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San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Recap (Episode II: Attack of the Princess Naked)

Should Anime Conventions Screen For Sex Offenders? Do We Really Have to Ask?

DC Comics:

Let me put it this way

DC Comics Reaffirms Commitment To Female Creators And Characters


Women in Comics: DC versus Women - Everybody Wins!

A DC Comics Dramatic Event That Makes Me Like Everyone Involved

L.A. Banks:

L. A. Banks has passed.

L. A. Banks Loses Battle with Adrenal Cancer

Honor the memory of L.A. Banks

Laurence Fishburne as Perry White:

Laurence Fishburne Cast as Perry White in MAN OF STEEL

Fear Of A Black Perry White?

The many faces of Superman’s Perry White

Laurence Fishburne to Play 'Daily Planet' Editor Perry White in 'Man of Steel'

Laurence Fishburne Cast in Man of Steel as Perry White

"Man of Steel" Hype: Larry Fishburne and a Super-Suit

LGBTQ in Comics:

The Power Within Anti-Bullying Comic From Northwest Press Featured in Towleroad and Bleeding Cool!

5th annual Summer Reading Guide

Loud, Proud, Tights and a Cape

The Legend of Hedgehog Boy

Comic-Book Industry Takes “It Gets Better” To The Printed Page With Anti-Bullying Comic

Unleash your Power Within!

He’s Not Just A Bear, He’s Wuvable Oaf!

Lois Lane:

Mary H.K. Choi on the Super Powers of Lois Lane

Lois Lane Watch for the Week of August 3rd

I Love Ya But You’re Strange – There’s Always an Amnesiac Around When You Need One

Review: Flashpoint Lois Lane And The Resistance #2

The last word on Superman...


The Case for #comicmarket and #comicretail

August: Stan Lee’s How to Draw Comics by Stan Lee

SDCC ’11 | Listen to 15 panels and the Eisner Awards

The Man of Steel schools a Tea Party fink. June 1952.

Nancy Silberkleit:

Archie co-CEO accuses company of smear campaign

The Other Shoe Drops in Archie CEO Battle

Not Strictly Comics:

Will Rocket Join Young Justice?

The People You Meet When You Write About Race

Gender Bent Justice League to the Rescue!

Superhero Movies

Numbers on Women in Comics:

The DCnU's Female Troubles: Was Lack of Creators Overblown?

Newsarama’s Vaneta Rogers Does Not Care For My Stats OR Hey, I Got Mentioned By Name On Newsarama!!

Race, Ethnicity, & POC in Comics:

Hey, That's My Cape! – Comic Books, Race, Change, & Hate

Can comics that don’t star white men sell?

a jim lee joint

On Obama in Flashpoint...

First round's on me.

L. A. Banks has passed.

#2: Krazy Kat, George Herriman

Race and Diversity in comics

As a fairly young African American living here in the US it’s disheartening to read such negativity from people who are supposed to be fans.

Sailor Moon:

Wow, girlsbydaylight said everything I wanted to say about Mamoru

ngl this is one of my favorite pages of the manga


#288 “Changing Ways” and “Heroic: A Womanthology”

Womanthology: A Modern Cinderella Story – The Dirk Manning Interview

Female comic creators team up for "Womanthology"


Women & Gender in Comics:

How Sexism Operates in Comics

Sarah Leavitt talks about her Alzheimer’s memoir Tangles

Goodbye, Secret Six (Please Come Back Soon)

Do More Women Create Work for Younger Readers?

I Love Ya But You’re Strange – Kissing Cousins?


ComicsAlliance Reviews 'Catwoman' (2004), Part One

Power Artist: Amanda Conner

DC Relaunch: Nicola Scott And James Robinson’s JSA #1?

Happy 100th Birthday Jackie Ormes!!

LMC Tells You What To Read #2

I now have a big ol' list of Swedish lady creators...

Your Weekly Link Allocation, Citizen

Green Lantern Corps #62

Review: Hera

Review: Dork Diaries: Tales of a Not-So-Talented Pop Star

New Blog: No More Invisible Girls

Q&A #121: In honor of the Captain America movie, who is your favorite character (other than Steve Rogers) in the Captain America mythos?

Rita Farr Dayton (Elasti-Girl/Elasti-Woman)

First round's on me.

L. A. Banks has passed.

Possible Spoiler: Just who is Marion Cotillard playing in The Dark Knight Rises?

The all-female DC Comics’ team book that wasn’t


Women in Comics – Janet Lee

Gabrielle Bell Completes Daily Comic Project, We Award Her This Gift of “Major Props”

Upcoming 8/3/2011

The Josei Alphabet: Z

Gabrielle Bell finishes monthlong comics event

See Junko Mizuno’s original art for Cinderalla

Women in Comics Spotlight: Holly Golightly

Debra “Deb” Whitman

Wonder Woman:


The point of contention still is, as it always was, that people are getting tired of seeing all of the female leads drawn with body language and uniforms that make them appear less heroic, powerful, legitimate, and all-around able to be taken seriously than their male counterparts.


Has DC been getting Wonder Woman wrong for 15 years now?

Ivan Reis NYCC poster offers more evidence to the pants/no pants mystery!

And more on the no pants/pants

Parting Shot: The Justice League -- Without Pants

Wonder Woman pilot


The 12 Labors of Wonder Woman - Part 10

Of course that is not to suggest the clothes are necessarily what make a character appear powerful or not, but I’d like to think most people can spot a pose designed to show off a character’s strength versus one chosen to make them appear more sexually appealing.

Things We Saw Today: Nobody Gets Pants (Except for Wonder Woman)

When male Justice Leaguers strike a (Wonder Woman) pose

I hate the way Finch drew and posed Wonder Woman on the cover of Justice League.

Wonder Woman by Sarah Pichelli

Many Links on Miles Morales, Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man:

Half-black, half-Hispanic Spider-Man revealed

Fear Of A Black Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Other Moments of Comics Discrimination (One in a Series of I Don’t Know How Many)

got the internet goin’ nuts: spider-man, racism, manga, & peanuts

Marvel Comics reveals the new Spider Man is black - and he could be gay in the future

Educating Larry

Grumpy-Man, Grumpy-Man, Does Whatever A Grumpy Can

My Bigot-Sense is Tingling

He’s Red and Blue

New Ultimate Spider-Man Is Back In (Half) Black [SPOILER]

No, The New Spider-Man Is Not Gay. Not That There Would Be Anything Wrong With That.

Can I kick it?

Do not click unless you want to see the new Ultimate Spider-Man

Meet the New 'Ultimate Spider-Man' [SPOILERS]

Why The New Spider-Man Matters

Marvel Introduces the New Ultimate Spider-Man

Donald Glover Inspires The New Black/Hispanic Spider-Man, Miles Morales = COMMUNITY QUOTE TIME!!!

Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man Announcement: Could Spidey Be African-American?

The New Ultimate Spider-Man Is Revealed

No, Peter Parker Isn’t Dead, Black, Or Gay: Media Blatantly Attempts To Gin Up Outrage Over ‘New Spider-Man’

Marvel announces new Ultimate Spider-Man of a different color [SPOILERS]

Truth is dumber than fiction as Glenn Beck unravels Spidey conspiracy

How Donald Glover finally secured the role of Spider-Man

Quote of the day | The appropriateness of Marvel’s new Spider-Man

New Spider-Man

Media decide new Spider-Man also may be gay

Why the new Spider-Man matters

ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN: BLACK LIKE ME (Miles Morales) - Black Nerd Rants [Video]

How The Media Reacted To News Of A Non-White Spider-Man

Drudge Report Thinks New Spider-Man 'Could Be Gay,' Glenn Beck (and Colbert) Protest Diversity

Dear jackasses whining about non-white Spider-Man

Marvel Unveils New Look for Ultimate Spider-Man, Hints at Character's Future


'Spider-Man' to get a new costume, hero

No Commentary On This

Taiwanese animators tackle Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man

Glenn Beck: "Half-Black Half-Hispanic Gay Spider-Man" Looks Like Obama

MILES MORALES & ME: Why the new biracial Spider-Man matters

More comments on Multi-Culti-Ultimate Spidey from Colbert, Taiwanese animation, actual mixed race man

I don't get it...

New ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment

Marvel's Mixed Race "Ultimate Spider-Man"

Finally, a Spider-Man nobody is allowed to joke about

Meet The New Spider-Man!

Glenn Beck Wants A Whiter Spider-Man

Spider-Man Spins a New Secret Identity

New Ultimate Spider-Man Is Half-Black, Half-Latino

Jenny Swensen and Miles Morales: Let Me Editorialize At You

Your NEW friendly neighborhood Spider-man

Spiderman Updated

The new Spider-Man will be a half-black half-Hispanic teenager

Spiderman Gets a Socially-Conscious Makeover

New ‘Spider-Man’ Swinging Into Comic Book Shops Following Death Of Peter Parker

New Spider-Man unmasked; Multi-cultural teen Miles Morales

New Spider-Man Revealed In ‘Ultimate Comics Fallout #4′

New Spider-Man, Miles Morales, is half-black, half-Hispanic (Photo)

Marvel Comics unveil their new Spider-Man (who isn’t Peter Parker)

Black-Latino Spiderman Miles Morales Takes the Ultimate Marvel Stage

New Spider-Man is half-black, half-Latino nerd

New Spider-Man is half-Latino

Meet the New (Ultimate) Spider-Man

Glenn Beck’s Newest Conspiracy: Spiderman is Black & Hispanic Which is Michelle Obama’s fault

The New Ultimate Spider-Man: Daring Risk Or Diversity Run Wild?

Miles Morales - the new mixed-race Spider-Man

Entertainment News: Biracial Spider-Man [Video]

Race Matters: Spider-Man Is Black And Latino Now But… He Might Be Gay Too!

In Pictures: Hot new Spiderman is Black, Hispanic, Hot

Spider Man‘s Mask Comes to new Racial face: Multi disciplinary in nature

The New Ultimate Comics Spider-Man Is A Pop Culture Phenomenon!

Donald Glover will get to be Spider-Man after all (sort of)

The New, Improved, and Politically Correct Spiderman

Ultimate Spider-Man 2 Revealed to be Black-Hispanic

New Spider-Man Comic Debuts With a Twist

Glenn Beck Blames Michelle Obama For Blatino Spider-Man. LOL Wut?

Marvel Denies New Spider-Man Is Gay

‘Spiderman’ new mixture Hispanic – Black

A black Spiderman

Marvel Reveals New Multi-Racial Spider-Man

Why is Ultimate Spider Man black?

Beck blames Michelle Obama for new bi-racial Spider-Man

New Ultimate Spider-Man Is Half-Black, Half-Latino

Marvel debuts half-black, half-Hispanic Spider-Man

The New Spider-Man Is A Mixed-Race Kid From Brooklyn

Marvel Introduces Biracial Spider-Man [Video]

New Spider-Man is black teen from New York

Marvel Comics reveals the new Spider-Man is black

Behind Spider-Man’s mask — a new, multi-racial face

Behind Spider-Man’s mask — a new, multi-racial face

Marvel Unveils New Mixed Race Spider-man To Replace Peter Parker

New Spider-Man is half-black, half-Hispanic

Spider-Man Is Starting to Look More Like Donald Glover

Voices & Vibes: Biracial Spider-Man could start a trend with super heroes

New Spider-Man is racially diverse, Marvel comics is run by a bunch of assholes.

Race Matters: Spider-Man 2 Is Black And Latino Now But He Might Be Gay Too!

New Spider Man is Black Man

Spider-Man Is Now A Half Latino, Half African American (Possibly Gay) Man

New 'Spider-Man' Gets An Afro-Latino Twist

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The SDCC Special Edition


Gender Bent Justice League: It’s “More Than A Group Cosplay”

Can A Woman Lead Two Lives? Awesome Two-Face Cosplay

I meet a lot of awesome little kids at conventions, and honestly, they are one of my favourite parts of those weekends.

San Diego Comic-Con Cosplay Spotlight: Gender Bent Justice League

DC Comics:

DC Female Creators at SDCC: Table for One, Redux

'Justice League' Panel: Ryan Choi, Power Girl, Diversity, Batman on Two Teams [Comic-Con]

DC can't find female creators: sign this to help them out!

DC Comics: Hire More Women-- Here's A Few To Get You Started

Petition: DC - Hire More Women

Reblog if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Dan Didio.

It’s not my story to recount, but a friend of mine was once visiting a friend of ours who worked at DC at the time

Going to have to disagree.

In regards to my “Reblog if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Dan Didio” post.

I Was The Batwoman At The Sunday DC Panel

I’m a huge fan of the original Question, and I’m pissed.

Sexism, Courage, and Heroism: truth to power isn’t bullying

A Statement of Purpose

Answering Dan DiDio: The Problem With Having Only 1% Female Creators at DC Comics

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

A Sample Letter To A Retailer

Rules Of Engagement

We Want the Best, How Should We Have Hired?

Women in Comics

Women in Comics: The New 2 and the Batgirl of San Diego

I’m pretty sure the creators can help what gender the characters are.

Gender doesn’t matter, you say?  Well!

DC at SDCC: Being Rude to the People Who Pay You (Part 1, Thursday)

DC at SDCC: A Lesson in Good Business Strategy (Part 2, Friday)

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 022

DC Comics contact information - tell them how you feel about Dan Didio’s recent behavior

So, wait a second.

I agree with hiring for quality, rather than any other factor.

This is an audio clip of Dan Didio at SDCC.

Why even go to a public place like SDCC and then ask for fan questions if you had some serious ego-bruising topics you wanted to avoid at all costs?

Oh, DiDio, as much as I love to see a man like you squirm, I wish the satisfaction were coming from something else.

If you didn’t know, DC Comics is going from 12% female creators to -50% (female to male gender reassignment) with their new 52-themed relaunch in September.


hey dan didio hire me i’m good at giving people advice and i could give you some

This is a good idea, but the point has been made elsewhere that complaining to DC directly, at whatever level, is unlikely to have much effect (though one should certainly speak up anyway so that they can’t claim ignorance).

DC Comics contact information - tell them how you feel about Dan Didio’s recent behavior

The only way Lois is a trophy wife is if they mean that she brings her trophies, such as Pulitzers, into the marriage.

DC Comics SDCC panels: uncomfortable questions about female creators/characters

A comment about the post about DC’s SDCC panels

New details on Simone’s Batgirl

An Interview with the Batgirl of the SDCC panels

How to Handle DC Comics If You’re Unhappy With Them

This is one of the rewards from Womanthology’s Kickstarter (currently at $69,139 with 10 days left!)

The Batgirl of San Diego: Diversity in the DC Universe

"Where are the women?"

The Hard Numbers Say There are Less Female Characters in the DCnU As Well

I was thinking about all the conversations regarding women working in comics at DC this past week, post-SDCC.

A Letter To Time-Warner

Womanthology, and Batgirl speaks out

SCOOP: What really happened at the infamous Dan DiDio/Hire More Women incident

We hear you

DC Comics makes statement on female characters, creators

Ha! Forgive me being cynical, but I’m feeling this all like ‘cover our lady-hatin’ butts with slick and appeasing press release so them uppity womens shuts the fuck up’. 

This is nice, but pretty much the bare minimum, if that.

Look, I think it’s great DC acknowledged the women creators thing

Good Work DC!! More Female Characters And Creators Are Coming

Batgirl’s one-woman crusade yields results: Lee and DiDio acknowledge quest for diversity

As Goes Lian Harper, So Goes.......?

Why Grant Morrison doesn’t understand Lois Lane and Clark Kent

Grant Morrison on Superman’s costume: “A 17 year old wouldn’t want to wear a suit his mother knitted”

Quick thoughts on Supergirl art at SDCC

Link: Interview with the Batgirl of the SDCC “DC New 52″ panels

DC to readers: “We Hear You”

SDCC ’11 | Listen to Dan DiDio respond to the fan who told DC to “hire women”

Lee, DiDio on female creators, characters: “We hear you”

Why the DCnU will not succeed like it should.

SDCC ’11 | Lady Luck revealed as mystery Justice League member

How Batgirl took on DC Comics: the anatomy of a PR crisis

My (*possibly wildly inaccurate) Armchair Analysis of the Comics Industry

Fantastic news still dripping in from San Diego!

Hawk and Dove are currently members of Birds of Prey, which is to say, they are characters currently associated with and enjoyed by fans of Gail Simone.

Project: DCnU Ladyprojects

DC Comics SDCC panels: uncomfortable questions about female creators/characters

SDCC: On the return of Ryan Choi, the existance of Cass Cain, And More!

The Batman Panel: Jason Todd's Hair Color, Batgirl's Age and Fighting Delays [Comic-Con]

Yes, Actually, I Do

Comic-Con announcement reaction-o-rama!

'DC: The New 52': Wonder Woman's Pants and the Final Fate of Wally West [Comic-Con]

'DC: The New 52' - Teen Titans Live, Lady Luck, Female Creators and 'Batman: Odyssey'

Jim Lee Draws Wonder Woman Without Pants, Asks Dan DiDio to Make Up His Mind [Video]

'We Hear You': DC Comics Responds to Concerns About Few Female Creators

Newest female member of the JLI is finally identified

SDCC Day One: why I’m kinda sad

Interesting tidbits from the Justice League panel

Women of Comic Con talk about Wonder Woman

Women in the DCnU - more or less? Why it matters and who cares?

New art, new insight into the design of Batwoman

The DCU Relaunch: Tough On Female Creators, Tough On Female Characters?

DC Co-Publishers on Female Creators: “We Hear You”

Women in Comics: The New 52 and the Batgirl of San Diego

on voodoo, ron marz, black women, & comics [somebody call sandman sims]

So just to recap all the SDCC stuff

This post is called “Nev has quit DC and has anime and manga instead and is a happier person"

This is so fucking vile I want to throw up and cry.

hey you

DC Comics Listens To Batgirl, Makes Changes

A Follow Up to the DCWKA Interview, Part 1: Female Creators - Counterpoint

This is from Gotham Central 32.

A woman is in charge of Didio now with Time-Warner, right?

It's Official Guys

DC Clarifies Stance on Female Creators & Characters

Dwayne McDuffie:

The Comic Con Shuffle Part 3, by Michael Davis – Straight No Chaser #228

S.D. Comic-Con News: The Dwayne McDuffie Tribute That Wasn’t


So why this is A Thing

Don’t Touch Me: Harassment at San Diego Comic Con

Love Advice for Nerds


“A fan asked why all of the Marvel Studios movies so far have starred white male characters.

SDCC 2011: Women of Marvel

Marvel developing female led TV properties


Prism Comic-Con 2011 Wrap-Up!

Glee Updates, Archie‘s Gay Wedding, Lesbian Batwoman Finally Arrives And Other Gay News From Comic-Con 2011

Comic-Con 2011: LGBT Writers, Artists Win Big (SLIDESHOW)


Archie's Gay Character Kevin Keller to Get Married, Have Ongoing Comic Series [Comic-Con]

Race, Ethnicity, & PoC:

Quick question:’s San Diego Comic Con Panel!

The Extra-Large Racialicious Guide To San Diego Comic-Con 2011, Part I

The Extra-Large Racialicious Guide To San Diego Comic-Con 2011, Part II and co-hosting a panel at Comic Con 2011!

Black Hollywood Descends Upon Comic-Con 2011

Women & Gender:

Ladies Winning Eisner Awards

Yes, Actually, I Do

Comic-Con: TV's 6 Most Wanted Women

Oh, You Sexy Geek! Panel Recap from the Ink-Stained Amazon

SDCC 2011: Panel Report: "Oh You Sexy Geek"