Friday, December 15, 2006

December 13-14th

It's been a really busy week at work and home so I am way behind here. Also, when I went online Monday night I saw something that caused my brain to liquify and drain down my nose and throat. We will be caught up by Monday.

Oh, and because of the subject shared by some of these posts, I'll be putting the very sweet little story that I missed last week at the bottom to cheer you up. The faint of heart may want to just skip to that one. Also, those of you with mentally prepared rants may want to type them out before reading the last one.

Beyond the Pale

Greg Land

Superhero Costume Switcheroo

Creative License

Diana: is she human?

Greg Land, Wanker


Review: Action Comics #845

Once Again, You're Welcome

Solicits, because they're Just That Awesome this month

On that March GL cover...
Justice Society of America #1 Cover- Homage or Boob Fest?

Proving the Point: Cover to All Star Squadron 1

31 Days of Seven Soldiers, Day 9 - Zatanna #2

Semantics and Superheroes

Snerk... (This might explain that one.)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

White Tiger: The “White” not so ironic, according to some.

The Eighth Feminist Carnival of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Announcement and call for submissions for Ninth Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Daily Struggle For Superhuman Beauty

I Read the Internets - 12/9/06

The Next Wonder Woman?

A lot like Robin: an unexpected twist

If it weren't for my animosity towards Hal's boyfriend--writer, I meant to say!


You know you've been on girl-wonder too long...

When Fanboys Attack

Liberal Coalition Top Ten

Moto shôjo mojo

Ross responds to criticism over Obsidian comments

#7 Red Sonja

A Study on Comic Book Women

Compare/Contrast: Tintin vs. Turner

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How To Write Comic Books

The Never-Ending Storm

Da Rules.

Where have all the editors gone?

A Friday Tale of Two T’s

Friday, December 01, 2006

December 1st and the Rest of November

While there was a lot to sift through, the amount of topical material for my backlog was fairly low. Here's all of November's backlog.

Diana, Princess of Shōjo

Miss Martian Or When Artists Go Wrong

It's DC Comics... For Girls!

The Shame!

A Look At LGBT Comics: 2006

Promotional: Cover Girl

Women at the Jewish Museum

More Broads! Down with Minx! (or not)

WTF, Heroes?

Initial Minx thoughts

Comic Book Thoughts

Comic Book Review: Wonder Woman #3

Women in Comics

I Wonder

DC, Marvel and the Female Reader

It's Just Too Easy: My Own Moratorium Request

Minx in Chief

I Read the Internets - 11/25/06

Minx and Alloy

Comics by Women Updated

You Minx, you.

My Humps

"Vixen" was taken

Occasional Superheroine's Goodbye To Comics

Graphic Novels for Girls

Food for Thought: Wonder Woman's Lateness- LITG Style!

DC's Minx Line Update

Comics for Girls - I'm Back From Hibernation! Edition

Dear Maxine Hunkel

Women Comic Artists

The real secret origin of the Teen Titans

The All Nude Atom

Anita Blake #2 Sells Out

Very Brief Reviews of White Tiger #1 and Birds of Prey #100

White Tiger #1

White Tiger #1 (of 6)

White Tiger #1 (of 6)


DC Figures Out Young Women Like Comics Too, Creates a New Imprint

FanGirl Geek Moment 2: the "Goodbye To Comics" posts

Final Minx Creative Count

Can we talk about something else?

December 1, 2006

Okay, I'm back and I have over three thousand new posts to sort through before the backlog is even finished accumulating, but here's what was at the top. Pardon any repeats.

Dear Detective Comics

Do girls like comics?

Girl-Wonder Wants You!

Masculinity in comics

Great Hera! Wonder Woman #5 Might Come Out... Eventually

My Opinions

How to Make Money Like a Porn Star - A Bundle of Odd Choices

100 Birds of Prey

Felt like bringing this up....

Record: The MSM Hall of Shame

Lives of the Lovelorn: The Black Knight [Spoilers, of course*]

We Are a Comic Book Author (A summary of links I didn't get a chance to go entirely through)

Deny Thy Marketer And Refuse Thy Name.

... or I could just roll on the floor twitching, you know.

"Maybe his place is full of babes in Princess Leia bikinis."

Occasional Superheroine: Valerie D'Orazio

Peeling her skin off

One Woman's Story in Comics...

Nov. 20, 2006: Vicki Victim’s rape and murder

Some of it is about Not Sue Dibny!

They're not admitting it's a mistake if they replace one bad idea with another

Only In Comics...

Of course, it was silly to identify with a dumb old comic character.

I Read the Internets - 11/18/06

Hey There, Ultragirl

Birds of Prey #100 - Opening Up The Game

My .02 on "Occasional Superheroine"

Jesus Fucking Christ

No, comic book fans aren't creepy at all

Hey, Supergirl - Sequential Art and Stereotypes

Show your support on the desktop ...

How I ended up ON the Women in Comics Panel...

Greg Horn wil do Ms. Marvel covers.

Da Girlz

Jean Loring continues to be spat upon in 52 #27, and the hammer effect still keeps a-comin'

December Sequential Tart Online.

(Much more to come this weekend)