Marvel Really “Dangerous”?

Not Strictly Comics

Race and Representation in Hollywood

Mirrors and windows (required reading about inclusion and diversity in publishing for young readers)

Database of Bechdel Test Movie Ratings

POC's and Race in Comics

That Is Wacker Than Wack

NuSpidey editorial breakdowns: It wouldn't be a complete comics fandom fail without some racefail

Preview: Power Man And Iron Fist #5

Women and Gender in Comics

Women in Comics: A Roundtable about the 'Geek Girl' Phenomenon

Women can find characters sexy too. It’s allowed

So can we talk

X-Factor #219

2011 August Marvel DRUNK Cover Solicits In Three Sentences or Less…

2011 August DC DRUNK Cover Solicits In Three Sentences Or Less…

Guess who met Gail Simone today!

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 018

3 Chicks” is back for another fun filled romp through our favorite comics

DC Comics to drop “bomb shells” June 11

Since you're answering age appropriate comics

I was wondering, because comics are often problematic

As Geoff johns tries to bring DC more into mainstream

Part of the reason Milestone was founded was to create

Did you ever read any of the comics from DC's Minx

I have a 6 year old daughter who has taken a strong

i have a 12 year old sister who has shown an interest

What do you want to happen post-Flashpoint

I know I've talked to you about her before, but I don't

New actors added to cast of Dark Knight Rises; I obsessively focus on one

What is Catwoman’s origin, anyways?

Happy Birthday Zatanna

Comic Shop Comics: May 4-11

All Nighter: Punk Rock, Petty Theft and Missing White Women [Full Issue]

Interview: Ben Hatke on Zita the Space Girl

Ninja Assassin: Love love love love love. And some more love.


Review: Supergirl #64

Girls have problems.. girls read comics.. comics.. about PROBLEMS!!

To Walk or Not to Walk: Barbara Gordon in Batman Beyond

Things We Saw Today: Pink Batgirl

Wonder Woman

Picture of TV Wonder Woman in Shorts Looks Exactly As You’d Expect

Is 'Wonder Woman' Cursed?

Quote of the day | Stop fussing about Wonder Woman and just do

Warner Bros. TV CEO on WONDER WOMAN’S future: ‘We haven’t given it a lot of thought.’

Flashfact: Wonder Woman disappears in new Flashpoint print ad

This is exactly why I say DC is being stupid about Wonder Woman.

It hurts to say this, but Steve Trevor is not a complete idiot.

In case you've been missing the Wonder Woman ranting

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Monday May 16th to Wednesday May 18th

Akira Casting:

Keanu Reeves Passes on ‘Akira’ And Other Updates

Keanu Reeves Passes On Akira

Exclusive: Keanu Reeves passes on Akira, now what?

Akira Pre-Production Halted for The Moment; Keanu Reeves Is Off the Project

Cassandra Cain:

Panel Of The Week – 5/11/11

Gates of Gotham #1: She’s back …


A must read: Gender and Flashpoint #1

On "Flashpoint" # 1: Sex & Gender & The Superhero Cross-Over

Pretty much why I’m not getting Flashpoint.

Is Flashpoint #1 Sexist?

Ghost Rider:

Ghost Rider's Gender Bender

the NEW Ghost Rider


Haruka and Michiru:

So I sort of had to split my Haruka and Michiru rambling into two posts

Continued *thoughts* on Haruka and Michiru

Level Up:

Gene Luen Yang on LEVEL UP: Career or video games?

The Secret Origins of Level Up

LGBTQ in Comics:

Gay Previews 7/2011

X-Factor wins GLAAD Media Award

Crowdfunder: The Pride by Dale Lazarov

[TW] a transcription of my emails with joe palmer, the guy that runs gayleague.com, the queer comics site


Tokyo government reveals restricted manga titles featuring icky stuff

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 5/18/11 — those snoopy Canadians!

Not Strictly Comics:

Badass Women of the Pulp Era

Gender Assumptions in Online Gaming Roles

Race, PoC, & Ethnicity in Comics:

Characters of Colour in superhero Comics - the women

Don't Half-Ass Your Racism

Coming of Age in Comics: American Born Chinese

Women & Gender in Comics:

Also I want to talk about his cissexism and transphobia.

I don’t know why I love this so much!

I really wish she got a chance to be Robin longer.

Remember how they remade The Hulk movie and still no one cared?

Letter to the editor in today’s Batman and Robin 23

My letter:

Batgirl #21

She Has No Head! – Joss Whedon’s Fray

Women In Comics: Marvel, April 27, 2011

Women In Comics: DC, April 27, 2011

Untitled Chester Brown Article

Jade Nguyen (Cheshire)

May: Spider-Girl, by Paul Tobin, Clayton Henry, et al.

Question of the Month: Who is your favorite sidekick?

Links: Boys don’t read?

Characters of Colour in superhero Comics - the women

Brightest Day (ooh I get a bit cross)

The Josei Alphabet: P

Review: Yotsuba&! v. 8-9

Women in Comics: Red Sonja and Power Girl - A New Hope?

Review: The New York Five

Two questions! :D
1) If you were head of marketing for DC, what would you change? How would you do it?

In Brightest Day, Darkest Night that Green Lantern chick’s costume is still right

Bristol Expo Roundup

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman Sales: #610 Down Just A Smidge

August 2011 Solicits: Wonder Woman #614

A Psychologist and A Superhero

Wonder Woman TV Show:


So we're back to frisson of woo.

'Wonder Woman' officially canned.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday, May 15th

Batman Inc

Chris Burnham talks a little about that surprise appearance in Batman, Inc. #6

A Batgirl Returns, in Batman Inc. #6

Crowdfunder: The Pride by Dale Lazarov

Anti-Bullying Project: Time Is Running Out

BoP #12: Huntress and Question are totally girlfriends

seriously though i mean the lack of queer comic characters except for mostly teen lesbians in marvel is one thing


TGIF–Back to the Beginning

Review: Claymore Vol 15 by Norihiro Yagi

Review: Wrapped by Jennifer Bradbury

Not Strictly Comics
Audiences Won't Go to See an Action Movie That Stars Women

POC's and Race in Comics

elliott, nicole, eris and i are sitting here trying to find out where lady shiva is from originally

Sailor Moon (Discussion of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune)

I find the Outer Senshi boring

Great now I have to go all opinions/analysis/contrariness for the sake of it

I know that “the author is dead” etc but part of what fascinates me about Haruka

So much of this

Just reblogging so everyone to read this

I’m just reblogging to address your input on Haruka and Michiru’s “stereotypical” roles.

No worries, I really just wanted to get it off my chest

On the subject of Haruka and Michiru


Goodbye Smallville- Erica Durance

On the finale of Smallville, a look back at some of the show’s women

Women and Gender in Comics

Paying for It

Superman: Sacrifice

Elizabeth “Liz” Allan Osborn

IGN Top 100 Super-Heroes

In all of these stories

Convention Report: Swedish SPX 2011

Love Among the Androids

Falling Behind Again

Wonder Woman TV show

NBC passes on Wonder Woman

NBC Turns Down David E. Kelley's 'Wonder Woman' TV Pilot

Wonder Woman update: Pilot probably won’t fly after all

Wonder Playmate

The Wonder Woman Pilot Has Not Been Picked Up For A Series

Wonder Woman Pilot Not Picked Up : Fans Receive News With Mixture Of Relief And Disappointment

Wonder Woman TV Series Canceled

NBC Says No To Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Flashpoint #1 - Don’t mess with the Amazons; new Flashpoint promotional item!

Flashpoint: Lois Lane & the Resistance #3

Wonder Woman: Bondage By Frank Miller And Bill Sienkiewicz, And How Way Off It Would Have Been

Bill Sienkiewicz on Wonder Woman: Bondage

It’s not the costume, stupid

Friday May 13th to Sunday May 15th

Wonder Woman Pilot Fails

Women And Gender In Comics
LBGTQ In Comics

Race, Ethnicity, and POCs In Comics

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Monday May 9th to Wednesday May 11th


Tetsu-whoa! Akira Rumor Round-Up

Alternate History: How Keanu Reeves Might Have Saved Akira – And Himself [Humor]

Batman Inc:


Today DC gets praise

Batman Inc. #6 shows “Internet 3.0-Barbara Gordon”


OTT I guess: less of a stupid and more of a 'what do?'

You know what confuses me most about how people pit female chars against each other?

See, I agree with most of it, but I feel like it’s unfairly silencing people.

That territory is why I said gendered insults for that situation

OR, as I said before, that to some people, Steph represents a big problem with modern comic books

Well, it looks like I fucked up again, and I apologize.

Off My Mind: What's Next For Cassandra Cain?

Faith Erin Hicks:

Just the Usual Superpowers: A Superhero Girl Collection

Creator Teams a Guys' Girl & a Ghost in FRIENDS WITH BOYS

Geek Girls:

I Am Woman, Hear Me Meander

You Really Shouldn't Have to Prove Your Nerd Credentials


LGBTQ in Comics:

seriously though i mean the lack of queer comic characters except for mostly teen lesbians in marvel is one thing

The Power Within to Overcome Bullying

New LGBT book- Celebrating Pride With Humor by Ed Karvoski Jr.

Steve MacIsaac's Shirtlifter explores the gay male relationships

Cruse-ing the Comics Scene: The Comics of Howard Cruse

Race, POCs, & Ethnicity in Comics:

“All up in the Kool-Aid and don’t know the flavor.”

The Color Of Change

When a coloring mistake means much more

New preview from DC reveals “white washing” mistake

Masked Identity Politics

Race and DC comics

Sailor Moon:

<3 <3 <3 probably my favorite part of the R manga.

Thisssss paaaaage. I can’t taaaake it.

Tim Drake's Sexuality:

why is it always tim’s queerness that people balk at.

Red Robin: Ignorant slash fangirls who refuse to face that facts as of right now.

Why is everyone fighting over Tim’s sexuality anyways?

Well, I don’t think the sentiment is that Tim must be read as Queer.

my current feelings on everyone fighting over Tim’s sexuality.

Tim Drake Drama? For Serious?

Thor Movie:

Something I really liked about the Thor movie...

Neopagans Object to Depiction of Fake Norse Gods in 'Thor'

Thor: If You Survive The First Half, You Might Like It

Open Movie Thread: Thor Scorecard, Conan & Colombiana Trailers, Tarantino vs. Slavery?

Pagans Split on Thor‘s Depiction of Norse Gods

Racism Still Alive, Lets Start Revealin It!!!

Women and Gender in Comics:

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 017

She Has No Head! – Caanan Grall’s Celadore

High school is Hell: Marsha and Candis Cooke talk TEENAGE SATAN

Review time! with An Elegy for Amelia Johnson

*Arisa Book 1 — Recommended

Coming of Age With First Second: Anya’s Ghost, Level Up, and Zita the Spacegirl

'Gingerbread Girl' Collects Coover & Tobin's Tale of a Wild and Crazy Lady [Preview]

Green Lantern Movie marketing campaign includes Amanda Waller’s personal blog

Bianca Reyes


Q&A #109: Who is your favorite mother in comics?

"In the early days of the comic industry, female readers were actually the majority of the audience

Gallery Time: Madeleine Rosca

One Good Thing And One Bad Thing About Red Sonja #56

Review: The Expectant Princess by Rin Ogata & Stella Bagwell

Manhunter: Street Justice

Lucy Knisley pays attention to Harry Potter

The Josei Alphabet: O

Genders and Robots

What's The Big Deal About Natsume Ono?

gonna rant about this until the day Wanda returns as an Avenger

McDonald’s Is At It Again With Dichotomous Gender Roles

Women In Comics: DC, April 20, 2011

Women In Comics: Marvel, April 20, 2011

Wonder Woman:

This scene pretty much sums up my problems with this movie

Wonder Woman Wednesday

The strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Athena, the speed of Mercury... the feminism of Diana

The Man Behind the Amazon

The Beginnings of the Myth

Wonder Woman's Cultural Impact

Diana as a Feminist Hero

Wonder Woman TV Show:

NBC Greenlights Wonder Woman?

First report from Wonder Woman screening - “way over the top violence”

Was Wonder Woman Picked Up For A Series?

Yaoi on the Kindle:

Kindle update: The return of Delivery Cupid

Kindle update: More disappearing manga

KINDLE Yaoi Censorship Updates [UPDATED]

Kindle Yaoi: No Bye, No Aloha

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday, May 8th

Akira Casting

The Americanized Akira Remake Might Star Keanu Reeves

Actor George Takei Talks “AKIRA” with CBC Radio

Black Avengers

Black Avengers? How Contrived!!!!!

Tony Stark doesn't care about black people.

Comics Industry Rep Accidentally Shows How Pop Culture Stays White

Geek Girls

The Anatomy of a Geek Girl: Dicks and False Dichotomies

Can you be a hot girl AND a nerd?


Review: Cupcake Diaries: Katie and the Cupcake Cure by Coco Simon

TCAF Travails: Black Eye confiscated by Canadian customs

One For All and All For One

Six to grow on

Robot Reviews | Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths

LGBT in Comics


Queer titles feted at Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Artist’s subversive side comes out

Amazon Pulls Yaoi From the Kindle

Lois Lane

Five Goofiest Moments in Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #105-109

Friday Night Fights: Repeat Rehash Revenge! - Round 4: Here Comes The Bride, She'll Tan Your Hide!

Friday Night Fights: Repeat Rehash Revenge! - Round 5: Dueling Loises!

Race and POC in Comics

Do It. Do it now.

I don't see what you DC

Women and Gender in Comics

Cup Size is not Characterization: Why Comic Books Are Confused

Women in Comics: Batwoman and the Revenge of the Supergirls

May minicomics roundup part 1

The Best and Worst Princesses In Comics

Slew of Reviews

The View From The Fence

ProFile Friday Lee Marrs (born September 5, 1945) is an American.

New Green Lantern Trailer

Free Comic Book Day 2011 offerings by ladies!

Single Ladies [Put A Utility Belt On It] Part 2: Cassandra Cain

(Later-than-usual) Linkarama@Newsarama

'Carbon Grey' Gives Khari Evans A Chance To Show His Stuff

General Disinterest

Habitual Interspecies Gorey

Things We Saw Today: Pixar Wars

Alternate Earths Mean Women Wear Helmets, Apparently

Happy Birthday, Adam Hughes

Jessica Campbell Jones-Cage (Jewel/Power Woman)

The Cipher 05/04/11: “A meeting in progress.”

Wonder Woman TV Show

FHM deconstructs the new Wonder Woman costume (Ed. Note: warning for typical sexism for this sort of mag)

A birthday present for the new Wonder Woman?

WWTV: NBC’s Wonder Woman Getting Good Buzz?

Wonder Woman

Is this the way to make Wonder Woman work on the big screen?

Why Wonder Woman Annoys Me

Wonder Woman delivers for MAC cosmetics

Diana's girlfriends are canon

Women in Comics: Wonder Woman and the Attack of the Code

That time that Frank Miller pitched a book called Wonder Woman: Bondage

philnoto: THOR and SIF - In honor of

Kevin Feige explains how Thor updates Marvel’s ‘reactionary’ women

Natalie Portman in ‘Thor’ not your average female role

Superman and American Citizenship

Citizen "S"

Sailor Moon

So Usagi comes back after saving everyone from being kidnapped

Mako reminds Usagi

She really looks up to Usagi and wants to be like her

While Usagi's off fighting a planet...

Mother and daughter reunite at last

Serenity's just like "We're not even assigning..."

“Now you and I can both use our powers to protect this..."

And now that she's officially entered the legacy, her...

oh hey what are Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask doing?

Then of course Chibiusa

Neo Queen Serenity

Here we are at the end

But Usagi

A final splash

Final Postcript

Post script 1

Post Script 2