Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22: Giant Variety Funpack edition

Alison Dare:

Back in Print: Alison Dare!

Alison Dare: Little Miss Adventures and The Heart of the Maiden


There Really Is A Blaqualad!

There's a New Aqualad in Town and He Digs Seashell Jewelry

New Aqualad to debut in Brightest Day, Young Justice cartoon

The new Aqualad is black, which begs a question.

Meet Jackson Hyde, the new Aqualad who is afraid of water

Race + Comics Notes: Blue Beetle, Aqualad & SDCC documentary hopefuls


Can Stephanie Brown fill the Batgirl boots?

You better scram. Take it on the lam. It’s Bat-Girl!

Two Batgirls is always better than one

Batgirl #11 Play-by-Play

Settle Back and Watch the Fireworks When Bat-Mite Meets Bat-Girl!

Black Cat:

grr, argh.

DON'T MISS: Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat #1 with Jen Van Meter

Roundtable Review: 'Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat' #1

The Cipher 06/16/10

Boys’ Love Manga:

Deppey: The Mirror of Male Male Love

BL Roundtable Sidebar: The Mirror of Male-Love Love

Boy’s Love Round Table

BL Roundtable: Do we really need to spill this much ink over the question of whether girls like porn?


BL Roundtable: No Point, No Meaning, Maybe Tenure

Cassandra Cain:

Billy Tucci On Cassandra Cain?

New Cass Cain title in the works?

Cass Cain as my favorite DC woman kicking ass

Cassandra Cain to be in DC Universe Online!!!

DC Comics' "Diversity":

More DC Race Fail

An open letter to DC’s Ian Sattler

Ian Sattler Puts His Foot in his Mouth


Ian Sattler is a prat

Two Quotes From Ian Sattler

Race & Comics: Work the Angles (Sharp & Precise)

Complaints, complaints II — The Return of Doug Funnie

"To focus on one thing is inappropriate": Dan DiDio pushes back against the Ryan Choi outcry

Disability in Comics:

Disability and Comics: How Questionable Content's Faye and Hannelore normalize disability

Cassandra Cain and the 'learning disabled' rhetoric.

Monthly Comic on Deaf couple published

(Barbara Gordon in fan art)

Fathers and Daughters:

Five DC Dads who need their ass kicked

Five DC Dads Who Kick Ass


So, what did people think of Heralds #1?

She Has No Head! - Review: Heralds #1

4 Elements: Heralds #1

Little Orphan Annie:

Her strip canceled, Little Orphan Annie heads back to Broadway

Goodbye, Annie

The 'Little Orphan Annie' Cliffhanger Finale Is Completely Insane

Lois Lane:

Lois Lane is awesome, 1978 edition

On Lois Lane


Crowdsourcing: GRAPHIC NOVELS! Edition

Likes and dislikes in DC Comics this week - Batman and Sons (plus Talia) edition

Unfortunate News LinkBlogging

It's too early in the morning

Molly Crabapple:

Talking Comics with Tim: Molly Crabapple

Book-A-Day 2010 # 124 (6/7) -- Scarlett Takes Manhattan by Molly Crabapple and John Leavitt

Moving Pictures:

*Moving Pictures — Recommended

Moving Pictures by Kathryn and Stuart Immonen [Review]

Not Strictly Comics:

Gene Luen Yang: Why I Won’t Be Watching the Last Airbender Movie

No, STAR WARS is my Star Wars

Jake Gyllenhaal stole my identity and my video game


Imagine a future with no barriers, win $300!

Of Hollywood and ‘the American People’: How Status Quo is Maintained

Doctor Who: The Doctor and Disability


PoCs and Race in Comics:

The Many Faces of Luke Cage, Drawn Live by Comic Twart [Art]

Captain Enchilada Sauce

Deconstructing Comics #234: Race Issues in Comics

'Black Comix': Gateway to the Black Indies

Spider-Man Casting:

But what does Stan Lee think of the Donald Glover-for-Spidey campaign?

Is the World Ready for a Black Spider-Man?

Donald Glover = Band-Aid. Creating Minority Superheroes = CURE.

What Stan Lee Thinks Of Donald Glover's 'Spider-Man' Casting Campaign

Unhappy White Girls:

Comic Book Preview: Unhappy White Girls

Christian Beranek’s Life of High Adventure #21: Kickstarting a Project

Wonder Woman:

Ten things I previously did not know about Wonder Woman

Superhero Bits: First Look at Sif in Thor, Jennifer Love Hewitt is Fighting For Wonder Woman Role, Brian Michael Bendis Turned Down Venom Spin-Off Movie?

The real Wonder Woman lives in Sydney: Potts Point comic illustrator

Melissa Rosenberg On Breaking Up 'Breaking Dawn' And Writing 'Wonder Woman'

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