Saturday, May 12, 2007

Special "Outrage of the Week!" Edition

Editor's Note, May 15th (and May 17th): We don't normally add, but since so many non-comics blogs are linking directly to this post I'm making an exception. This post only collects links to posts between May 10th and May 12th. There are links to further discussion of this statue here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. There's well over 200 posts in all, and its blending with other issues. I've also been collecting more links on this statue for tonight's posts. Those of you linking your own reactions in the comments will find your opinions linked in a future post.

For those of you unfamiliar with When Fangirls Attack, here is our mission statement and linking policy. Please note that dissenting opinions, more thoughtful discussion and analysis tends to come after the initial outrage has had some time to settle, so the later posts tend to be where you'd find that. -- Ragnell

Gonna wash that man right outta...

Mary Jane, the other white meat

Mary-Jane Loves Laundry

What have they done to you, Mary Jane?


... and then Spider-Man pitched a tent big enough for three rings and an elephant.

Dear Marvel, Sideshow Entertainment, and Adam Hughes



Right now I am more than miffed.

Go get 'em, Tiger! No, seriously. Get 'em.

Oh my god in heaven.

Speaking of Spiderman

Mary Jane's R-E-S-P-E-C-T

I took the palm to the face


It came from the internet!

Some interesting thoughts

open letter


Does whatever a spider can



Now this is just crap

Spider-Sense . . . Cringing . . .

Too awful to not be shared


I'm TNT, I'm dynamite!

I have no words...

Pop quiz, ladies...

Third Artist Syndrome

[sexism] Mary Jane's Only Good For One Thing

oh man oh man oh man

ComicGeek: Poor Mary Jane

That won't do at all.

Feminism, Comics, and Jess

Things I found in the last half hour that made my braincells fear for their lives

mary jane the... uh, whore?

No Starch, Please

Y'know...I know this phrase gets overused and all, but seriously: This is wrong on so many levels.

"but isn't that how you do laundry?"

"What's the new Mary Jane?"

good little girl

"What do you tell a comic book woman with two black eyes?


Hey, Marvel


It's hard to master anatomy when you've never met a woman

And send him on his way... aka MJ Gate





Thong, barefoot, AND a pearl necklace.

You've come a long way, baby!

The worst crime against feminism since "Gloria Steinem Does Dallas"

Too much sexism for me


Brave New World

Yeah, that's not going to work out.

Wow. Just... wow.

Grr. Argh.


On the topic of Cheesecake Art

Next, Lois Lane Scrubbing the Floor in Lingerie

Comic Book Obsessions

Mary Jane!

Ganked from devildoll and eukarya

Go read my latest women_n_comics post.

What's Wrong With This Statue?

More bad Spider-Man merchandise


This is the time of my life, yes I am sure what I want is what I've got

Sweet Fancy Moses


Get a grip, li'l Feminazi!

Well pop my Monocle!

Obviously, I Can't Afford The Ticket Back From Suffragette City.

Spidermanlandia loses it's way, makes seriously bad choices

MJ, did you throw out your back?

*shakes head in dismay*

As women, we have made such great strides in comics...

About That Statuette...

"The annihilating feminine does not need civilizing."

Sexism lives.

Mary Jane

You can get away with murder if you've got a badge

RE: the MJ figurine

Poor Lady Heather

I just--I CAN'T.


MJ like you've never seen 'er...


Ah, the American comic book industry.

Random Thoughts Friday

I'm glad you came here with your pound of flesh

The Totally Wicked Return of Misfit, Reading Your Mail!

Spider-Wank: Mary Jane, Domestic Goddess


Lisa said...

WOW! No wonder I didn't get any coments on my blog about the MJ Comiquette - everyone started blogging about it on their own sites.

It IS a horrible item! Many people commented about it on the Sideshow site, but they were all taken down. Yet the comments about how hot she is and how the various posters would totally "do her" and such.. those are all still there.

Cassandra James said...

My two cents as a female comic fan / artist / creator:

Anonymous said...

I think Spiderman looks hot in a thong.

Anonymous said...

I like the statue, you gotta realize anyway, MJ was meant to be the hot girlfriend/wife, all T&A, aka: a sex object. you want a strong female figure, look towards shehulk, sue storm, or black cat, or just switch to DC.

S. M. said...

The maquette is offensive for women, men and Spiderman fans.

my two cents :

Sorry if this seems to be shameless blog advertising. Could you please just add it to the list ? Thanks!

Gabriel Villa said...

me too:
and I´m a man! and outtraged!
MJ´s earnings are 400 times PP´s!

mordicai said...

if you're still looking for things to add to the list

Ragnell said...

Gabriel -- There's something wrong with our society when a supermodel makes that much more than a photographer or a science teacher or Tony Stark's cabana boy or whatever job poor Peter is stuck with right now.

Sleestak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sleestak said...

I'ts interesting that WFA put me at spot #2 on that the page Boing Boing linked to. I got a good spike in hits from it (thanks!), but I haven't received any of the anger from trolls that KellyAnn on her DevilDoll LJ page has. I wonder if I dodged the hate mail and personal ire of trolls who are brave when commenting from a safe place on the internet because I'm clearly (I hope) a guy. I think there is something to it that given the opportunity women will be attacked while a male expressing much the same opinion will not.

Coolgamer said...

I for one don't see a problem with it.

Hauser said...

My two cents as a male comic fan... I love it.

Anonymous said...

Me and my wife love it. She is not a super hero. She is the damzel in distress. Furthermore, She is Peter's wife, is she not supposed to do her husbands laundry?
Give me a break ugly feminsts fan-girls and those who call themselves men.

Terrainmonkey said...

okay, this one's gonna upset a few folks but i feel it needs to be said.

Ragnell said...

Ugly feminists? My wife likes it?

That's the best you can think of?

Yeesh. My kingdom for some creative trolls.

kalinara said...

Um, you guys all realize that WFA is about compiling links, right?

Protesting here is like yelling at your television because your sports team is losing.

Ragnell said...

Kali, I even provided them with links to the policy and mission statement, and it was only after that I got comments that weren't just linking their own posts.

I blame public school myself.

Anonymous said...

the only thing i find offensive about this is that she's not using Tide to wash his spidey suit, a spidey suit deserves some Tide, with color safe bleach alternative.

Ragnell said...

Chris -- I find it weird she's not about to bleach his suit for leaving her with the laundry.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a dude - fuck that shit. You mean to tell me a world-famous supermodel can't afford a damn washing machine?

(Also, that a world-famous supermodel DOES HER HUSBAND'S LAUNDRY? You can wash your *own* long johns, pal.)


Unknown said...

I've said this before... tempest in a teapot. Seriously.

Who imagines in this day and age that anyone in this country, male or female, washes laundry by hand? In a bucket, at that? People looking for something to be offended by are imagining a scenerio that doesn't exist in order to find something degrading to focus their ire on.

I look at the statue and I don't see a woman hand-washing laundry. Again, that doesn't happen in modern day america. I see a laundry basket with a costume that has either already been through a washing machine or will soon go through one. Perhaps she will be the one to load and start the machine, perhaps she won't. It's entirely possible she's merely pulling out the suit to make a sarcastic or teasing comment to her husband. The idea that she's slaving away for him in some 50's-housewife fashion is purely in the minds of those who choose to read into the piece what is not there.

Which moves us to the real issue, the way she's dressed and her overall "sexiness". Which to some gynophobes and anti-sex crusaders masquerading as feminists, is an outrage. Presumably, they feel this woman should be ashamed of her body and her femininity and her sexual attractiveness, and seek to conceal it under layers of concealing clothing. Perhaps, to these critics, a burqa might be more appropriate?

I say hell no. This woman is attractive and feminine and liberated and has every right to flaunt it and be proud of it. Especially in the privacy of her own home with her chosen mate, whom she's clearly teasing and enticing deliberately, either to initiate sex or merely to tease him out of playfulness. Neither are crimes. She has a right to engage in sexual banter, play, or teasing with her own husband, and only the radical "all heterosexual sex is rape!" fanatics would claim otherwise.

It's truly sad when self-proclaimed feminists attack and oppress women for daring to be heterosexual and open and confident in their natural and chosen sexuality. It misses the point entirely, that feminism is supposed to be about freedom of choice and expression, for women to live their lives as women without shame or fear or other people's mores and choices enforced on them.

If MJ were real, she'd tell the busybodies to shut the hell up and get out of her business. And any real feminist would be 110% behind her.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Now I find it extremely frustrating how almost all female characters are either a sex object, wife/mother or old. Maiden, mo ther, crone.

And the fact this is everywhere and you could take a respected male character and change the pronouns and suddenly they don't come across the same (even to yourself) could *understandably* cause people to get upset about something like this.

But if you're going to try and censor anything you see as "sexist", that's just plain censorship. It also does not help "feminism" at all.

I *want* equal right. EQUAL. Not to be treated as 'better', and so precious I need to have anything that is "sexist" censored lest it "offend" me.

I kind of like the statue.

But I do agree there should be balance, and female characters who are not solely sex objects. That most female characters are so is what you should be getting upset about, not one in particular.

It is OKAY for a woman to be sexy.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was fitting:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I honestly never knew there were this many fat girls out there. Live and learn.

Unknown said...

boo freakin hoo people are so uptight in this world. I grew up as a child reading spiderman comics and MJ was a total hottie sex symbol and I don't think that has to change just because a bunch of uptight neo cons want to act like we live in a world were a sexy woman would never do laudry no that's just ludicrous and would never ever happen and this statue is a total disgrace blah blah blah go back to your radical islamic mosques or your butch dyke feminist rallies and stop sh*tting on my internets.

Anonymous said...

Critics more like stupid females trying but failing to take revenge. Women are useless always complaining making something out of nothing, there only good for their looks making sandwiches and doing to laundry the critic response is yet again another example of the inferiority complex of women, mary jane should be nude cleaning peter's clothes. Man are far to superior to be used for their looks like women and doing laundry.