Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday, May 8th

Akira Casting

The Americanized Akira Remake Might Star Keanu Reeves

Actor George Takei Talks “AKIRA” with CBC Radio

Black Avengers

Black Avengers? How Contrived!!!!!

Tony Stark doesn't care about black people.

Comics Industry Rep Accidentally Shows How Pop Culture Stays White

Geek Girls

The Anatomy of a Geek Girl: Dicks and False Dichotomies

Can you be a hot girl AND a nerd?


Review: Cupcake Diaries: Katie and the Cupcake Cure by Coco Simon

TCAF Travails: Black Eye confiscated by Canadian customs

One For All and All For One

Six to grow on

Robot Reviews | Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths

LGBT in Comics


Queer titles feted at Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Artist’s subversive side comes out

Amazon Pulls Yaoi From the Kindle

Lois Lane

Five Goofiest Moments in Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane #105-109

Friday Night Fights: Repeat Rehash Revenge! - Round 4: Here Comes The Bride, She'll Tan Your Hide!

Friday Night Fights: Repeat Rehash Revenge! - Round 5: Dueling Loises!

Race and POC in Comics

Do It. Do it now.

I don't see what you DC

Women and Gender in Comics

Cup Size is not Characterization: Why Comic Books Are Confused

Women in Comics: Batwoman and the Revenge of the Supergirls

May minicomics roundup part 1

The Best and Worst Princesses In Comics

Slew of Reviews

The View From The Fence

ProFile Friday Lee Marrs (born September 5, 1945) is an American.

New Green Lantern Trailer

Free Comic Book Day 2011 offerings by ladies!

Single Ladies [Put A Utility Belt On It] Part 2: Cassandra Cain

(Later-than-usual) Linkarama@Newsarama

'Carbon Grey' Gives Khari Evans A Chance To Show His Stuff

General Disinterest

Habitual Interspecies Gorey

Things We Saw Today: Pixar Wars

Alternate Earths Mean Women Wear Helmets, Apparently

Happy Birthday, Adam Hughes

Jessica Campbell Jones-Cage (Jewel/Power Woman)

The Cipher 05/04/11: “A meeting in progress.”

Wonder Woman TV Show

FHM deconstructs the new Wonder Woman costume (Ed. Note: warning for typical sexism for this sort of mag)

A birthday present for the new Wonder Woman?

WWTV: NBC’s Wonder Woman Getting Good Buzz?

Wonder Woman

Is this the way to make Wonder Woman work on the big screen?

Why Wonder Woman Annoys Me

Wonder Woman delivers for MAC cosmetics

Diana's girlfriends are canon

Women in Comics: Wonder Woman and the Attack of the Code

That time that Frank Miller pitched a book called Wonder Woman: Bondage

philnoto: THOR and SIF - In honor of

Kevin Feige explains how Thor updates Marvel’s ‘reactionary’ women

Natalie Portman in ‘Thor’ not your average female role

Superman and American Citizenship

Citizen "S"

Sailor Moon

So Usagi comes back after saving everyone from being kidnapped

Mako reminds Usagi

She really looks up to Usagi and wants to be like her

While Usagi's off fighting a planet...

Mother and daughter reunite at last

Serenity's just like "We're not even assigning..."

“Now you and I can both use our powers to protect this..."

And now that she's officially entered the legacy, her...

oh hey what are Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask doing?

Then of course Chibiusa

Neo Queen Serenity

Here we are at the end

But Usagi

A final splash

Final Postcript

Post script 1

Post Script 2

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