Monday, December 13, 2010

Black Canary, Black Panther, Cathy, Colleen Doran, and Damian Wayne: The Littlest Misogynist

Black Canary:

“Superhero Diaries: Black Canary” from Craveonline - It’s supposed to funny!

DC Women Kicking Ass: "Superhero Diaries: Black Canary" from Craveonline - It's supposed to funny!

Zach Oberman Apologizes

Please be advised

Black Canary and Green Arrow: the wedding that shouldn’t have happened

Black Panther:

Fear of a Black Panther: Part One

Fear of a Black Panther: Part Two

Fear Of A Black Panther: Part Three

Fear of a Black Panther Part Four

Ten Point Program: On Black Panther 513


Cathy to utter final “Aack!” after 34 years
Ack! Cathy Ending! What Strip to Make Fun of Next?

Ack’s All Folks!

Ack! Cartoonists and Feminists Quarrel over Demise of Cathy

Is Cathy a Feminist Heroine?

“Cathy” To Utter Her Last “Ack!”

Was "Cathy" *Really* A Feminist Cartoon?

In defense of Cathy

Colleen Doran:

Colleen Doran’s sites hacked, but will return

Interview With Colleen Doran on the Business of Being a Comic Artist

A Tale Of Two Comics UPDATES! UPDATES! FINAL plus 1 more

Guest Swipe File: Masque Of The Red Death Vs A Distant Soil by Arlene C. Harris

Damian Wayne, the Littlest Misogynist:

Damian and male privilege

I don’t understand why so many comic fans seem to find misogyny hilarious as long as it’s coming from Damian.


Saranga said...

Hi, the 'Please be advised link' from the B;ack Canary section doesn't work.

Am reading through your posts - thanks so much for putting them up! Hope you don't mind if I point out the ones with incorrect links?

Maddy said...

Fixed it, and thank you for your help in finding the broken links! It's appreciated it. =)