Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I tried to find enough Citizen Steel posts for half this batch, but you guys just didn't deliver.

The Girl Who Wanted to Buy Green Lantern

Hectic Days

compare and contrast

Comic Book Complaining

Review: Fables #60

Manhunter #30 Review

Am I Bitter or Am I Property?

Comics and Stuff.

Miss Jackie shows 'em how it should be done

Good Comics

Links du Jour: The real message of Watchmen, Wonder Woman revealed, and Peter Parker: Wife Beater?

Comic Book Rants and Raves

In Review Of: The Mighty Avengers by Bendis & Cho


Maybe I'm just crazy.

Are Comics 4 Color Porn?

Hey Kids! Comics!

Alan Kistler's Profile On: WONDER WOMAN! ( Pt. 3 )

The Annotated Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #6

Filling our bathtubs with t-shirts and 8 by 10s: Graeme is tired, plus 4/18.

Hawkgirl now cancelled

Anti-Comics-Feminist Bingo

I Read the Internets - 4/21/07

A Star is Born

The Brief and Surprisingly Violent Marriage of Jimmy Olsen

Into the back issue box #26

X-23: Target X #5 (of 6)

The Comic Shopping Habits of the Occcasional Superheroine


Show #49 - April 21

Just Past the Horizon: Introduction and Identity

YAOI in DNA Magazine?


Wang Watch!

Afraid Of Cock.

Cut a guy some slacks!

Carpe Phalli

Casualties of War

Groin Strain

Wang Watching

Alex Ross: The Bulge That Ate Chicago

Steeling glances.

Peter Parker, penises, plugs, planning, and posters.

comics should be straight

Citizen Steel and Jock(s)

More on Citizen Steel’s conversation piece

Since this wang thing seems to have legs...

The latest thing

Wang Watch 2007 2006 2004: Manga Edition (NSFW)
Manga Wanga Watch: Day Two (Probably NSFW)