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July 01 Special Wonder Woman Internet Explosion Post

Wonder Woman's new costume and direction

Unveiling Wonder Woman’s new costume, direction

J. Michael Straczynski on Wonder Woman’s new costume

Jim Lee on Wonder Woman’s new costume

The ComicsAlliance Roundtable: Wonder Woman's Costume Change

Wonder Woman Gets New Costume And 'New Direction' In DC Comics

WONDER WOMAN Gets a New Costume, Direction in Issue #600

Wonder Woman Finally Gets A Pair Of Pants

Wonder Woman Gets A New Suit And The History Of Origin

Wonder Woman Costume Modified So That It Makes Sense?


Wonder Woman gets a new look (and it's not good)

Wonder Woman's Wonderful New Costume!

Wonder Woman Gets New Costume! Also, Her Whole Origin's Changed.

Wonder Woman's New Costume and Direction

Wonder Woman gets new costume: My kids react

Wonder Woman Finally Gets Pants

Wonder Woman's New Look

Wonder Woman Gets a Makeover

Wonder Woman Gets A New Costume (For a Movie?)

Wonder Woman's Wardrobe Malfunction


Wonder Woman Gets New Costume, New Origin; We Get Angry, Resigned

Wonder Woman Gets New Costume and Origin Thanks to Timeline Tweaked by the Gods

Wonder Woman: when icons change clothes

New Wonder Woman debuts new Wonderbra

Wonder Woman | August 17th, Birth with Freedom

Wonder Woman costume change stirs debate among comic-book fans

Wonder Woman Starts Wearing Hand me downs

GUEST OPINION: A Wonder Woman Fan Speaks Out About the New Costume ...

Topless Robot - Wonder Woman Has Decided to Cosplay as '90s Superboy

Wonder Woman Redesign. Blech

JMS, Jim Lee change Wonder Woman's costume, origin

Media and fans (and Lynda Carter) react to Wonder Woman makeover

mizzelle: DC Source blog just unveiled Wonder Woman’s new...

Wonder Woman's Pants

Makeover for Wonder Woman at 69

JMS recreates Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Redesign

P:R on The New Wonder Woman Costume

Yes, I hate the new Wonder Woman costume. Wanna know why?

New WONDER WOMAN Costume Has Me Thinking It's The 90s Again ...

Not the first time: Wonder Woman's new duds

Wonder Woman new outfit is revealed

Wonder Woman's New Costume

Crisis On Earth Prime: New Look Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: All the Anniversaries

The Problem

DC Comics Has Ruined Wonder Woman!

Hollywood Blogger Claims ‘DC Comics Has Ruined Wonder Woman’

Wondering About Wonder Woman? Dan DiDio Explains the Costume Change [Interview]

J. Michael Straczynski on Wonder Woman Coming to America and Covering Up [Interview]

Hey, That's My Cape! - Gail Simone's Talking, But Not About Wonder Woman

Putting together some of the thoughts/comments I’ve seen...

Wonder Woman 600 End of an Era

Caring For Your Wonder Woman Garden

More JMS Wonder Woman News

Amber's Fashion Tips for Superheroes: New Wonder Woman!

Superman and Wonder Woman stories: There are two J. Michael Straczynskis ...

Guns and/or Roses: Fighting for Your Rights, No More Satin Tights

I'm going to be positive . . . I'm going to be positive

A couple of nerdy things

Fast Thoughts On Wonder Woman's New Costume And The New Direction of The Series.

Wonder Woman #600 reviews

Wonder Woman #600 review

Wonder Woman #600

Wonder Woman 600

Wonder Woman #600

Wonder Woman #600 – Review « Weekly Comic Book Review

DC Reboots Wonder Woman for 600th Issue

Best Shots Extra: Wonder Woman #600 reviewed!

Review: Wonder Woman #600



Wonder Woman Can Save the World, By Lynda Carter

Wonder of Wonders - Star-Spangled Panties: What's in a Name?

Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25

Birds of Prey:

Birds of Prey #2

Birds of Prey #2 review

Four new-ish DC comics that aren't on my pull-list that I bought and read anyway

Birds of Prey #2: When it’s just . . . . Enough.

Quickie Non-Batgirl reviews!

Color Trilogy:

Good girls don’t

MMF: Wednesday Update!

MMF Color Trilogy Podcast Posted

MMF Links: Mulling on Sexism

Comic Stores:

Hastings Moving Into Comics

Life in Comics: What a Girl Wants

My fantasy comics store: A girl can dream, can't she?

Of Bad Retailer Apologists & Racists

Girls and Comics, part 5

Girls Like to Shop … Maybe You Could Sell to Them?

DC's "Diversity":

Did DiDio Really Use McDuffie’s JLA And The Great Ten To Defend DC’s Diversity Record?

Dan DiDio: 'To Focus on [Ryan Choi] Is Inappropriate'

DC Doesn't Stand for Diversity Comics

SciFi/Fantasy Author Calls DC Out

DC Doesn't Stand For Diversity Comics

Didio on DC's current diversity

Race + Comics Notes: Black Panther & DC Comics Update

Disscussion on Legacy Characters in DCU

Dan DiDio decries internet criticism of diversity in DC Comics

Internet: Dan DiDio has been playing you

DC's "green, pink, and blue characters"

LGBTQ in Comics:

The Unofficial Handbook Of The Marvel Q-Niverse, Part 3

Gay Previews 8/2010

Are gay comic fans ready for the return of "The Rawhide Kid?"

Megan Kelso:

Kelso Tells "Artichoke Tales"

Megan Kelso talks turkey about the Times


How superhero comics have screwed themselves over:

Gender Norms, White Privilege, Ableism, and Commodification in Manga Monster Form: Twilight:The Graphic Novel Volume 1

Crowdsourcing: Graphic novels! edition

Not Strictly Comics:

These Are My Colours

“The Hidden Face of Cleopatra” By Kola Boof

The Daily Show's Woman Problem

New Twilight Book Suggests Hollywood Likes Male Fans More Than Female

Jake Gyllenhaal, Prince of Persia, and Alleged "Whitewashing"

Hollywood's big whitewash

PoCs and Race in Comics:

Race + Comics Notes: Black Panther & DC Comics Update

Live Action Blue Beetle Show

President Obama offers 'shout out' to THE 99

Black Panther animated series hits internets June 23, 2010

Back in Black

Grumpy Old Fan | The post-racial Green Lantern?

Was Monster Society Of Evil Canned For Racism?

[LinksRoundup] There’s a fine line between love and hate y’see…

Stuck Rubber Baby:


A review a day: Stuck Rubber Baby

Women and Gender in Comics:

Megan Fox sets aim for Rainmaker role

DIARY: Bird In Flight

(Misfit and Black Alice art)


BREAKING: Bruce Timm sets the record straight on the future of DCU Animated

Betty & Veronica Double Digest #180


Three not-so-radical ideas for marketing manga to grown-ups

Preview Art For J.H. Williams III’s Batwoman #1

The Cipher 06/23/10

“Somehow I Sense I’ve Been Split Into Two Beings”

“Ten things Matthew Brady previously did not know about Wonder Woman”

“Who should be the villain in a Wonder Woman movie?”

Enough of Romance...Howzabout Some Reviews?

Pain Is The Great Teacher: Smile

It's too early in the morning

Meet Amy Reeder, Supergirl’s new cover artist

In-Between: New Comics From Melissa Mendes

The Minicomics of Maggie Morrill

Kate Beaton In The @#%%^! New Yorker

Beneath the veil

Claremont to Release "X-Women" in US; Marvel Reveals Year-long Celebration of Women A Practical Joke

Megan Fox Wants To Play Rainmaker In Gen 13. Fox News Reminds Everyone She’s A Lesbian

Warning-Rant Ahead!

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week 6/23/10

The She-Hulk's 10 Greatest Sexual Conquests

("Assassinated Cass")

Body Image Psychology and Romance Comic Ads: Wertham Revisited

Super Mega Batgirl review the eleventh

T is for Talia

Come Here You Little Fool! And See the Romance Comic Archive

A huge long list of comics recommendations for an 11-year-old girl, by Rachel Edidin

Supergirl #53 review

(Manhunter art by Dustin Nguyen)

Christian Beranek’s Life of High Adventure #22: Talking Hot Mess with TV/Radio personality Diana Falzone

X-Men producer begs DC Comics: Let me do Wonder Woman

On Stories


G20 and the Girls of Harjuku and Shibuya – A look into the future

Girls and Comic Books: How to Help Your Daughter Bypass the Underwear Suits and Find the Feminist Heroes

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22: LGBTQ in Comics edition

Apple's Comics Censorship:

Continued “Censorship” on the iPad – Gay books a no-go

What A Difference A Day Makes – Gay Graphic Novels Uncensored?

Apple changes content policy, allows Ulysses Seen in original format

Apple Censors--Then Approves--Gay Kiss In Oscar Wilde Comic (PICTURES)

Gay Kiss Censorship Reversed in iPad App

Apple Censors Ulysses App In Time For Bloomsday

Apple's Gay Culture Bans Don't Make it 'Moral' or 'Pure'

Birds of Prey #2:

I am so close to done with all this bullshit.

Dear DC, Could you please kill some straight white dudes next week for a change?

This one's just ugly


Go read this post by Gail Simone


Go read this post by Gail Simone »

Urgh. I Was Happy An Hour Ago

That is some shitty, shitty timing, I’ll grant you.

Creote and Savant Adventures

Boys’ Love Manga:

Deppey: The Mirror of Male Male Love

BL Roundtable Sidebar: The Mirror of Male-Love Love

Boy’s Love Round Table

BL Roundtable: Do we really need to spill this much ink over the question of whether girls like porn?

BL Roundtable: Anthropologize Me One More Time, Baby by “Kinukitty”

BL Roundtable: No Point, No Meaning, Maybe Tenure

Misc. - LGBTQ in comics:

Coming out in Comics: Where lesbianism leads to violence

‘Homobody’ (1-5) by Rio Safari

Queer Tropes

Coming out in Comics: Supporting cast

LGBTQ Roll Call / Gay Superheroes

Doom and Bloom

Hey conservatives– Archie Comics has been a sexualized comic book for years

Gay Superheroes

Torchwood Gets A Comic

Lesbian Batwoman!: Superhero or Superhype?

TASTE the RAINBOW! READ the RAINBOW! (and Cringe) Part 1- The BAD GUYS

Cool Pride Comics Activities!

Meeting The Creator: Jozef Szekeres

TASTE the RAINBOW! READ the RAINBOW! (and Cringe) Part 2- The GOOD GUYS

(Batwoman: Don't Ask Don't Tell)

The Wondermarriage that almost was

Rawhide Kid:

Rawhide Kid #1

Rawhide Kid – The Sensational Seven #1

Stuck Rubber Baby:

Stuck Rubber Baby Returns! Howard Cruse’s Classic Republished by Vertigo, In Stores Now!

Howard Cruse Talks 'Stuck Rubber Baby' and The Resurgence of Racism

June 22: Giant Variety Funpack edition

Alison Dare:

Back in Print: Alison Dare!

Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventures and The Heart of the Maiden


There Really Is A Blaqualad!

There's a New Aqualad in Town and He Digs Seashell Jewelry

New Aqualad to debut in Brightest Day, Young Justice cartoon

The new Aqualad is black, which begs a question.

Meet Jackson Hyde, the new Aqualad who is afraid of water

Race + Comics Notes: Blue Beetle, Aqualad & SDCC documentary hopefuls


Can Stephanie Brown fill the Batgirl boots?

You better scram. Take it on the lam. It’s Bat-Girl!

Two Batgirls is always better than one

Batgirl #11 Play-by-Play

Settle Back and Watch the Fireworks When Bat-Mite Meets Bat-Girl!

Black Cat:

grr, argh.

DON'T MISS: Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #1 with Jen Van Meter

Roundtable Review: 'Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat' #1

The Cipher 06/16/10

Boys’ Love Manga:

Deppey: The Mirror of Male Male Love

BL Roundtable Sidebar: The Mirror of Male-Love Love

Boy’s Love Round Table

BL Roundtable: Do we really need to spill this much ink over the question of whether girls like porn?

BL Roundtable: No Point, No Meaning, Maybe Tenure

Cassandra Cain:

Billy Tucci On Cassandra Cain?

New Cass Cain title in the works?

Cass Cain as my favorite DC woman kicking ass

Cassandra Cain to be in DC Universe Online!!!

DC Comics' "Diversity":

More DC Race Fail

An open letter to DC’s Ian Sattler

Ian Sattler Puts His Foot in his Mouth


Ian Sattler is a prat

Two Quotes From Ian Sattler

Race & Comics: Work the Angles (Sharp & Precise)

Complaints, complaints II — The Return of Doug Funnie

"To focus on one thing is inappropriate": Dan DiDio pushes back against the Ryan Choi outcry

Disability in Comics:

Disability and Comics: How Questionable Content's Faye and Hannelore normalize disability

Cassandra Cain and the 'learning disabled' rhetoric.

Monthly Comic on Deaf couple published

(Barbara Gordon in fan art)

Fathers and Daughters:

Five DC Dads who need their ass kicked

Five DC Dads Who Kick Ass


So, what did people think of Heralds #1?

She Has No Head! - Review: Heralds #1

4 Elements: Heralds #1

Little Orphan Annie:

Her strip canceled, Little Orphan Annie heads back to Broadway

Goodbye, Annie

The 'Little Orphan Annie' Cliffhanger Finale Is Completely Insane

Lois Lane:

Lois Lane is awesome, 1978 edition

On Lois Lane


Crowdsourcing: GRAPHIC NOVELS! Edition

Likes and dislikes in DC Comics this week - Batman and Sons (plus Talia) edition

Unfortunate News LinkBlogging

It's too early in the morning

Molly Crabapple:

Talking Comics with Tim: Molly Crabapple

Book-A-Day 2010 # 124 (6/7) -- Scarlett Takes Manhattan by Molly Crabapple and John Leavitt

Moving Pictures:

*Moving Pictures — Recommended

Moving Pictures by Kathryn and Stuart Immonen [Review]

Not Strictly Comics:

Gene Luen Yang: Why I Won’t Be Watching the Last Airbender Movie

No, STAR WARS is my Star Wars

Jake Gyllenhaal stole my identity and my video game


Imagine a future with no barriers, win $300!

Of Hollywood and ‘the American People’: How Status Quo is Maintained

Doctor Who: The Doctor and Disability


PoCs and Race in Comics:

The Many Faces of Luke Cage, Drawn Live by Comic Twart [Art]

Captain Enchilada Sauce

Deconstructing Comics #234: Race Issues in Comics

'Black Comix': Gateway to the Black Indies

Spider-Man Casting:

But what does Stan Lee think of the Donald Glover-for-Spidey campaign?

Is the World Ready for a Black Spider-Man?

Donald Glover = Band-Aid. Creating Minority Superheroes = CURE.

What Stan Lee Thinks Of Donald Glover's 'Spider-Man' Casting Campaign

Unhappy White Girls:

Comic Book Preview: Unhappy White Girls

Christian Beranek’s Life of High Adventure #21: Kickstarting a Project

Wonder Woman:

Ten things I previously did not know about Wonder Woman

Superhero Bits: First Look at Sif in Thor, Jennifer Love Hewitt is Fighting For Wonder Woman Role, Brian Michael Bendis Turned Down Venom Spin-Off Movie?

The real Wonder Woman lives in Sydney: Potts Point comic illustrator

Melissa Rosenberg On Breaking Up 'Breaking Dawn' And Writing 'Wonder Woman'

June 22: Live-Action Blue Beetle edition

Bye-bye Smallville, Hello Blue Beetle?!?!

Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle Coming to the Small Screen?

Live Action Blue Beetle?

DC working on a live-action Blue Beetle series

DC Entertainment To Develop Live-Action 'Blue Beetle' Television Show?

A Blue Beetle Live Action TV Series?

From Geoff Johns Twitter account....

Geoff Johns shares live-action Blue Beetle pictures

Blue Beetle Live Action Show in Development?

The Blue Beetle On Television?

Blue Beetle Live Action TV Show In The Works

Live Action Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle live-action screen test

Race + Comics Notes: Blue Beetle, Aqualad & SDCC documentary hopefuls

Blue Beetle Live Action Series!

Screen Test for Live Action 'Blue Beetle' Leaves Us Psyched for San Diego

Blue Beetle: A Failure in Comics, A Star on TV?

Catch a glimpse of the actual Blue Beetle live-action test footage

June 22: Women and Gender in Comics edition

Brainless: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Rashida Jones Tackles The Girl-Comics Conundrum

Wolverine Short By Faith Erin Hicks



Best American Comics Criticism Apparently Doesn’t Include Female Critics

G is for Barbara Gordon

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week 6/9/10

And Then There Was The Time I Got Colleen Coover To Draw Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose

The To Read Stack Gets Whittled Down

“The Stephenie Meyer Story”: yet another graphic novel in Twi-land

A Fictional Comics Female A Day In June – Catwoman

A review a day: Forget Sorrow: An Ancestral Tale

So, wait…

Are You Buying Comics for Women?

A Fictional Comics Female A Day In June – Black Canary

Men's Adventure Magazine

Straight for the art | My lord

Ming Doyle conjures up Harry Potter at HeroesCon

Respectful to crass

Hark! An Interview with Kate Beaton

Interview: Raina Telgemeier

Swan, Vols. 1-15

Comic Book Store Etiquette

(Discussion of cheesecake and art styles)

The Lady Gaga Comic Is Not Very Good

X-Men Origins: Emma Frost #1 Review

M is for Mia Dearden

She Has No Head! - 10 Webcomics I Love

G. Willow Wilson – Converting To Islam And Selling Comics by Greg Baldino

Something That Has Been On My Mind For A While…


First look: Evanovich off in new direction with graphic novels

Ted Naifeh’s “Polly” sets sails with a new artist on deck

Interview With Sarah Becan, Author of the Ouija Interviews

Honey Hunt, Vols. 1-4

PR: What Not to Do: Pushing Balloon Babes on Me

Fangirl Reviews

Just so we're clear

GC4K Book Club: Foiled

Gabrielle Bell's Fleeting Dreams of Drawing Batman

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week 6/16/10

SUPERMAN Comes Out! (sort of)

Coming Up: Graphic Novels Due August 2010

Dr. Light

Heroines, Assemble!

The Advice Columnists of the Romance Comics

Reasons to Heal Oracle: Part 2

Supergirl: Many Happy Returns

Secret Six - 6 Degrees of Devastation

Friday, June 04, 2010

June 4th

Amy Reeder:

Artist Amy Reeder Faces Challenge of BATWOMAN, SUPERGIRL

Amy Reeder Inteview

Batgirl Animated Movie Petition:

Batgirl: Year One Animated Movie Petition

Batgirl: Year One movie petition

Superhero Movies For Everyone! Except Batgirl.

Batgirl: Year One DTV Petition Update

Disability in Comics:

Comics and disability: XKCD and dyslexia, Natalie Dee and Tourette's syndrome

Filthy Figments:

Filthy Figments Launches

Filthy Figments

Start Reading Now (but only if you're over 18): Filthy Figments

Hope Larson's Survey of Girls' Comics Readership:

Despite A Rough Couple Days…Optimism Prevails!

Comics & Girls: We want to kick ass

Thoughts on the girl comics market (a dissertation, ha!)

Hope Larson's "Girls & Comics" Survey Results

Hope Larson's Girls & Comics Survey, part 2

Girls & Comics, 3

She Has No Head! and the Bechdel Test for Race

LGBTQ in comics:

Coming out in Comics: Bling

First gay cartoon character? Yeah right.

Gay Crimefighting Comic Nominated for Award

Gay Comic 'Spandex' Featuring Trans Hero Cinches Eagle Nom

Library Wars:

*Library Wars: Love & War Book 1 — Recommended

Library Wars: Love & War, Vol. 1


Walter and Samuel: Black Lightning #5

Howard Cruse Talks 'Stuck Rubber Baby' and The Resurgence of Racism

Not Strictly Comics:

The Proposition: So, Hey Baby Then…

Spider-Man Movie Casting:

Twitter Campaign! Donald Glover for Spider-Man


Studio coffee house: Zombies, scripts, hobbitses, black Spidey, etc.

The Geek Beat: Can Spider-Man Be Color Blind?

The 'Donald Glover For Spider-Man' Campaign: A Comic Book Historian's Take On The Heated Debate

PoCs and Race in Comics:

Connor Complaints

African Leaders Are All Nuts

Straight for the "ugh" | Vintage anti-Irish cartoons [Warning: link contains racist caricature.]

Especially the Blacks and the Irish, Cont. [Warning: link contains racist caricatures.]

4 Elements: Thunderbolts 144

First Look at Frank Miller's Xerxes Probably Won't Thrill Iran

A review a day: Bay City Jive

The Asian Atom is Dead - Is DC Racist - Part 2 of 4

I Wish Mark Millar Was More Racist [Warning: link contains racist caricature. Also likely produce severe *head-desk*-ing.]

Women and Gender in Comics:

Batman Returns

The Guild #3

Suggested for mature adults...

FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK: Hassler on "Twilight"

Fairy Navigator Runa Book 1

Karen Matchette's Scooby-Doo art (And Velma's makeover)

DoubleDCoverage #61

June: Judge Dredd: The Pit, by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, Colin MacNeil, Lee Sullivan, and Alex Ronald

Back To the Grind

This Will Not Stand

Ten Thoughts About The Return of Bruce Wayne #2

Alice in Wonderland Comics

The 'Cry for Justice' Threesome Continuity Challenge

Book of the Month: The War at Ellsmere

Talking Comics with Tim: Sierra Hahn, Joƫlle Jones

Straight for the art | The art of wounded pro-Palestinian activist Emily Henochowicz

Straight for the art | The Lorelai, Rory and Luke comic that should have been


Sorry Power Girl: I Just Can’t Do It.

Felicia Day Talks Comics And Joss Whedon's Qualifications For 'The Avengers'


Meredith Gran, Octopus Pie

Jill Thompson's "Scary Godmother" Returns

Why Not Smile? | Raina Telgemeier

DAAP professor's comics a hit

Early morning discussion question

Wonder of Wonders - The Lasso's Infinitely Elastic, the Stories Don't Have to be, too

What would a feminist superhero tweet?

Comics Of The Weak: "The Second Wednesday of Every Month, We Like To Have A Rodeo Theme For the Cremations"

Hey, That's My Cape! – Does MARVEL Need A "Big Three?"

Cutest picture ever

Supergirl Panel At The Phoenix Comicon

Woman’s Eye View: Comics Week Of 6/3/10

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

For Your Consideration: Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades Omnibus

10 comic books that are doing it right

This just in: People on the Internet SUCK!

Overthinking Things

Single Motherhood in Romance Comics - Love Me, Love My Child!