Thursday, May 05, 2011

Monday May 2nd to Wednesday May 4th

Akira Movie Casting:

Is Hollywood guilty of "whitewashing"?

Casting Controversy Over Big-Screen ‘Akira’

The casting of Akira: The kids speak!

Should A White Person Star In “Akira”?

Actor George Takei Talks “AKIRA” with CBC Radio

Comics Fans & Demographics:

Who Are the Comic Book Fans on Facebook?

Who Are Comic Book Fans?

Who Are the Comic Book Fans on Facebook?

Monday Runaround – Over A Million Comic Fans, Five Percent Openly Gay

Geek Girls:

Having Tits and Liking Spider-Man Isn’t Shocking Anymore

Hot actresses: "We're nerds just like you"

So today I’ve seen two posts written by women, bashing on other women who are “fake” nerds, because they happen to admit to liking “nerd stuff”…

Do You and Other Words of Wisdom About Female Geekery

Mean Girls

The question of ghettoization…

Nerdy Girls

What is a Geek? Do Attractive Geek Girls Need to Prove Themselves?

05.04.11 My response to “geek girl” gate

Geek Girl On The Street Reports: Synthesis Writer Zooey Mae Needs To STFU

A Call To Action - For The Boobs Of Jill Pantozzi And All Geek Girls Everywhere!

Hey, That's My Cape! - I'm a Geek, Girl (& You Can Too!)

Kittens and Carbonite: This Nerd is Irritated.

LGBTQ in Comics:

Previews for Gays May 2011

To Fight Injustice and Serve All Mankind: Prism Comics


Archie Comics' Kevin Keller: Gay Son of a Loving, Military Dad


The Green Hornet: Sins of the Father Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Preview: Colin Upton’s DIABETES FUNNIES

Not Strictly Comics:

Jimquisition’s Take on Sexism in Games: A Great Big Flat Joke

From Quake to StarCraft 2: The Female Avatar or Lack Thereof

The Smurfette Principle Explained

The Smurfette Principle [Includes transcript for the youtube video!]

Hope for the Future: A Little Girl Who Hates Gender Stereotyping

Race, Ethnicity, & POCs in Comics:


Poignant Panels: Lois Lane

Race + Comics: When is Diversity ‘Contrived’?

Comics Industry Rep Accidentally Shows How Pop Culture Stays White

Sailor Moon:

so a few things

So, a lot of things people seem to misinterpret in Sailor Moon is the whole Usagi/Chibiusa/Mamoru triangle thing

Now we’re getting into the jealousy territory.

Right, so as I said, Usagi and Mamoru’s relationship is barely off the ground,

Also recall how much stress Usagi is under.

Things get hot and heavy as Mamoru assures Usagi he only wants her

And basically this is the realization that just hit Usagi

See, here Usagi admits she knows she’s being irrational and she understands that Mamoru would feel protective of his child

And so we have Chibusa go over her hardships.

Chibiusa is majorly insecure that she’ll never be able to live up to her mother

Teenage Satan:

'Teenage Satan' Webcomic is the Cutest Kind of Heresy [Video]

Teenage Satan: It’s all in the family

Teenage Satan, new webcomic from Buscema and Cookes

Hell, Yeah! All-Female Creative Team Reveals Teenage Satan Comic

EXCLUSIVE! Boston Comic Con - Teenage Satan Revealed

Teenage Satan hits Boston

I’ll be a Teenage Satan Worshipper

Women and Gender in Comics:

She Has No Head! – Caanan Grall’s Celadore

Mother and Maiden: Pregnancy and Abortion

Lady Thor Corset Cosplay: How to Make Ming Doyle's 'Thorset'

Review: Delirium’s Party: A Little Endless Storybook

Batman Brave and the Bold “Scorn of the Star Sapphires” is filled with kick ass DC women

Martha Clark Kent

Q&A #108: What comic book character would make a good girlfriend?

Comic Judgment: The New York Five

Little Stories, Big Ideas

CBR’s Top 250 Writers and Artists

Supergirl with wings

Cat Grant

Renee Montoya in DC Comics

Ladies First: Barbara Gordon

White Hair, Blue Eyes, and Black(ish) Skin: A History of Storm in Comic Book Covers

The few looks of cosplay Black Widow

Overthinking Things 05/03/2011: 40 Years of the Same Damn Story, Part 2

From the stack: Ai Ore! vol. 1

Upcoming 5/4/2011

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Katie Omberg

01.May.2011 Mini Documentary: WOMEN in COMICS

Graphic Content: We’re talking about boobs

Catwoman and Cleopatra: Inkblots of an Age

Book Review: Glamor Girls

Wonder Woman:

Jaimie Alexander Could Have Been Wonder Woman

Happy Thoughts

That time that Frank Miller pitched a book called Wonder Woman: Bondage

Wonder Woman TV Show hopes dim says LA Times

Jaimie Alexander could have been Wonder Woman

Yaoi on Kindle:

Amazon removing some yaoi titles from Kindle store.

YAOI NEWS: KINDLE Bans Some Yaoi Titles

Too hot for Kindle? Amazon pulls yaoi from Kindle store

CALL TO ACTION: Tell Amazon NO to KINDLE Censorship

Amazon Pulls Yaoi Works From Kindle Store

Bigotry Strikes the Kindle Store

Amazon Pulls Yaoi Manga From Kindle Store

Amazon Takes Down Several Yaoi Titles From U.S. Kindle Store

Breaking: Amazon pulling yaoi from Kindle store

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