Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 25th, 2008

Wonder Woman Cover Story (Colleen Doran)

Well…it was supposed to be Wonder Woman (Colleen Doran)

Comic Reviews 1/23/08 (Mildredmilton)

Things I Can Do Without (Oh, If Only It Were Witty...)

DC: Solicits April '08: Catwoman #78 (KKGlinka)

There’s Something About Lynda Carter / Blogging for Choice (Rachel Edidin)

Tip sheet (Davidpwelsh)

Friends Of Lulu Interview Series: Martha Thomases (FoL Blog)

How to treat a woman: Iron Man (Orange)

Friday Night Fights: Love Like Violence (Bitterandrew)

Comics This Week (Samantha)

Sex and Death (Andrew Wheeler)

Demographics (Brainfreeze)

Jan be Liberated! (Orange)

Hawt… (Smith Michaels)

Brilliantly drawn girls (The Guardian)

The Guardian eyes ’surge of women’ in comics (Kevin Melrose)

Just to make my own position clear... (Katherine)

Hey there! (Cheryl Lynn)

That cover gives me the willies. (Ragnell)

Fandom on a Bike (KKGlinka)

Just Past the Horizon: “What did you expect?” (Lisa Fortuner)

The aging comic book fan(Scott Cederlund)

The Demographics Of The Mainstream Comic Book Reader (Occasional Superheroine)

In New Avengers, violence is okay, but profanity is not (Avi Green)

Misogynist’s Rulebook (Ororo)

Iran from the Inside (Hero Sandwich)

Reminiscing about Nightcat (Kalinara)

Cool things to bookmark: The Gay Utopia (Chris Mautner)

Catwoman #78 Cover Idea Meeting (Occasional Superheroine)

Batgirl: Year One #1-9 by Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty and Marcos Martin (Andrew Wickliffe)

I have seen the future, and it is Wii-ly Sweet (Owesome)


Oh noes teh womens R coroperting mai sexality~!! (Anon, A Mouse)

The Boys' Club (revised) (Jog)

The Wonder Woman who isn't (Rob Mars)

Wonder Woman: Not Trying to Start a Crusade Here, but… (Pink Raygun)

DC's April previews reviewed (Caleb)

Bay Area Fangirls? (Kim)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22, 2008

Logo Study: WONDER WOMAN part 4 (Todd Klein)

Untitled (Cheerleader for Team Dandy)

I think we'll call this cautiously optimistic (I have a policy about honesty and ass kickings)

Occasional Links: The Is This Gratuitous Edition

I Thought I Was Done With This, But... (Davidwynne)

Just another blog post about The Killing Joke. (MK)

GLAAD Announces Comic Book Nominees at Sundance! (David Stanley)

Wonder Woman and a Utility Sink

Wonder Woman - Bits and Pieces (Villainous-mog)

Seriously? (LurkerWithout)

BSRV Week 17: Brand New Day Part Deux (Kevin Huxford)

This is (maybe) why, in case you were wondering… (Graeme McMillan)

DC, Dynamite, Terry Moore nominated for GLAAD Media Award (JK Parkin)

Worst. Cover. Ever (Part 16) (Mark Engblom)

They’re Just Breasts (Karen Healey)

What Neither of Us Wanted to Finish Reading: Showcase Presents Wonder Woman (The Hipster Dad)

Sailor Moon: Queerness in the Queerless ’90s (R. E. Silvera)

I'll believe it when I see it. (Ragnell)

Constantine, more on best gay/bi sci-fi character list (Kevin Melrose)

Jan. 22, 2008: You’re aiming for readers (Dirk Deppey)

January 21, 2008

Megan Gale quits catwalk for silver screen (Wendy Caccetta and Claire Davies)

Aaron Lopresti named as Wonder Woman Artist (Matt Brady)

Good WW News! Is that possible? (The Plotting Muses)

Very Good News: Aaron Lopresti to Draw Wonder Woman (Heidi Meeley)

But what are your thoughts on yaoi? The exciting sequel! (Katherine)

Call for articles (Claris (sentimentalromantic))

Wonder Woman Remembrances (Colleen Doran)

More Wonder Woman Love (Colleen Doran)

Novels to Comics: Examining the Crossover (Rick Marshall)

Last week's comics (Samantha)

Dammit. I might have to watch Smallville now... ("Starman" Matt Morrison)

Something I noticed. (Kevin Church)

Wonder Woman Lassoes Her First Regular Female Writer in 60 Years (Jenna Wortham)

Hellboy (Skye)

Less wondering (Brainfreeze)

lol fictional bios (denkichan)

Reaction to Justice League being nixed (The Captain)

Wonder Woman Gets a Woman's Point-of-View (Zonk)

And yet, I don't believe you (Samantha)

Why Can't They Settle On A Direction For Supergirl? (Palladin)

Fast Thoughts For 01/09/07 ("Starman" Matt Morrison)

last dance with mary jane(for a while) (Ben)

I Claim this Breast in the Name of all Mankind (Anon, a Mouse)

Explaining Me To Me! Thanks, Blogger Who Barely Knows Me! (Scott (The Mad Thinker))

Sunday, January 20, 2008

January 20th, 2008

It’s All About the Men, Babe (Ororo)

Radical don't mean rejection, yo! (Mel)

Variation on a Theme (Melissa Krause)

That’s No Lady, That’s A Blackhawk! (Beau Smith)

Black Canary (Ragnell)

More Pics of Smallville's Black Canary (JK Parkin)

Fanfiction... the Sport of Kings (Worst Blog Ever)

This Makes Owesome a Happy Panda (Owesome)

"How can you look up to a sexual bum like him?"

Recommended Reading – 01.16.08 (Nicole Booose)

The House of Self-Awareness (Graeme McMillan)

Being Slightly Unfair 2 (Owesome)

Women in Refrigerators (John J. Sears)

Gasp! A Woman Writes Wonder Woman! (John Marquis)

Boys get to keep their power; big surprise (Crossposted) (Branch)

Fancy that. (Owesome)

Playboy's Painted Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman: Feminist icon, or just a painted lady? (Dorothy Snarker)

girl crushes + fangirl + feminism (Daisybones)

a rec and a comment (The Oxford Comma)

There’s Something About Wonder Woman - Introduction (Rachel Edidin)

Grant: Woman No Wonder (Graeme McMillan)

Wonder Woman on the cover of Playboy (Rick Rottman) (NSFW)
Reaction to the Wonder Woman ‘Playboy’ cover (Rick Rottman)
‘Playboy’ responds to the funny book feminist Wonder Woman uproar (Rick Rottman)

This Wonder Woman Fuss Is A Drag; Therefore ... (Scott (The Mad Thinker))

January 19th, 2008

Come see me yak about race, gender, and comics! (Woodrow Hill)

'Twenty Years After' for Black Cartoonists (Dave Astor)

Comic Book Sex Symbols (Josh Robertson)

Geek Girls Rule! #37 - Comic/Superhero movies (Mickey Schulz)

La Petite Mort; or, "You Got Your Thanatos in My Eros!" (Anon, a mouse)

Call for Submissions to the first issue of The Journal of Women on Comics (J WOC ISSN1940-7637) (Ginger Mayerson)

Some Thoughts on Zealot (Kalinara)

Lessons in Bad Characterization: Brave & Bold #64 (Pat)

"We also acknowledge that premarital sex obviously does exist...." (Mike Sterling)

Logo Study: WONDER WOMAN part 2 (Todd Klein)

Logo Study: WONDER WOMAN part 3 (Todd Klein)

Shirtless Saturday - Forager (Daniel)

Accentuate the positive (The Plotting Muses)

Dear Chuck Dixon: UR BABIES. I CAN HAS THEM? (Weaves)

Great Hera! Wonder Woman Invokes Passion! (Heidi Meeley)

Untitled (mordicai magog, bestiam caeli)

Now I've really done it! ^.^ Wee! People are after my head! (Samric)

Untitled (Erik Larsen)

The Annotated Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter #7 (Chris Sims)

This Really Explains A Lot (Samantha)

Like if “Justice Riders” and “New Frontier” had a baby (GWOG)

Cover Girl (tpb) (Ken Lowery)

Comics Reviews (Samantha)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 18th, 2008

[Interview] Hot Mamas In The Big(time) City: Jennifer Estep (Karen Healey)

The important thing to remember. (Lisa Fortuner)

Top Superheroines of 2007 (Metamorphostuff)

The Week In Ink: January 16, 2008 (Chris Sims)

Double Articulation Digest #5 (Jim Roeg)

Friday Night Fights: Romance & Misogyny Edition (Dorian Wright)

"Strong, female characters" (Donna Troy)

This Panel Disturbs Me (Typolad)

Bullet Points (Don MacPherson)

Occasional Superheroine Videocast: Amazing Spider-Man #547 & Robin #170 (Occasional Superheroine)

...and the power you possess. (Michael May)

The First ever UN-manly Comics awards! (Rational Madman)

DC's HIstory of Gender-bending (Scans Daily)

Quick Note... (TonPo)

Spider-Man's Marriage Annulment: The Headlines (Rick Marshall)

Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #29 (Part 2): THE IRRESISTABLE LOIS LANE (Joanna Sandsmark)

Nana: Ah, the itch has been soothed. Also: Holy crap! (Matthew Brady)

Spider-man and MJ No More (PixelFish)

PROPAGANDA Reviews: Ultimates Volume 3 issue 1. To summarise - it's awful. (Richard Bruton)

"Holy Hot Flash, Batman!" ...whaaaat? (Donna Troy)

Ororo Or ...? (Scott (The Mad Thinker))

The MadMan's massively manly, cavalcade of comics commentary! (issue #1) (Rational MadMan)

Falling Behind Again (Shelly)

That's no bat-arang in my pants... (William George) (NSFW)

Comic Strips Tell the Stories of Sex Workers (Rick Marshall)

Jan. 18, 2008: If you love me, kill your dog (Dirk Deppey)

Untitled (Samric)

Yaoi Solicit of the Month! (Laura Hudson)

Feminist SF Carnival - 20! (Podblack Cat)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

January 17th, 2008

One More Day
Oh no! Is it splitsville for Spider-Man and MJ? (Associated Press)

We cannot escape Spider-Man (The Beat)

AP Wire delivers the worst OMD coverage of all (Avi Green)

Wonder Woman
Mid-Week Musings #1 (Sarah Connor Chronicles, That "Wonder Woman Thing," etc.) (Amy Reads)

Sigh. (Ororo)

Mike's New Comics Day Lunchtime Update 3009. (Mike Sterling)

Yes, it's happened again... colour me unsurprised (There's a "Mel" in there)

Six Things (Caleb)

Ask Golden Age Wonder Woman (Brian Hughes)

Are You "Those People"? Is Greg Rucka? Is Anyone? (Scott (The Mad Thinker))

Are You One of Those People?: The Poll. (Scott (The Mad Thinker))

Wonder Woman is looking good, Feminists are looking crazy, and Greg Rucka needs to grow a pair. (Rational MadMan) (NSFW)

Madman Approved calenders! (Rational MadMan) (NSFW)

Heroes as Celebrities. My two cents on the Wonder Woman thing. (Adalisa)

Guest Post: They Call Me Wonderful So I'll Be Wonderful If You Insist* (Anna Overseas)

Good thing I never applied for that girl-wonder membership (Dead Relena)

Fashionable late (merely psychosomatic)

I'll let you tell me sex is a legitimate power when you admire me for sleeping my way to the top. (the Azure Cascade)

My thoughts on the Playboy Thing. (Kalinara)

"For weeks, Contes did not want to look at a scrapbook or talk to another scrapbooker." (The Hipster Dad) (NSFW)

Response to Wonder Woman vs. Playboy Debacle, Part the First (Kali)

I am catching up in my comics reading. (Arrowette)

The Awesome List: Ben Franklin Day, Mummy comics, Wonder Woman coasters and logos, and Fat Zatanna (Michael May)

Hungry for Beefcake? (Lis Riba)

Pink » Y: Because It’s Awesome - Cycles (Pink Raygun)

He Also Says Nice Things About New Zealand! (Karen Healey)

The Line I Thought I Would Never See (Heidi Meely)

Occasional Links: The What Would Robin Do? Edition (Occasional Superheroine)

She's Just Not That Into You (Dorian Wright)

January 16th, 2008

Occasional Links: The Superhero Mama Edition

Playboy Coopting Wonder Woman

Just curious

The Wonder Woman Controversy: Is Not One (NSFW)

Public Service Announcement

The More You Know! [staaaar]

The First Furious Post of Righteous Anger

Manga Sutra - Futari H Book 1

The Amazon Bubble

I am not a loser



Good News!

Ooo! WW-DVD!

Links of note — UPDATE

When underwear was underwear

You’re Not a Wonder, Wonder Woman - DC Comics’ Official Position

The Wonder Year

Controversial Comics Post #437

A lesson in pictures - Supergirl

Wondering 'bout Wonder Woman? Not me.

Live Nude Superheroines! (NSFW)

Chicago Sun-Times tells the fans to go get the ideak

How I Learnt to Stop Worrying & Love MRN

It's Magic, So I Don't Have To Explain It

Superwomen Exploited Again (NSFW)

A closer look at Students for a Democratic Society: A Graphic History


Weekly Haul: January 16th

Chuck Dixon gets a morsel of my Grinchy Heart

J WOC (ISSN1940-7637)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15th 2008, Volume III: Some of the Miscellaneous Links

Untitled (Shannon)

female manga readers (Shannon)

New Li'l Mell and Smithson! (New Li'l Mell and Smithson!)

Because Comics For Girls Are 'Special' (John Jakala)

Unsatisfying article about women in writing (Avi Green)

Scences From A Bibliophile's Life (Avalon's Willow)

Pulp Porn (Noah Berlatsky)

Next: The Cinematic Buildingsroman of Dirty Debutantes (Fengi - lies, damn lies and statistics)

New Comics Day (LurkerWithout)

Buffy Season 8: No Future For You (Purtek)

On the female characters I dig (Cheerleader for Team Dandy)

Life After Simone (Shan't ever act her age.)

Dawnstar returns (Rob Schmidt)

Occasional Links: The Feminist Agenda Edition (Occasional Supheroine)

Don, tell him what he's won! (Don, tell him what he's won!)

A Review: Rogue Angel #1 (Kalinara)

Yet Another Awesome Woman That Captain America Used to Know (Samantha)

See Through Dress (Cullen Waters)

Dave Sim's Glamourpuss (TheBitterGuy)

Dave Sim - The Song, Not The Singer (Andrew Hickey)

Look Lois, Clark—I don't want to tell you guys how to raise your kid... (Caleb)

Molly And Mindy: An Interview With Mindy Owens. (Karen Healey)

The Batgirl Review Series Pt. 2: "Batgirl" 40! (Joel Bryan)

3007: A Look Back (Part 2 of 3) (Matthew E.)

Let's Hope They're Fake... (Reb)

Semester Project: Women in Popular Culture Scrapbook (mykaleido)

Ugh, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy... (LurkerWithout)

January 15th, 2008, Volume II: The Wonder Woman Edition

Logo Study: WONDER WOMAN part 1 (Todd Klein)

No, It Really Is That Simple. (Rachel Edidin)

Either You Get It Or You Don't... (Greg Rucka)

Suffering Sappho! Wonder Woman appears on Playboy cover! (Bob Mitchell) (NSFW)

Remember that Wonder Woman Playboy cover? (Dan)

Two more points on that WW cover. (Ragnell)

Wondering (Brainfreeze)

Playboy Wonder Woman Cover: What it Says Inside! (Heidi Meeley)

Offered without comment … (Greg Burgas) (NSFW)

A response to a response! (Cheryl Lynn)

Ew ew ew! (McBangle)

Untitled (mordicai magog, bestiam caeli)

Ahem. (Kotetsu)

Language, violence, Wonder Woman (Saranga)

Blogaround for Ellie (Elayne Riggs)

Ragnell, Tiffany, Lynda, Bobby Joe, the Outlaw & Me (Scott (The Mad Thinker))

Wonder Woman in Playboy (BrokenPorcelainDoll)

Yes....and No (Mickle)


IFL Battleground: In the Ring with Tiffany Fallon (Eric Goldman)

Wonder Woman: Porn Star, Feminist Icon, Erotic Goddesss, or All of the Above? (Jennifer K. Stuller) (NSFW)

Just a quick note... (Heidi Meeley)

Wonder Woman Wasn't The First Time Playboy Did This... (Occasional Superheroine) (NSFW)

Playboy Wonder Woman Tiffany Fallon's Scarlet Letter (Occasional Superheroine)

The Painted Wonder… (Thom Wade)

Untitled (Johnny Bacardi)


Good job, Playboy (Meljean Brook)

Honestly, I Just Got Tired of Looking At Mitt Romney's Smarmy Mug (Rob Staeger) (NSFW)

the superwoman or the men's dream pornstar (Chloe)

Well if There's Not Going to be a Joss Whedon Wonder Woman Movie... (Cunningham) (NSFW)

You may start your interrogation (Dirk Deppey) (NSFW)

Feminists outraged for Playboy's Wonder Woman (A bunch of video gamers)

January 15th, 2008, Volume I: The Spider-man Edition

One More Meh (Brian Hughes)

Why Are Married People Just Not Interesting?: Some Thoughts on the Parker-Watson Controversy (Amy Reads)

"Brand New Day:" Same old sh!t ... (K-Box: the Box in the Box)

Thoughts on Spider-Man and Comic Book Reality (Brainfreeze)

Still Bummed (Palladin)

Comics Rambling: Can You Feel A Brand New Day (Evan Waters)

Completely sexist Spider-Man cheesecake art (Rich)

Spider-Man: One More Day (Rich)

One More Day – Commentary – The End (Jim)

The reset button. (Cheryl Lynn)

OMD v. HtP (Caleb)

Shout at the Devil (Hero Sandwich)

I Wonder… (Thom Wade)

Aw, for Christ's sake, let it go with the Spider-Man already! (Jesse)

Aw, Snap - NY Post Getting In On The “One More Day” Action (Stephen Gerding)

This has been a long time coming… (Smith Michaels)

Setbacks And Some Geeky Schmaltz (Heimdall)

And here I thought people couldn't possibly scream more loudly. (Kali)

Just a quick one for tonight (Gavok)

All I'm going to say about the current Spider-Man nonsense. (Bill D.)

One More Day: Brilliant Marketing Strategy (Metamorphostuff)

Continuity, the Limits of the Serial Format and One More Reason Comics Suck Right Now (an east end girl)

Brand New Day (Samantha)

See, this is why people laugh at comics (Paperghost)

Mephisto's Watching (Avalon's Willow)

There Won't Be A Review Of Amazing Spider-Man 545 (Michael)

Controversy is exactly the problem (Avi Green)

Wallets, Marriages, "One more day", Men, women, and..... oh yeah. Joe Quesada is a fat little faggot. (Rational MadMan)

Friday, January 11, 2008

January 10th, 2008

Today and yesterday have been busy so i don't have a chance for a full batch, but I got sent several links on the Playboy cover so I thought I'd get it out there. The images in the links are NSFW, though. -- R.

You’re Not a Wonder, Wonder Woman (Pink Raygun) (NSFW)

Where have the all the Wonder Women gone? (Vanessa) (NSFW)

depressing post of the day (robynjade13)

Abuse Of Power (Dodai) (NSFW)

That's Not Power (Lisa Fortuner)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

January 1st, 2008

Here's the rest of the leftovers from 2007 and the first posts os 2008. --R.

Comic Makeovers: Examining Race, Class, Ethnicity, and Gender in the Media

Bada-Bing Barda Doom (Jeff)

Jezebel Jet... (Cheryl Lynn)

MW: Stands for Major Wacko, I guess (Matthew Brady)

A different sort of a Love letter to Zealot. (Kadymae)

"Infinite Crisis" audiobook (McBangle)

Spend the holidays in Iran (The Xenos)

Weirdness. (Kalinara)

Torchbearers launches (The Beat)

Torchbearers: Martha Washington (Cheryl Lynn)

Torchbearers: Martha Washington (2) (Cheryl Lynn)

Giant-Sized Avengers Vol II #1 (Glenn Walker)

DC Fatties: The Fattest Girl in Metropolis! (Brian Hughes)

off-topic: 2007 Top 10 (Rich Watson)

The Best of 2007 (Rachelle Goguen)

COMICS RAMBLE Back From Injury (James Ashelford)

Week of December 19, 2007 Super Short Reviews :o (Ami Angelwings)

Well, it's a new year... (sinyaa)

Because No One Demanded It: The Batman's Christmas List Post-Mortem (Caleb)

Weird Comic Notion... (Kalinara)

Happy New End of Civilization! (Mike Sterling)

Ewww, they're having sex. (FBOFW) (Jennifer the Chaos Queen)

FBorFW lame lameness (McBangle)

A percussive West Side Story, and the Great Junk Debate of 2007 (Kali921)

Yes this is about Jimmy so you should just skim ahead (LurkerWithout)

The Dave Sim Fan Club (LurkerWithout)

Happy New Year's

This isn't my entire holiday weekend backlog. This is just the stuff on "One More Day" and the "Something Positive" webcomic. -- R.

Amazing Spider-Man #545: My financial blacklisting, let me show you it! (oc·to·ped in·gé·nue)

Geez, He Must Have REALLY Hated That Marriage! (Notintheface)

So this is why I used to have a "die Quesada DIE!" tag... (Megan B. Moore)

oh comic world (Avalon's Willow)

Mr. Quesada seems to be a very strange Man (SallyP)

Variations on a Theme (Melissa Krause)

Not a surprise... (Megan)

"Just find who you love through true love's kiss" (Flidget Jerome)

And into hell we go... (Kali921)

Mary Jane Watson Rules All (Jesse)

Comic Book Review: Amazing Spider-Man #545 (Rokk Krinn)

The Fans Don't Like it! (Lisa Lopacinski)

Why "OMD" Makes No Fucking Sense (Scout)

Refrigerator Meets Garbage Disposal (Greg and the Howling Curmudgeons Comment Section)

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (Vox)

Women in Refrigerators: A response (Beau Yarbrough)

The Best Comic I have Read All Year (Samantha)

Untitled (Scaryblackdeath)

Untitled (Loz and Commenters)

A Superhero's Girlfriend Ought to Know How to Kick Ass (Greek myths that sing the blues.)

Don’t Think Of It As A Slow Week, Think Of It As Awesomeness Concentrated Into Fewer Items (Gary Tyrrell)