Saturday, May 26, 2007

May 26th


Amazon Attack Bears

Amy Reads the Week (of May 25th, 2007)

Angus and Amazons

Birds of Prey 106

Comics in Context #179: Pride and Prejudice

Comics from America: The Trouble with Frank

Controversy in the Comic Rack! OMG!

Day 65: Lightning

East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention, Pt. 3: "Having Our Say: Black Women Discuss Imagery"

Heroes and Comics

Heroes For Hire#13 Cover: An Epiphany

Heroes for Hire #13: Tentacle Rape is now rated for 9 year olds

HURT COMICS: Joe Quesada, the Teflon Editor-in-Chief

I swear this isn’t just to get more “When Fangirls Attack” hits

I'm happy with my pussy

In Praise of Sana Takeda

It's Hard Out Here For a Fangirl

It’s OK Because the Artist is Female!

Joe Fridays Week 100

Just Love Me, Please


Manstream Awards

Mary Jane to Adam Hughes: "Face it, Tiger... you f**cked up!"


Random Thoughts about the August DC Solicits


Sex sells? Now, what did the Japanese call it... doujinshi?

Some Sorta Twisted

Sometimes You Eat the Octopus, Sometimes the Octopus...

The Bad and the Good in Comics

The controversal Heroes for Hire cover.

The Mary Jane statue B.S

Who Defines Offense?

And for a quick change of pace: Why I'm Anti-Vegetarian (If you're confused as to why this is being linked, head over here.)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the link!
most folks might hate it, but I just love the democracy of the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

Some stuff about Iron Fist and Misty Knight here: