Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 19th, 2008

Robin 173 (Nevermore999) (Spoilers)
Comic nerd ahoy` (Rebellious Jezebel)

"Age no barrier for graphic fiction followers" All it needs is a sign in the window: NO Women. NO Kids (Richard Bruton)

NPR on Catwoman (Caleb)
Sexy and powerful, and wearing a cat suit (Kevin Melrose)

What’s Wrong With This Picture? (Colleen Doran)

Too Sexy for Mutant X (Colleen Doran)

Yaoi House future clouded (Heidi MacDonald)

I can’t get into it. Sorry (David Brothers)
One of these things is a lot like the other things (Kevin Melrose)

Trying To Maybe Start A New Day... (Kevin Huxford)

Broadening one's point of view (Adalisa)

Beware of Buyer's Remorse (Anon, A Mouse)

No Playboy Bunnies for DC Comics (Pink Raygun)

The Secret That Made Spider-Man A Killer (Graeme McMillan)

Occasional Thoughts: Deja Vu All Over Again (Occasional Superheroine)

What the heck is wrong with Nemesis? (Ragtime)

Did the wives of the Justice Leaguers ever go up to the sattelite station on their own? (Avi Green)

Comics (Za)

Planetes: When anime gets it right. (R.E. Silvera)

Comics in Color (Hero Sandwich)

DC: In Your Justice League Makin' Your Heroes WHITE (Avalon's Willow)
Vixen/JLA: The "Halle Berry Defense" (Occasional Superheroine)
Newsarama: Breeding Ground Of Stupid? You Decide. (Avalon's Willow)
The actual text in this entry MAY BE OPTIONAL. (Kali)

Tenshi Ja Nai (Tangognat)

Good Blog Spotlight: Digital Femme
(Kevin Huxford)

Strangers in Paradise wins GLAAD award (Kevin Melrose)

Fast Thoughts For 03/19/08 ("Starman" Matt Morrison)

Kurt Kritiques (Don MacPherson)

No, Really, There Has Got To Be Another Way To Read This. (Mad Thinker Scott)

And now for something a little different: something that brings me joy (Samantha)

Attention Carney Folk: Don't Hire Marvel Editors! (Mad Thinker Scott)

Well, BOP used to be awesome, once (Samantha)