Monday, December 13, 2010

It's alive ... IT'S ALIVE!!

If the 17 previous multi-topic posts didn't give us away, I think it's safe to say that When Fangirls Attack is back in action. Apparently when life gets in the way of blogging, the Internet doesn't slow down, so we did, um, a lot of catching up. (Next week on Hoarders: Link-Blogging Edition...)

Big thanks my fellow Fangirl Bookwormwithanattitude, Laurel, and Thewherefores for helping code the preceding backlog of links, and to Ragnell for helping me fix up that last post.

Speaking of former WFA bloggers, Ragnell and Kalinara have started up their own brand new women-in-comics themed link-blog, Dispatches From The Fridge, as a sort of weekend supplement, so you'd best add that to your blogrolls.

As always, if you have relevant links to share, comments, questions, etc, you may send them to < womenincomics[at]gmail[dot]com >.

Happy Holidays and all that jazz.


T. Laurel Sulfate said...


Please let me know if I can be of further help.


Jonathan Burns said...

All hail the new ascension!

You have been seriously missed.

Nicki Howe said...

Welcome back. You have been missed.

notintheface said...

Are you still posting Aug-Nov 2010 links in future posts?

Maddy said...


Yeah, if you've got any, feel free to e-mail them.

Scott (The Mad Thinker) Anderson said...

I thought that was great news.

One month later, however ...

Maddy said...

Hi Scott,

Sorry, but I'm not about to feel guilty over the pace in which we get back into the swing of things here. Updating WFA is entirely unpaid volunteer work done around jobs and school and other projects. And it's not as though there aren't other blogs which put out similar content.

I had actually hoped to get some WFA work done this week, but seeing as I've had a death in my family, I think you'll understand if I don't get to it immediately.


Nataniel Costard said...

Wow... I think Scott here was just expressing the feelings of all of us BIG FANS of your unpaid volunteer work.

Please, come back when you find the time, if only to show us that everything worked out for the best for you in the end.