Monday, December 13, 2010

Adam Hughes, Amanda Waller, Archie's Kevin Keller, Barbara Gordon, & Batbooks

Adam Hughes:

Covering Adam Hughes

High Heels and Cleavage Windows: Why Can't Female Superhero Costumes Be Sexy AND Functional?

Amanda Waller:

Take this woman off ice: Amanda Waller

Fuck yeah Amanda Waller


What Fresh BullCrap Is This?

The Awesome That Is Amanda Waller

Archie Comics' Kevin Keller:

Archie Comics in the 21st Century: Here Comes a Gay Character

Preview: Kevin Keller arrives in Riverdale

Archie Comics dives into gay waters

Veronica #202 came out today featuring Archie Comic’s first gay character ever!

Veronica #202: Introducing Kevin Keller, the New Gay Guy


Review: Archie Comics Gets Their New Gay Character, Kevin Keller, Absolutely Right

The Kevin Keller Report

Archie's First Openly Gay Character Kevin Keller to Star in His Own Miniseries

Archie Comics’ Gay Character Gets Spin-off Series

Kevin Keller, Archie’s Gay Pal, Gets His Own Comic

Archie Comics' New Gay Character Gets His Own Series

Barbara Gordon:

This is from Oracle Year One where Babs starts…

Barbara Gordon

But… But.. but.. what about my Dinah/Babs wedding? *pouts*

[Internet 3.0]


After looking at the Batman announcements the last two days, a question occured …

New Kids Batman Books - No Girls Allowed

Batman: The Cat and the Bat

Hi. Guess what time it is? Soapbox time!

So as far as I can tell, this is how Return went

Artfully Done: Good News for Bat-Women

Did Talia rape Batman?


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