Sunday, January 11, 2009

Special Edition: More on that men/women thing...

Cootie-Free Zone, No Girls Allowed

Look, If You Don't Need More Female Superheroes, Send Them Over HERE, Dude.

Why can't I stop listening to this song?  (Comments)


god-damned cold.

Woman don’t need superheros? Oh, it’s on now, bub

There's yet another small internet kerfl

And Now For A Moment Of Rage

I'm just a girl.

out of the bubble

Men are from Yang; Women are from Yang, too, just a different part

Josh Tyler: Jerk of the Year?

Girls hate comics. I know because a guy told me!

Female Superheroes: Why I hope it doesn't happen

Yanno . . .

Why so defeatist?

Apparently we shouldn't have female superheroes

If we’re talking crap comic book superhero films: Dolph Lundgren Punisher must be spoken


Ladies in Your Face: I'd Like to Go Kill Bill on His Ass

January 11th, 2009

She’s Always a Wonder Woman

My boyfriend and I went to see "The Spirit" because we are stupid ...

Gender-Bending: The Female Analogue in Comics

Upcoming Elektra miniseries!

Where Are All the Female Heroes and Superheroes?

Oh Wizard... XD

“Females” vs. “Heroes”

Girl Power (Where are the Female Super Heroes?)

Principles Action Research: Superhero Decadence: Liberalism in Comic Books

The Lost Ten Commandments of Comics


Experiment: Beautiful Dreamer

Top 10 Fat Superheroes

Sandman: It was a dark and stormy nightmare...

Who is the new Black Panther? And who cares who she is?

Black Female Superheroes

No, "angry lesbian" does not a character make.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Special Edition: "We don't need another hero, at least not one who is female and super...."

Why the Comic-Book Movie Industry Needs a Female Superhero

We Need More Female Superheroes!

Wonder Women: It’s Time For A Female Superhero Flick

It’s time for a superheroine

Female superhero fight!

Dude Says "We Don't Need More Female Superheroes," I Say Bullshit
Dude Says "We Don't Need More Female Superheroes," I Say Bullshit (One-sentence response)

Super Women

Who could be Wonder Woman?

We do need superheroines too

Show Them The Money

Why the Comic-Book Movie Industry Needs a Female Superhero

[New Title Pending]: On Female Superheroes or Vaginas Are Not Evil

So, is he saying that I don't exist, or that I'm a weirdo?

You do realize you're embarrassing yourself in public, right?

Fan Rant: Women, You Don't Care About Superheroes

To be (a Hero) or not to be.

I just posted, who cares, this guy is a moron.

The Most Sexist Idiot Of The Week Award Goes To...

That middle section turned out longer than I expected....

just a tiny bit of griping

For completion's sake, here's the two previously linked:
We Don't Need More Female Superheroes

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits

January 9th Regular Edition

Authorial Intent, That Elusive Foe

In with the New Blogaround

Buffy top seller?

Criminally Underused / Misused / Forgotten Marvel Character #1

Weekly Haul: January 7th

Interview with Wonder Woman’s Virginia Madsen

Virginia Madsen on Comics, Gender, Parenting, Wonder Woman

Two Thoughts on the Possibly Upcoming Watchmen Movie

I've got to stop with the Scans Daily visits.

Is Steph as girlRobin a gimmick?

NYCC panel lineup announced


The Captives Of Saturnette

Hey, Didja Hear About This Movie Frank MIller Directed? Jeff Watches The Spirit

Comic Coverage: No Mental Resistance to the Weirdly Impossible!

Famous Artists Cartoon Course > Lesson 7: Pretty Girls