Monday, December 13, 2010

Lois Lane, Marjorie Liu, & Miscellaneous

Lois Lane:

The 5 most important post-crisis Lois Lane covers

The choices of Lois Lane

On Lois Lane

Marjorie Liu:

Marjorie M. Liu Talks ‘Call Me Savage,’ Female Comic-Con Geeks, and Parnormal Romance



Why Does Condoman Talk Funny?

A perfect example of why comics need to be more available

Propaganda and comic books

Heartbreak Soup. A Love and Rockets book

Serenity: Better Days

Leeds Comics Forum

G3 Guest Essay: DC’s Legacy of Legacies

Direct Market Shit

Graphic Details: Chew On This

The Awesome Superpowers of the Jewish Hero Corps

Tumblr Culture

Homer the Blind Wonder Cat is Now a Comic Book Superhero

Buyers’ Remorse

Is there ageism in the comic book industry?

And just the idea of two TEENAGE KIDS, one of whom Bruce grabbed off the freaking streets himself

The meh phase.

Kyle’s List Of Things You Can Now Officially Forget About From Comics

The Hero Who Could Be You... As Long As You're A White Male

Dear (some people on) Tumblr,

Some Thoughts on Why I Love Superhero Comics

"How does a feminist/socially conscious/not-brain-dead-person enjoy mainstream comics with a clear conscience/without crying rage tears everyday?"

My Comics Question For The Day Is...

Agent of S.T.Y.L.E.: Wakanda Wild Side with the Black Panther

Organizing for Social Justice in Comics

Quick Review: Batman/Catwoman: Follow the Money - Not enough for the money

X-Men and Civil Rights

Think For Yourselves - As Long As You Agree With Us

G3 Guest Essay: DC’s Legacy of Legacies

Is it time to leave the past behind?

In honor of Thanksgiving, some of the year’s turkeys from DC

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