Saturday, March 22, 2008


Specifically related to WFA:

Fangirl Thursdays (Valerie D'Orazio)
Noted Female Blogger Breaks With Fangirls (Johanna Draper Carlson)
Today is Hate On Bloggers That Annoy Me Day! (Lurker Without)

Everything else:

Buffy Gets the Girl (Mark Pepper)

Death Note Mini Review (LIanne)

definitely a dyke to watch out for (Rachel)

Feminist Blogger Barry Deutsch Unwittingly Makes Profound Admission on Sexism (Glenn sacks)

Gotham Underground: The Spoiler Better Than the Spoiler (Ragtime)

Mangaka You Should Know: Arina Tanemura (

Marvel Superheroes - Unhealthy Weight is Acceptable (Jade Craven)

Monstrous Women (David Welsh)

Okay I'll be the one to say it (Ragnell)

Reason #1001 I Wish I Was Rich: Wonder Woman Statue by Andy Bergholtz (Heidi Meeley)

Reprise: Your Feelings May Be Lies. WW Justifies (Colin Wales)

Romantic Wonder Woman thoughts [Spoilers]

Rose Hip Rose, Vol. 1 (Ken Haley)

Page of the week: Robin #172 Spoiler. Literally. (Rich)

Stupid Question #8 (Ragtime)

Yun Kouga's Loveless (Khyungbird)

Zig*Zag Mini Review (Lianne)

(With thanks to Tangognat for the manga-related links.)


Mickle said...

"(With thanks to Tangognat for the manga-related links.)"


that's not a hint or anything, is it?

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely diggin' the Manga links.

kalinara said...

Just recognition of a significant contribution. :-)

Of course, if anyone else is interested in pointing some manga type links our way, we'd be very grateful. :-)