Monday, December 13, 2010

Friends of Lulu

Friends of Lulu:

Friends Of Lulu Post

Do You Have A Vsion For Women In Comics Friends of Lulu Needs Help

Friends of Lulu to End In September

Friends of Lulu to Shut Down In September

Paradigm Shift

Friends of Lulu Assemble New Home

Friends of Lulu Saved

Friends Of Lulu Update

Lulu Awards To Continue

Friends Of Lulu Awards Move To Long Beach

Update on Friends of Lulu and Lulu Awards

Friends of Lulu Awards Move to Long Beach, Nominations Open to Public

IRS Says Friends of Lulu in Danger of Losing Tax-Exempt Status

Friends of Lulu Voting Starts Today!

Awards Time: Ain’t I a woman?

Update on Friends of Lulu and Lulu Awards

CBC: Lulu nods put Ottawa graphic artist in hot seat (no, not really)

Friends of Lulu Future Uncertain as President Resigns Publicly

On the 2010 Kim Yale Award Nominees

Lulu Awards 2010 voting opens, plus something from the 2003 anthology

Out of the ashes of Friends of LuLu comes C.A.F.E.

Friends of Lulu going away; Comics Are For Everyone showing up

2010 Lulu Award nominees announced

It’s Award Time! Submit Isotope Minis, Vote Women (My FoL Award Suggestions)

"Memoirs Of An Occasional Friends Of Lulu Member"

Should Men Be Eligible For The Lulu Awards?

Why I Volunteer For Friends Of Lulu

Moving On To "Comics Are For Everyone"

Lulu nods put Ottawa graphic artist in hot seat

Lulu awards cause puzzlement, consternation

Lulu of a problem with comic award

Lulu Awards: Last Call

Drive-by Blogging!

Friends of Lulu Award Winners Announced, New Website, Organization Followup

Friends of Lulu announces awards, new site

Friends of Lulu Names Alison Bechdel to Female Cartoonists Hall of Fame!

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