Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21

Month of LGBT Comics

Month of LGBT Comics – This Gay Existence #2

Month of LGBT Comics – Man Enough

Month of LGBT Comics – Tough #2

Month of LGBT Comics – Urban Buzz


Liberty Vocational Volume 1: Will Supervillains Be on the Final?

This is why I could never function in anime forums

Fractured Shell (No Ghost)

Hikaru no Go Book 23

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Returns to Print, Manga Fans Rejoice

New Editions of Sailor Moon Manga Announced, Fans Rejoice

'Sailor Moon' Manga Returns to the United States with Kodansha

Sailor Moon Manga Being Reprinted!

On behalf of the Moon!

Episode XLI: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon and Sailor V First Volumes Info (March 21st, 2011)

Operation Moonrise Manga Results

I hope you don't mind...

Gushing about the Sailor Moon Manga rerelease and feminism


Optimism ... I Promise

Laura Vandervoort And Smallville Finale

Women and Gender in Comics

About Renee Montoya...DON'T PANIC!

Valkyrie is kind of really awesome.

Colt Noble $5.99 One Shot

Gates of Gotham to feature return of Cass Cain to Batfamily

About damned time.

Oh Mighty Is-Is-Isis!

Batman's Girls

Hey Venus, Oh Venus.

Andi Watson’s 15 Love to Finally Be Published, Eight Years Later

She Has No Head! – Exclusive Preview of Ross Campbell’s Shadoweyes In Love (plus a contest!)

Preview of Batman Inc. #4 - Two Batwomen

Wonder Woman TV Costume

What Was on the Inspiration Wall for Wonder Woman's Costume Designer?

THE NEW ‘WONDER WOMAN’: This just in...First look at Adrianne Palicki as TV’s Diana Prince

Superhero Fashion Police: New Wonder Woman Outfit Leaves Us Wondering

Adrienne Palicki as Wonder Woman

Dear Costume Designers for the new Wonder Woman TV...

Wonder Woman’s TV Show Costume Is Out…And It Is…

Costume Problems

Some simple things to fix the Wonder Woman TV costume

Here's what the new television Wonder Woman will be wearing

Wonder Woman

David Kelley on finding his Wonder Woman: "I just knew it"

Superman#709 Highlights The Problem With Wonder Woman...And She ISN'T EVEN IN IT.

Wonder Woman licensed goods top seller

Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday March 17th & Friday March 18th, 2011

Black Panther cartoon:

Black Panther

Reginald Hudlin: “BET Wouldn’t Air ‘Black Panther’ Because It Was Too Male & Young For Their Audience”

Dwayne McDuffie:

What it's like to be a black comic writer

Dwayne McDuffie on Working as a Black Writer in Comics [Video]

Dwayne McDuffie on Race in Comics

Dwayne McDuffie Tribute/Homage:

Tommy Lee Edwards, DC Comics and the Dwayne McDuffie Tribute

Statements regarding DC’s “Static Shock Special #1″ [There is no direct link to the specific March 17th post.]

Why Isn’t DC Comics Doing A Dwayne McDuffie Tribute?

Dwayne McDuffie's DC Tribute Is ... Not Exactly A Tribute?

Gail Simone:

Interview – Gail Simone and Nicola Scott

Gail Simone’s Back Pages

LGBTQ people in comics:

Month of LGBT Comics – Rainy Day Recess: The Complete Steven’s Comics

Slash – fan fiction’s sexiest sub-culture


CBLDF issues advisory on border searches and comics

Not Strictly Comics:

Why Mars Needs Moms REALLY failed!

I’m An Anonymous Woman Gamer

Race and PoCs in comics:

Xombi Revived

X-Factor and Racism

Comics You Should Own – DC: The New Frontier

Black Dynamite: Slave Island #1

Sailor Moon:


I Am All Asquee

Kodansha to bring Sailor Moon back to the United States

Kodansha Brings Sailor Moon Back To The US

After 6-year absence, new Sailor Moon works coming

Sailor Moon returns to North America in manga form

Kodansha USA to Publish Sailor Moon Manga

“Sailor Moon” sets sail to America once again

Kodansha to bring back Sailor Moon

Kodansha USA Announces the Return of Sailor Moon

Women and Gender in Comics:

15 Love rescued from the dust bin of comics history

Preview of Gone to Amerikay, drawn by Colleen Doran.

“My mom and I are working on a comic together."

The "Women and Comics" Survey(s) call to action!

Fangirl Friday: Margot

Super or a Crime? A look at comic book wedding gowns, part one

Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.: Hyper-Sonic Fashion with the Black Canary!

What We Talk About When We Talk About “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark”

Early Black Comic Book Heroes: Butterfly (II)

Luba in “Human Diastrophism” – a literary and feminist analysis

Lucy Knisley

Tattoo by Erika Moen.

"Who would have thought, Cassie can lead."

ProFile Friday: Lily Renée

Didio on Batwoman; Cassandra Cain

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman Makeup: Awesome or Kinda Sexist?

"I don’t think it’s very mysterious. She’s either straight or bisexual."

Didio confirms: Wonder Woman keeping new costume after Odyssey

Wonder Woman - TV costume edition:

The FIRST LOOK At Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman!

Five reasons it shouldn’t be a surprise that Wonder Woman won’t be wearing the classic costume on the TV show

Wonder Woman's TV Costume Revealed in All Its Latex Glory

Wonder Woman’s TV Show Costume Is Out…And It Is…

Told you not to be surprised that she wasn’t wearing the old costume

'Wonder Woman': First look at Adrianne Palicki in costume -- EXCLUSIVE PHOTO

My take on the new Wonder Woman costume

The Costume

NBC’s Wonder Woman: First Thoughts

First Look: Adrienne Palicki dons Wonder Woman costume

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuesday March 15th & Wednesday March 16th 2011


Some ads from some recent comic books.

random comic review – “Batwoman: Elegy”

Dwayne McDuffie tribute(?)/homage comic:

"DC is planning a Dwayne McDuffie "tribute" book, but has no plans to donate profits to the poor guy's surviving family or any charity."

Industry Rule #4080 Strikes Again?

Books I Will Not Be Buying (that I was planning to) If Dwayne McDuffie’s Family Does Not Receive the Profits from the “Tribute” Book

Homages Aren’t Tributes [McDuffie & DC Comics]

Defining DC's Dwayne McDuffie Tribute

DC’s Response

DC Comments On Static Shock Special

A Free PR Statement For DC Comics On Their Dwayne McDuffie "Homage" Book

Comics & Art Community Shows Support for Japan [Updating]

Stuart Levy’s Japan relief efforts and more

Artists assemble for Japan relief

Kelly Sue DeConnick:

Kelly Sue DeConnick Starts Three-Issue SUPERGIRL Run Starting in June

Kelly Sue DeConnick Takes Flight with SUPERGIRL

LGBTQ people in comics:

Rainy Day Recess – The Complete Steven’s Comics

Two Northwest Press Books are Finalists for 2010 Lambda Literary Award

Month of LGBT Comics – Tough #1

Scott Thompson Goes Straight With New Comic

Lambda Literary Nominates Northwest Press

Numbers of Women Working at the Big Two:

Counting Women in Superhero Comics: Ratios Still Terrible

Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, February 2011 In Review

Women In Comics Statistics: DC Comics, February 2011 In Review

Race and PoCs in comics:

Betrayal in the superhero community

Links: The Ugly Truth

Women and Gender in Comics:

The Bechdel Test as Applied to Romance Comics!

New feature, “Team-up Tuesday”

Variant Cover to Justice League Generations Lost #23

‘Fan’ Misogyny

Julia Wertz’s Fart Party blows away; Museum of Mistakes steps in

Joan Hilty launches website, relaunches webcomic

All I want is . . .

"I have a friend who writes pretty good comics..."

Female comic readers help a college student and take this survey on comics

*Ivy — Recommended

Twin Spica Books 5 & 6

All-Star Superman Interview Clips: Christina Hendricks, the Voice of Lois Lane

Review: Batgirl vol. 1 – Batgirl Rising by Bryan Q. Miller

This is what it’s all about

His Face All Red by Emily Carroll.

From Anders Loves Maria by Rene Engstrom


Straight Guy's Guide to Being Friends With Hot Women [COMIC]

The Lion Queen

Heroine chic: Female crime-fighters move from the page to the runway

Wonder Woman:

"I made a very specific choice to play her absolutely for real"

What is it with Wonder Woman writers and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”?

A First Look At The Wonder Woman TV Show Logo

June 2011 Solicitations: Wonder Woman #612

More TV Wonder Woman thoughts.

Wonder Woman logo for the pilot


Yo, My Tumblr Comic Book Peeps!

INTERVIEW: John Rozum on XOMBI #1

Let 'Xombi' #1 Make Your Life Weirder [Preview]

More Dwayne McDuffie Links

[As a follow-up to our previous post, here are a few more links to articles and posts remembering Dwayne McDuffie.]

Why we needed Dwayne McDuffie

Re: Dwayne McDuffie

I’m Just In Australia

RIP Dwayne McDuffie

Sad and sad again.

"Keep fighting, everyone"

In Memory of Dwayne McDuffie: A Look Back at the Man Comics Needed

in remembrance of Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne McDuffie passed away yesterday at the age of 49.

The Best of Us

In Memoriam: Dwayne McDuffie, 1963-2011/

These Long Years, and the Miles: Remembering Dwayne McDuffie

The Gentle Giant Who Could Write You Under the Table

Collective Memory: Dwayne McDuffie, RIP

A few more Dwayne McDuffie links

Another reason I’ll miss Dwayne McDuffie

Quote of the day | Milestone’s Derek Dingle, on Dwayne McDuffie

In Memoriam: Comic Book Pioneer and Champion of Diversity Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne McDuffie, Comic-Book Writer, Dies at 49

Dwayne McDuffie, The "Kooky Quartet", And What Might Have Been

Voices: Remembering Dwayne McDuffie

One More Voice: On My Conversations With Dwayne McDuffie

3 Thoughts about Dwayne McDuffie.

Dwayne McDuffie

Missing Dwayne McDuffie

The Line It Is Drawn #30 – Dwayne McDuffie Tribute

Why Dwayne McDuffie Was Better Than You

Dwayne McDuffie envisioned, and created, comic book superheroes of all colours

Three Funerals and a Reality

Thank You, Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne McDuffie Passes

Static: Redesign of the Cool, Part One

Static: Redesign of the Cool, Part Two

Static: Redesign of the Cool, Part Three

Static: Redesign of the Cool, Part Four

Static: Redesign of the Cool, Part Five

Dwayne McDuffie Tribute Week: Conclusion

Dwayne McDuffie’s Back Pages

Dwayne McDuffie: On Panthers, Ben 10s & Denning & Rainiers; The Man Who Lived Like Them, Humanely Honorable

Dwayne McDuffie – Storyteller – 1962-2011

The GNYC Profile: Dwayne McDuffie: A Career of Diversity

Little-Known Black History Fact: Dwayne McDuffie

ECCC 2011: The Last Dwayne McDuffie Tribute

ECCC2011: Dwayne McDuffie Memorial

ECCC: Memories of Dwayne McDuffie

Ten Things You Should Know About Dwayne McDuffie

Preview: Black Superhero Documentary Featuring Dwayne McDuffie

More Dwayne McDuffie dopeness

Watch Video Tribute To Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne McDuffie

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday March 14th, 2011

[I've given up on the backlog for the time being. The links below are mostly from today, and bits and pieces of recent stuff that fit.]


The Colorfully Black & White World of Williams & Stewart's 'Batwoman' [Preview]

Remember that preview art for Batwoman #1?

Nevermind, 'Batwoman' #1 Delayed Again

Poll: What should DC do about Batwoman?

What DC should do with Batwoman, the verdict

J.H. Williams on Batwoman delay and preview of third cover

J.H. Williams III Talks 'Batwoman' Delay, Unveils New Cover Art

J.H. Williams comments on latest Batwoman delays

Some Comfort In the Batwoman Delay: A Beautiful Cover

Williams offers 'Batwoman' update

JH Williams III Adresses Batwoman Delays

Who says Women Superheroes are Lame?

Disability and Chronic Conditions in Comics:

fictional alcoholism is hilaaarious

Follow the action with Team Cul de Sac’s art blog

Can a Disabled Muslim Comic-Book Superhero Save the World?

Captain Disability to the Rescue?


MoCCA: Drink & Draw Like a Lady: Do you write comics? Edit comics? Letter comics? Study comics? Sell comics? Review comics? Are you a woman?


Japan Earthquake Relief: Manga Artists Share Hope, Help

Smile! Creators react to Japan disaster with optimism

News: Anime/Manga/Game Industry Members Check In After Quake (Updated)

Interest: Morning, Evening Manga Creators Draw for Quake Victims

Kelly Sue DeConnick:

Kelly Sue DeConnick and ChrisCross take on Supergirl

Interview: Kelly Sue DeConnick and Captain America and the Secret Avengers

LGBTQ people in comics:

"Please don't waste this chance of making them a canon queer couple that would be all kinds of awesome"

Month of LGBT Comics – Nightlife

Month of LGBT Comics – Manly

Month of LGBT Comics – Friend of Dorothy #1

Month of LGBT Comics – Frater Mine: Family Reunion

Not Strictly Comics:

Sony Encouraging Female Game Developers Through Scholarship

Mars Needs Moms

Whitewashing Dragon Age

(Fan)Boys Will Be Boys?

Whose Universe?

I am going to say this once.

Numbers of Women Working at the Big Two:

Women In Comics Statistics: DC, February 9, 2011

Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, February 9, 2011

Women In Comics Statistics: DC, February 16, 2011

Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, February 16, 2011

“They only have one female creator” - Flashpoint Minis: The Creative Teams

Women In Comics Statistics: DC, February 23, 2011

Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, February 23, 2011

Penny Arcade/Dickwolves:

PAX East: Triggered? Tough.

PAX East, Day 3: Telltale Games, Indie start-ups, and - unfortunately - Dickwolves

The Art(?) Of Trolling.

A Line Has Been Drawn

At the PAX 2010 draw a strip panel Gabe (Mike) is asked to draw a Dickwolf

Race and PoC in comics:

Continent of the Apes (or, Monkey See, Monkey Doo-doo)

"It makes me roll my eyes when people talk about Connor being white washed..."

Comics Against Racism

Anything to look forward to in June?

Racism as a Stylistic Choice and other Notes [Warning: racist caricatures/imagery]

Women and Gender in Comics:

A Hot Pants Romance - Young Love's "Daughter of Women's Lib" (October/November 1973)

Huntress’s costume

"I download all my comic issues online b/c I was constantly sexually harassed at my LCS"

*Hopeless Savages: Greatest Hits 2000-2010 — Recommended

We are women, see us draw

Lots of Comic Reviews!

3 Chicks Review Comics – Episode 013!

Marvelous Women

'Graphic Details' Q&A: Ilana Zeffren

Chicks on Comics in Missy Magazine

Women’s Fantasy in Anime/Manga Culture

What I’m Reading: Awsome Fantasy and Crappy Manga

And as usual one cover that just makes me shake my head

It’s Catwoman’s birthday: costumes past, present and future (you vote!)


[Young Justice merchandise]

Market Monday: The Unwritten #23, cover by Yuko Shimizu

Market Monday: iZombie vol. 1 TP: Dead to the World, colored by Laura Allred

Market Monday: Archie & Friends #153, includes art and writing by Tania Del Rio

Market Monday: The Guild: Tink one-shot, written by Felicia Day

Market Monday: X-Men Origins II HC, includes writing by Valerie D’Orazio

Market Monday: Age of Heroes TP, includes writing by Kelly Sue DeConnick and coloring by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

Market Monday: X-Factor #217, art by Emanuela Lupacchino

Market Monday: Gears of War #16, written by Karen Traviss

The Results – Memorable Moments of Marvel Women

Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman's persona-cycles

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman And The Furies Team Officially Announced

Having our cake and eating it too.

Anything to look forward to in June?

The One Where a Vintage Wonder Woman Toy Operates as a Metaphor for My Modern Life

Wonder Woman & Justice League Crisis