Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December 10th, 2007

Neutral Header #1
Huh, Weird... (Kalinara)

X-Men manga? What? (Electric Goldfish)

Del Rey & Marvel teamup (The Plotting Muses)

Marvel and Del Rey announce manga pact (The Beat)

Neutral Header #2
"The Punch Line" (Occasional Superheroine)

"But They Haven't Even Heard Of Sue Dibny!" (Occasional Superheroine)

Conclusion (Occasional Superheroine)

New York Anime Festival 2008: Field Report (ValerieD)

Neutral Header #3
Review - Elseworlds: JLA - Shogun Of Steel. (Zhinxy)

This Week's Haul: So Very Late (Rachelle Goguen)

a she-wolf after the war (bitterandrew)

Count Veritgo Yelled, "Jagger! I Should've Known -- You By Your Sweet Butt!" (Mad Thinker Scott)

Neutral Header #4
Holiday Picks: Aaron (Kevin Church/Benjamin Birdie)

No naked buttcracks (Dirk Deppey) (NSFW)

Neutral Header #5
“My Woman” (Typolad)

Yo. (Typolad)

Neutral Header #6
Danger Gal Friday: Wonder Woman (Lisa Paitz Spindler)

Neutral Header #7
Gosh. I Feel Almost Necessary. (Anon, A Mouse)


LurkerWithout said...

But are they True Neutral like a Druid? Or just Natural Neutral like a bear?

Cullen Waters said...

I'm going to be listed under a Chaotic Evil heading one day.

I just know it.

Lisa said...

Thank you for linking to my Wonder Woman Danger Gal Friday profile.