Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tuesday March 15th & Wednesday March 16th 2011


Some ads from some recent comic books.

random comic review – “Batwoman: Elegy”

Dwayne McDuffie tribute(?)/homage comic:

"DC is planning a Dwayne McDuffie "tribute" book, but has no plans to donate profits to the poor guy's surviving family or any charity."

Industry Rule #4080 Strikes Again?

Books I Will Not Be Buying (that I was planning to) If Dwayne McDuffie’s Family Does Not Receive the Profits from the “Tribute” Book

Homages Aren’t Tributes [McDuffie & DC Comics]

Defining DC's Dwayne McDuffie Tribute

DC’s Response

DC Comments On Static Shock Special

A Free PR Statement For DC Comics On Their Dwayne McDuffie "Homage" Book

Comics & Art Community Shows Support for Japan [Updating]

Stuart Levy’s Japan relief efforts and more

Artists assemble for Japan relief

Kelly Sue DeConnick:

Kelly Sue DeConnick Starts Three-Issue SUPERGIRL Run Starting in June

Kelly Sue DeConnick Takes Flight with SUPERGIRL

LGBTQ people in comics:

Rainy Day Recess – The Complete Steven’s Comics

Two Northwest Press Books are Finalists for 2010 Lambda Literary Award

Month of LGBT Comics – Tough #1

Scott Thompson Goes Straight With New Comic

Lambda Literary Nominates Northwest Press

Numbers of Women Working at the Big Two:

Counting Women in Superhero Comics: Ratios Still Terrible

Women In Comics Statistics: Marvel, February 2011 In Review

Women In Comics Statistics: DC Comics, February 2011 In Review

Race and PoCs in comics:

Betrayal in the superhero community

Links: The Ugly Truth

Women and Gender in Comics:

The Bechdel Test as Applied to Romance Comics!

New feature, “Team-up Tuesday”

Variant Cover to Justice League Generations Lost #23

‘Fan’ Misogyny

Julia Wertz’s Fart Party blows away; Museum of Mistakes steps in

Joan Hilty launches website, relaunches webcomic

All I want is . . .

"I have a friend who writes pretty good comics..."

Female comic readers help a college student and take this survey on comics

*Ivy — Recommended

Twin Spica Books 5 & 6

All-Star Superman Interview Clips: Christina Hendricks, the Voice of Lois Lane

Review: Batgirl vol. 1 – Batgirl Rising by Bryan Q. Miller

This is what it’s all about

His Face All Red by Emily Carroll.

From Anders Loves Maria by Rene Engstrom


Straight Guy's Guide to Being Friends With Hot Women [COMIC]

The Lion Queen

Heroine chic: Female crime-fighters move from the page to the runway

Wonder Woman:

"I made a very specific choice to play her absolutely for real"

What is it with Wonder Woman writers and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”?

A First Look At The Wonder Woman TV Show Logo

June 2011 Solicitations: Wonder Woman #612

More TV Wonder Woman thoughts.

Wonder Woman logo for the pilot


Yo, My Tumblr Comic Book Peeps!

INTERVIEW: John Rozum on XOMBI #1

Let 'Xombi' #1 Make Your Life Weirder [Preview]

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