Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday, October 20th


Gorillas Riding Dinosaurs: The Cowl, Super Maxi-Pad Girl, and the return of Rooster Jack (Yes, you read that right. "Super Maxi-Pad Girl".)

Q&A: Marisa Acocella Marchetto on Cancer Vixen, Her Fund, and FREE Mammograms This Friday

Oh, don't we just wish...

Nomad: Girl Without a World #2

Green Arrow/Black Canary #26

Cartoonist finds thought bubble mightier than the sword

Forget Spider-Man, Let’s Talk About Marvel Comics Women!

Universal Grabs Rashida Jones' Comic Book Frenemy of the State

For the Boys

YA-AAAA! Friday!

Comic-Con: grown-up geeks meet at female superheroes convention

Ideals and Identification

DC Really Hated Their Readers, Episode II

The One Thing the Fourth Batman Movie Got Right

Vests, knickers and what I learned from Comic Book Message Boards

Wonder Woman:


This Sunday, it's Wonder Woman Day

Wonder Woman's (Almost) Return to Television

But Does She Wear a Wonder Bra...?

Buffy Comics:

Buffy Omnibus volume 2 review

Buffy Omnibus volume 4

Buffy Omnibus volume 5

Buffy Omnibus volume 6

"The War on Science Fiction"

Is Science Fiction Feminized Or Is It Sexist? Both.

Free to Good Home: The Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans

Ruining the Genre Since the age of 7 Years Old


Racist Cartoons

Sexual Orientation:

Comics In the Closet, Part 1

Comics in the Closet, Part 2

Diversity in comics:

Big U.S. Show for India Comics

Pacific notion: The convergence of B.C.’s Haida with Japan’s manga

Chinese comics ready to 'open minds' - but sex is still out

My Cartoonist Week In Algiers

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday October 14th, Part Two

Issues of Sexual Orientation, Race, Diversity, etc:

Queering the Lines with Cartoons

And speaking of shitstorms, I wonder why this didn't cause more of one...

Flame On: Observing Gay Superheroes

Racism and Comics

"The Weapon" Movie a.k.a. Why Do We Even Bother?


Kenny Be: "I'd rather be gay than GLAAD"

Coming out in comics 5: Amazons

Dyslexic author draws comic tale of her struggle

Guest Post: Can Ming the Merciless Be Redeemed?

Keith Knight comic strip:

Entire School Misses Point of Keith Knight Cartoon

College students upset by The K Chronicles, miss point entirely

Keith Knight is controversial yet again

Wednesday’s Fanning The Flames Of Enmity

The limits of satire at SRU

Keith Knight responds to race card cartoon

"The War on Science Fiction"

The War on Science Fiction and Marvin Minsky

Can I get a "OH HELL NO"?

The War On Fandom

Wonder Woman:



Weekly Wonder Woman Tally: 465

And I Wonder Wonder Wonder Who (Who) Who Wrote The Book Of Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman and the Lingerie of Doom

Wonder Woman Day Gallery Opening!

Wonder Woman Day donations due!


The Virgin Read: Spider Breasts

Spider-Woman: Can Jessica Drew Carry an Ongoing Solo Title?

I have seen the future, and it is MOTION!

Sirens and Divas:

Octoblog: Marvel Divas VS 
Gotham City Sirens

Marvel Divas #3


On "Kick Ass":

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Mark Millar And Kevin Smith Do BBC Newsnight Review

"It’s a slight progress."

Two Comics Related Things that Amused me

My two Cents

Female Force and weight:

Depicting Real Women In Comics

Do Biographical Comic Books Have A Responsibility To Depict Weight Honestly?

Also of interest:

Maryland county councilman wants county government to consider Goku’s penis, local paper has the shocking details

Roundtable: Dragon Ball and school libraries

Wednesday October 14th, Part One

(Sorry, I've got a bit of a backlog here, so as not to overwhelm, I'm posting it in two parts.)


2009 Lulu Awards Nominees: VOTE NOW!

Things I Learned From Comic Books

Is Chameleon Marvel's Doctor Light?

They’ll do it every time!

What comic book heroine would you like to see in her own solo adventures?

Girls With Slingshots: Five Years, Two Girls, One Cactus

Barry Sonnenfeld Trades Pushing Daisies for a Superpowered Soccer Mom

Comic Fail

Comic fail fail: Feminism fail

Mera, Queen of the Seven Seas

Hey, a wanky comics post!

Stop Crying Over Cass, Batgirl is a Barbara Gordon Book in Disguise

Stan Drake’s The Heart of Juliet Jones

Sales for DC and Marvel (as of August 2009)

Your Mileage May Vary: Detective Comics #857

Personal Agency and Women in Refrigerators

The Super-Woman Porn That Almost Was

Talking Comics with Tim: Dustin Harbin--the Sequel Interview

Superhero Meets Supermodel: A Short History of Comics' Weirdest Crossover

Abhay spent the Imaginary Comic-Holiday writing about DAR: A SUPER GIRLY ETC.

Absolute Promethea

More like Models, Stink…Am I right?

About Babs/Dinah and Gail Simone

Cave Girl in 'The Devil Boat!' (Magazine Enterprises; 1953)

Random thoughts of superheroines and Mary Sues

Essay: Sexism/Racism in Anthologies and Balance

A Cartwheel of Contradictions: Who Is Harley Quinn? Part Two "The Loneliest Number"

Marvel Comic Heroes: The Sexy Ladies of Marvel

Girls, Girls, Girls?

Gluey Tart: Prince Charming

Face Down In The Mainstream: Supergirl