Monday, December 13, 2010

Batgirls, Batwoman, Betty White, & Birds of Prey


The 5 Most Important Stephanie Brown Covers

Batgirl #12 Play-By-Play

Dear Barbara Gordon

In reply to a reply about no Batgirl Y1 DVD

Hey DC, you want girls to read? Do Batgirl, dammit.

Way to put words in my mouth.

Batgirl comparisons

Batgirl comparisons reply

Batgirl #13 Play-By-Play

I Get A Kick Out of TV's Batgirl

I might have bought this … except for the description

I remember reading the Killing Joke when I was twelve

Super Mega Batgirl Review the Bruce Wayne edition

Letter to Bryan Q. Miller

BQM: Reply and Response

Classism with the Bats: On Steph

Classism with the Bats part 2

Classism and Steph in Batgirl


Oh what the fuck ever.

Stephanie Brown

Batgirl #13 Play-By-Play

From The Library: Batgirl!

I get a kick out of TV’s Batgirl

Birds of Prey and Batgirl review

Review: Batgirl #14

A look at the friendship of the pre-crisis Batgirl and Supergirl

Take The Bench

Cass Appreciation Post alert!

Oookay… tasteless?

Batgirls: The comic DC should have made and more

Batgirl: The One Who Is All

Comic Mulligans and Cassandra Cain

This post contains spoilers and capslock

Apparently Steph haters seem to think that Steph and Cass are in competition or something.


Casstoons: Batgirl - the Road Home

Kind of digressing here but hey!

To The Stephanie Brown Voters

What I love about Cass is that she really isn’t Batman.

Gotham's Bright New Hope: Bryan Q. Miller

Bryan Q. Miller on “The History of Batfamily” and Cass Cain

Okay, I’m Done With Batgirl…

Bryan Q. Miller on writing Stephanie Brown and transparency and the comic reader

Batgirl #14 Play-by-Play

Batgirl Fights For Equal Pay (From Batman) in New Ad [Video]


DC Debuts New BATWOMAN Art

Review: Batwoman: Elegy

DC Comics Unveils Details on New BATWOMAN Ongoing Series

Merced comic book artist J.H. Williams makes mark on industry

J.H. Williams III talks Batwoman, writing and ambitions

Lesbian Comic: Batwoman Elegy

Artists Alley #8: J. H. Wms III w/Exclusive Batwoman Art!

Betty White:

Should Have Seen It Coming: Betty White Next For Bluewater Bio Treatment

Is the Betty White comic book the solution to everything?

Birds of Prey:

Preview from Birds of Prey #3

Preview from Birds of Prey #3

Full of Whoa!: Preview from Birds of Prey #3

Full of Whoa!: Preview from Birds of Prey #3

DC Comic Reviews - "Penguin Party in your Pants" edition

The Five Most Important Oracle covers

It’s time for a new Oracle action figure
Birds of Prey

Preview From Birds of Prey 3

Birds of Prey and Batgirl review

Quick peek at artists on Birds of Prey #7

A Savant And Creote Thing…

Birds of Prey #2: When it’s just . . . . Enough.

Why Birds of Prey?


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