Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February 27th

I should've been there. I could've done something.

Gender Reassignment Challenge: Saturn Girl To Saturn Boy

BHM 26: Nubia / Nu'bia

BHM 24: Vixen

Savagery In Pinstripes: The Future Mrs. Atomic Skull

Now, because we've never linked to it (but we've almost all seen it):
The Infamous Women in Refrigerators List

A few older items I found by searching links to it through Technocrati:
Revisiting WIR

Why She Doesn't Respect Your Hobby, and the Real Reason You Can't Get Laid!

Entry #1008

I Blog the Comics

And, because it's awesome:
Women in Comics: Gloria Steinem at NYCC - UPDATE

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Marionette said...

What's the deal about Gloria Steinem? It was her interference that screwed over Wonder Woman in the early seventies.