Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Various Topics:

Got a collection of topics for today:

Warren Ellis: Questioning is not Attacking, Relax

Frank Miller/Sin City: Reading

Writing Female Characters: Venus: Brian Wood

Guy Gardner: Warrior #42, DC Comics 1996
Mantra #2, Malibu Comics 1993
Glory #8, Image Comics 1995
Justice League Task Force #8, DC Comics 1994

Webcomics/Language: On Sexist Language, and Dinosaurs

Women in Refrigerators/Character Discrimination: Introduction

As well as three links of debatable relevance (We usually focus on more discussion/analysis than is in these posts) but Ragnell isn't here to arbitrate:

Guy Gardner Week: Justice League America #45

Early Backlash Against Feminism

Superboy Cartoon

Friday, February 10, 2006


Warren Ellis has a message for female readers on his livejournal:
To My Female Readers

--some other comic related links:


Another Post About the Use of That Damn Four Letter Word in Comics

What I Bought, 8 February 2006 (scroll down for the Bomb Queen review)

--Also got some manga related links:

=spits and hisses=

Erica Sakurazawa, Her Works

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A few more:

Thank you, Johanna!

Relating to Sexy Chix:

In the Pink
Sexy Chix
Unashamedly Girly

And a few others:

Fangirl Rampage #2: Merlynna Thompson

And Big Monkey's Femme Fatale has a new topic: Romance Comics

Some Submissions today!

I love submissions! They mean less work for us! :-)

Anyway, Rayvyn contributes this webcomic link

And Will Grindle's got some links to essays by Rob Vollmer, from around 2002-2003.

A Brief History of Women in Comics, Part 1
A Brief History of Women in Comics, Part 2
The Mirror Crack'd, Part 1
The Mirror Crack'd, Part 2
The Mirror Crack'd, Part 3

Thanks guys for the great links!

A Good Batch:

Some of these are current, some are a few weeks old, (we can't catch *everything*. :-))

Blasts from the (relative) past:

I Can't post this on Feminist_Rage

What the Superhero with a Thousand Faces Taught Me

A bit more current:

Listen to - or laugh at - the madman. Okay, okay, make that the madwoman on the manga soapbox again


And only very peripherally related to comics/manga, but still an interesting topic:

Gamers Pampered
Master Otaku

Friday, February 03, 2006

Rann-Thanagar Responses

Both Ragnell and I have written gynocentric responses to the Rann Thanagar War oneshot. Careful, herein be massive spoilers!

Reactions and Reflections

It's All Relative, the Bitch as a Literary Decoy