Saturday, May 19, 2007

Quick Hits: May 19th

Mary Jane Watson-Parker
Fact vs. Fiction

We're the kids in America

Mary Jane Watson-Parker, Burn Your Bra.


life could be so easy

Mary Jane gets a Faceful of Boomstick

New Mary Jane (From Spider-Man) Figurine

Controversy in Comics? :O

Colleen Can’t Come Out and Play

I'll be happy when things calm down again :(


I Read the Internets - 5/19/07

The Mary Jane Statue Drama

The Toronto Star jumps on the bandwagon too XD

Marvel, you have really pissed some people off

Mary Mammary

New! Gwen Stacy Comiquette

a few updates

Frank Miller Does it Again
Comic Book Review: All Star Batman and Robin #5

Weekly Haul: May 16th

Another country heard from on the topic of feminism

Here Is My Two Cents on the Mary Jane Statue Controversy…

Better Late Than Whatever: Graeme blows the schedule.

In Which the Goddamn Batman Gets to the Goddamn Point

Neither Mary Jane nor Frank
Now This is More Like It: Cover to Witchblade #106

Hell hath no Furry

Pretend Heroes / Real Women 3

OS shows women the way

Review: Catwoman #67

Sequart’s Female Staff

The Lulu Awards and My Choices


Comics and Advice…

An Important **** Question.

From the stack: The Plain Janes

One of the many many reasons why I love the Legion of Superheroes and Barry Kitson :D

WisCon 31 Schedule

Focusing on the Positive: How Do We Make Superhero Books for Women?

I'm running out of fingers for the random sex implications.

Friends of Lulu Awards Voting Open

Oh Mighty Isis!

When Fan Boys and Fan Girls Meet...

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