Saturday, October 27, 2007

October 27th

Wonder Woman Day, redux! (Swanshadow)

On Death Of The New Gods #1 (Jeff)

The fault, dear blogosphere, lies not in Bendis... (Laura Hudson)

Sex + Violence (Lisa Fortuner)

More Critique on the Critique of Feminist Critique of Comics. (Mickey Schulz)

Some of my Favorite Scarecrows #1: Jim Balent's (Caleb)

Quit objectifying Green Lanterns (Yonatan Bryant)

X-Factor #39, Inferno pt. 11 (Vintage Spandex)

Miss Fury & Black Widow connection (The Plotting Muses)

Black Canary to appear on Smallville (Kevin Melrose)

Crankshaft’s rape joke not well received (Chris Mautner)

Blogger: Crankshaft Strip is "Heinous" (Tom Spurgeon)

'Crankshaft' Comic Criticized for Implying Older Women Are in Less Danger of Being Assaulted (E&P Staff)

Progressive Ruin Presents...the End of Civilization. (Mike Sterling)

Thinking. (Cheryl Lynn)

I apologize to David in advance if this metaphor is bungled (Betty)

"Because He's The Goddamn Jason Todd" (Val D'Orazio/Occasional Superheroine)

Is it respectful to others to think only of yourself? (Ami Angelwings)

A Quick Reminder of What Chuck Dixon Said About the People Who Put Gays in Comics! (Mad Thinker Scott/Scott Anderson)

Why do I bother? (Rational Mad Man)

A Comic Book Panel (Davon Sanders)

Comic book bodies, again (Brainfreeze)

Ok, NOW they're just doing it to fuck with Ragnell.... (Notintheface)

Countdown #27 (Ragnell)

Just to Set the Record Straight… (Thom Wade)

Sword of the Atom TPB: A book you should own (Avi Green)

Hey, potential cool! (Brainfreeze)

Friday, October 26, 2007

October 26th

Hey, DC Direct? (Zhinxy)

Why I'm not upset about Big Barda dying (Sleestak)

Untitled (Caleb)

New comics 10/17/07 (Tom Bondurant)

It wasn't all just a dream (FBOFW) (Jennifer the Chaos Queen)

X-Men First Class: Vol 3 #1 (Stand-Up Comic)

The Super-Blogger From Krypton? (The Fortress Keeper)

10+ Hottest Women Supervillians/Bad Girl Comic Characters (Fanboy)

Just curious... (Sinyaa)

Show #58 - Oct 19 (I Read Comics Podcast)


Where did the misuse of Tigra first begin? (Avi Green)


Selling with the Sexy (Stephen Dann)

Comics Of The Weak: Commodore 64's Vs. Iron Man (Tucker Stone)

Spoilish question for folks who are familiar with the New Gods [Spoilers] (Brainfreeze)

I haven't commented on "Death of the New Gods #1" because... (SPOILERS!) (McBangle)

The focused totality of my psychic powers: Graeme finishes off 10/17. (Graeme McMillan)

Who Really Sucks, Woman or Robinov...? (Swinebread)

Miss Fury (The Plotting Muses)

I Feel so Special (SallyP)

Anything at all (Addressunknown)

You Know, We Do This in Real Life Too... (Brenda Almeyda/Trickster)

Baaaaaned from the SBC. (Rational Mad Man)

Because This Adams Pic Of Tigra Made Me Think "Tigra Looks A Little Elfquest-ish There"... (Zhinxy)

Wonder Woman and friends (Michael May)

Quick Critiques - Oct. 24, 2007 (Don MacPherson)

Seven sentences about five cartoons (Comics Curmudgeon Comment Section)

PPA NorMin intensifies anti-human trafficking campaign (Glenrose)

Tackling a Legend (Worstblogever)

Late Review: Blue Beetle #20 (Hotandcold)

Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 25th

Cool List on Wikipedia (Brenda Almeyda/Trickster)

Rape: Still Not Hilarious, Still Not a Compliment (Melissa McEwan)

Because only young "hot" women are raped (Jessica Valenti)

Smallville Fen (Jenny Wrayne)

Thank You, Boob Tutors! (Mad Thinker Scott/Scott Anderson)

I love mothers and daughters it is the best Cerebus story! (Bigcerebusfan)

LJ User Picture Meme (Bjorn to be Wylde)

2007 Books continued (Makeda42)

Something about feminist critiques of comics. (Mickey Schulz)

Research-o-rama (Kphoebe/Karen Healey)

Manga Review: Empowered, Vols. 1-2 (Ken Haley)

Untitled. (A Whopping Great Parcel from Mass)

Scans: Shogun of Steel Part 5 (An Innocuous Kitten) (Comments)

Valley of the Geek-ettes (ilbonito blog 2007)

Wagging real-life (fionna_g)

A Completely Irresponsible Viewpoint (Anon, a mouse) (Tangential)

Untitled (why don't animate skeletons ever get slashed?)

Geek assholery abounds (made of awesome)

Exit Wounds by Rutu Modan (Andrew Wickliffe)

Mujeres en refrigeradores (Ayax)

My thoughts on recent controversies. (Kalinara)

Red Sonja: WTF?????????????? (Occasional Superheroine)

Why do the guys keep thinking they need to tell the "little ladies" how to behave? (McBangle)

I'm back in the saddle girl, so go get your feet in those stirrups! (Rational Mad Man)

Iron Tigers. (Cheryl Lynn)

I Get Letters... (Zhinxy)

Storm's "New Look" (Val D'Orazio/Occasional Superheroine)

Absolutely not (Ami Angelwings)

Here Ya Go (Ororo)

My interpretation of that "Justice League" image (McBangle)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 24th, 2007

Time for...Love? (Dorian Wright)

Pull List Review for October 17, 2007 (Michael Hutchinson)

Untitled (mechanicaljewel)

Feeling Mixed Emotions: Catwoman #72 (Heidi Meeley)

More thoughts on WW (McBangle)

Joe’s back and more confused than ever (Funnybook Babylon Podcast)

Show #57 - September 14 (I Read Comics Podcast)

For Future Reference (Ragnell)

Slide show revealing the horror of the male-centric world of advertising. (Diana Cameron McQueen)

Orpheus Rising (David Brothers) (Comments)

An "Alternate" View (doc_destructo)

WiR: Way, way more than OYL (deep_play)

Comics (Iamza)

How (Not) To Fight Sexism In Comics (The Master Cylinder)

Untitled (come not between the nazgûl & his prey.)

Round Up . . . of Rage (Ororo)

Untitled (Philippos Fourty-Two)

Common sense does not exist in comic book fandom (thekamisama) (Comments)

Gender and Fan Culture (Round Twenty): James Nadeau and Alice "Kestrell" Verlager (fandebate_mod)

Batwoman to get her own series? (Addressunknown)

Good Deeds and Wonder Woman (Brenda Almeyda/Trickster)

I love Cerebus! (Bigcerebusfan)

Ya know, I'm suddenly glad Whedon's script got denied... (deathquaker)

Minus the Gaze (Dee)

A Broadside from Jen! (Jennifer-Oksana)

After the Revolution, There Will Be No Comics (Noah Berlatsky)

I submitted this as an assignment. Dear gods. (argylebutterfly)

Moments in Green Lantern History #4: Hal's gals (Sea_of_Green)

Comic Book Character Spotlight - The Hood (Kirk Warren)

Misogyny Gun (thecomicaztec)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23rd, 2007

You Want Sexism in Comics? I'll Give You Sexism in Comics! (Mad Thinker Scott)

A Few of My Favorite Guns (Laura Hudson) (Comments)

Semi-annual, semi-comic-related feminist ramblings (Brainfreeze)

Tigra would be jealous: Graeme gets brave, and bold, from 10/17. (Graeme McMillan)

Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But... (Mickle)

Creepy (Stand-Up Comic)

Donna Troy: Hussy! (Typolad)

What do J.K. Rowling, David Chase and Brian Bendis have in common? Is there a place for New Criticism in pop culture? (Scott Cederlund)

You might want to wash that first (Dirk Deppey)

If It Please the Court... (Kalinara)

Giant-Size Misogyny Adventures (Mad Thinker Scott/Scott Anderson)

Is This Gratuitous: X-Men #204 (Heidi Meeley)

The Killing Joke (Fox in the Stars)

Betty says… (Dirk Deppey)

Could I point out, once more, that boobs don't work that way? (McBangle)

I don't mind Judd Winick (McBangle)

Some Musings On The Nature Of Chicks In Genre Fiction (Paris Battle)

Imagine That. (Ororo)

Why I can't buy more. (Jamie Jeans)

Pink= Gurrrlz (Tintin P)

1958 (Thene)

Yaoi fangirls: Where's the girl love? (Wendy Withers)

More Thoughts About JLA #14 (Rob Staeger)

A good blog about the downside of sexualizing a character in an image. (Diana Cameron McQueen)

Power Girls, Cyber Show Down and Justice League’s Unlimited Disappointment (Charles Wisniowski)

The Fanboy Guide to Girls • Part 2 (Michael Davis)

Bad-ass women (Wendy Withers)

The Online Comic Book Feminist Hive-Mind Must Be Destroyed (Big Mike)

Wonder Woman Day II - October 28th (Heidi MacDonald)

Oh, thank God that someone's thinking of the women in comics. (Kevin Church)

Monday, October 22, 2007

October 22nd

What's the problem with DC? (And Marvel too?) (Mickle)

Girls read boy’s comics, and they’re oblivious. (Betty)

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl (Wonder)!: A Reflection on Recent and Forthcoming Wonder Woman Comics (Amy Reads)

Things I Like to be Reminded of Every So Often (Anon, A Mouse)

Censorship (Ragnell/Lisa Fortuner)

Interview Dissection... (Joel Bryan)

I just got an offline msg from Ragnell the Foul (Willow)

Wha-? (Ragnell) (Comments)

Wrong! (Smith Michaels)

‘Rama Rampage: Self-belief is a wonderful thing. (Graeme McMillan)

JR's Wonder Woman pr0n art gets reviewed by scans_daily! (K-Box: the Box in the Box)

Stop violence against Tigras! (Heidi MacDonald)

Comic Book Week in Review for 10/14/07 - 10/20/07 (Kirk Warren)

Quote, Unquote (JK Parkin) (Comments)

R.I.P., Paul Raven. Plus, more on Jewgate, fandom, and Tigra. (Kali)

Occasional Reviews: Minx (Valerie D'Orazio/Occasional Superheroine)

4 Colour Beefcake (Ray Randell)

Defenses of breaking up Pete & MJ that aren't even true! (Philippos Fourty-Two)

Ami Angelwings: Threat or Menace? (Mad Thinker Scott/Scott Anderson)

Damn You, Daddy DC Dearest! (Joel Bryan)

Finke on Wonder Woman film (Heidi MacDonald)

Dark Horse / Image Preview Review for January (Jim)

Inside the Comic Writer's Studio: Ron Marz (Erich Moreno)

Mothership Connection (Martha Thomases)

Let me go around clear skies (Stubbleupdate)

::places tongue firmly in cheek:: (Cheryl Lynn)

A Spirited Defence (Plok)

Wait a minute... (Ragnell)

Before there was Perry Moore.... (Fox in the Stars)

Marie Severin (Sean Kleefeld)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 10th (WB Edition)

(Non-movie related posts here)

Even more Justice League details (Sami Ali) (See comments)

Warner Bros, you're dead to me! (phantomas)

"We never said that bad bad thing!" (Ragnell/Lisa Fortuner)

The Reality Behind Jeff Robinov's "Denial" (Nikke Finke)

The Stupid, It Burns! (Mickle)

Hey, WB! I've got your decree RIGHT HERE! (Notintheface)

Fuck you too, Warner Bros. Fuck you too. (Vejiita4eva) (Followup post)

No Chicks… (Thom Wade)

Warner Bros. Films Slated For 2008 (Jeff)

Warners: Women need not apply (Heidi MacDonald)

Warner Bros: Women still allowed (Heidi MacDonald)

it's WHAT THE FUCK day on my livejournal! (pinkclad capricorn spamazon)

since it's been brought up... (ll_ll_ll_ll)

My Disorganized Musings over the WB Movie Thing... (Kalinara/Melissa Krause)

Really now? (Kalinara/Melissa Krause)

October 10th, 2007 (Non-WB edition)

Bright and Shiny People Don't Buy Your Sexist Crap, Part the Fourth (an east end girl)

On Cheesecake vs. Heroism (the Sooz)

Google turns up a lot of "please do my homework" links (Trouble)

Warrior women in my comics this week: Devi and Mathilde (Nenena)

How to Win Influence and People Friends. (Anon, a mouse)

Take One (Willow)

Girl-Sized (Kate Willært)

Why Femifamns will never have a Rosa Parks (Rational Mad Man)

Least Favorite Plot Devices: She’s Having a Baby (Benhatt)

...they'll think it's a revolution... (Bellatrys)

Why I'm Not Counting Down (Greg Morrow)

You Can't Copyright Bats! They're A Natural Resource! Or: Dear Kate Kane... (Zhinxy)

"Men In Refrigerators" (Val D'Orazio/Occasional Superheroine)

Still MORE reviews! (Dan)

Journalism and the future of Newsarama (Dick Hyacinth)

and the winner is.... (Monkeyarcher)

Comics Reviews 10/10/07 (Mildredmilton)

It's not Satanic porn: taking a peek at The Devil's Panties (Wendy Withers)

Vince, you shoulda known reason wouldnt work. (Rational Mad Man)

Bringing the Beefcake (Bellatrys)

Customer-friendly comic shops (Brainfreeze)

(Movie-related posts here)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

October 7th, 2007

Heck, I was born and raised in a pile of bad comics! (Fox in the Stars)

Eww, Robin was a Girl! (Kadymae/Katherine Keller)

My legal obligation as a comics blogger: A post about Stephanie "Spoiler" Brown (Caleb)

two boobs, that's what he takes us for (Ben)

Edited to Add: (Howl)

Reverse-engineering our cultural programming (Bellatrys)

No, really, that is a sword… (ItchyTasty) (NSFW)


Wonder Woman = housewife ? (Saranga)

Empowered Vol. 2 (Devon Sanders)

The Past Two Weeks in Comics Reviews (AngryRantGirl)

Bats and Bug Zappers: Why I'm Enjoying the Jason/Kyle Rivalry (Kalinara/Melissa Krause)

Spectacular Comic Shop Girl #7 (Megan)

Janna the Jungle Girl, heroine (Roscoe Ellis)

Us Comics vs Manga (wow, long) (Electric Goldfish)

Okay, so I'm a little late on FBOFW (Jennifer the Chaos Queen)

Untitled (Astronomica)

[links] Masculinity issues (Fox in the Stars)

Did... did Lex Luthor just have sex with a dude? (Thomas)

Auction Update ( News)

This next one is pretty widespread already, but I'm trying to keep to posts that specifically refer to both the quote and comic book movies for linkage here. -- R.
Warner's Robinov Bitchslaps Film Women; Gloria Allred Calls For Warner's Boycott (Nikki Finke)



It Makes Total Sense About The Wonder Woman Movie Now (Occasional Superheroine/Val D'Orazio)

I'm not flying off the handle... Yet... (Ragnell/Lisa Fortuner)

WB gives women the F-U? (Itchytasty)

Hollywood's Reluctance To Female Action Leads (Kate Willært)

damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn - Hating The Dubya B (Willow)

Addendum: We all know how this will play out. (Ragnell/Lisa Fortuner)

Friday, October 05, 2007

October 5th

Help! Help! Here Come The Fangirls!! (Vincent S. Moore)

Less Than Charming (Karen Healey)

Space Pyrates!!! (Wonder Woman, not Capt. Herlock) (Philippos Fourty-Two)

Spoiler Warning: It’s a Stephanie Brown Special!

This is almost too easy... (Leslie Caribou)

Green Lantern Corps happy squee. (Kadymae/Katherine Keller)

Eww, Robin was a girl (Ralph Mathieu)

A shout out... (K. Jeffery Petersen)

genre identity crisis, gender (Invisable, insane)

A little rambling though (BrokenPorcelinDoll)

Boys Get to Have All the Fun (Ragnell/Lisa Fortuner)

Lorem Ipsum, By Zhinxy. Or: This Fangirl Calls Off The Attack...

Girly Stereotypes: The Fangirl (Bridget Orr) (Tangential)

Second verse same as the first... (Simargl_wings)

The 18th Feminist SF Carnival... (Mel)


A Personal Note to Dinah Lance (Carla Hewitt)

All Starry-Eyed (The Fortress Keeper)

But the Cover Is Just About the Only Thing I Can Judge It By! (Mad Thinker Scott)

I Hope They Never Have to Draw Spider-Man (Dave Carter)

Is This Gratuitous: Uncanny X-Men #491 (Heidi Meeley)

Japanamerica: Manga is a Feminist Issue

On being "Offended"(Dora)

Pantha Cards (JLG)

Reflections on Stephanie Brown's Inability to Stay Dead (Occasional Superheroine)

That Girl (Carla Hewitt)

The Campaign for Change in Comics: Shouting loudly is fast tracking the change (Designated Sidekick)

Thoughts on Wonder Woman Annual AKA Final Chapter of Heinberg Story (Heidi Meeley)

Women are human, too (Ginger Mayerson)

Wonder Woman: What's Up With That? (K.J.)

X-MEN #8 – May 1992 (G. Kendall)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

October 2nd

Now listen to the nice men, you silly little women ... (Kadymae/Katherine Keller)

Pigs in the Mud (Laura Hudson)

"I have a Suffragette here with your name on her shanks, you poor deluded fellow!" (David Alexander McDonald (Steven E. McDonald))

Proverbially Punished. (Karen Healey)

No boobies for the goddamn Batman! (Rich)

Caring about the death of a gay superhero (Lyle)

The obvious answer is that I need to own more books**** (Trouble)

Untitled (RHJunior)

Social foo: comic book women (Stryck)

The unfortunate retailer (Ragnell/Lisa Fortuner)

Should Superheroine Comics Have Sexy Covers? (Occasional Superheroine/Val D'Orazio)

Show Respect. (Karen Healey)

Progressive Ruin Presents...the End of Civilization. (Mike Sterling)

It's Halloween, ladies; got your sexy costumes ready? (Megan)

Sad day: Biel backs out of Wonder Woman (Heidi MacDonald)

Abhay Briefly Mentions Doctor 13, then Babbles Melodramatically (Abhay Khosla)

I Like Ice, You Like Ice, Everybody Likes Ice! (Kalinara/Melissa Krause)

Ugh...Heroes can be so...typical. (Megan)

Interview: Jim Rugg (Hannah Dame)

Dazzler: Ahead of its time? (Greg Burgas)

Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood -- Five Chances to Support Gay Charcters! Don't Blow It! (Mad Thinker Scott/Scott Anderson)

Chris vs. Previews: October 2007, Round Two (Chris Sims)

Variations on a Theme… (Kalinara/Melissa Krause)

JLA 13: Black Canary, still not the leader of the JLA (Scipio Garling)

Girlie Comics (Chaos Mommy)

The Rack

End of Fangirl questioning (Jade)

The Brain wants all Earth people destroyed! (Dirk Deppey)

The fairer and more balanced god (Dirk Deppey) (NSFW)