Sunday, May 20, 2007

Deep Thoughts: May 19th, 2007

These are mostly heavy analysis posts (some are Quick Hits I found at the last minute), I put as many announcements, references, and quick thoughts on the last post as I could.

Bingo: The Callers Enclue You.

Feminist Hypocrisy

Raise Your Voice - Go Directly To TypeCasting

Do feminist comic fans think women are incompetent dipshits?

An outraged feminist fangirl

Real Talk: Today’s Mathematics

The Plain Janes OGN

FUCK COMICS: The Girl's Line (Crossposted Here)

Mary Jane Washwoman

Ragnell Is My Hero

What Do Women Want?

I am Wonder Woman: Hear me roar

Starfox and Spider-Woman

minx 1.0

Links: Lost pirates, Han Solo candy bar, and that Mary Jane statue

Mary Jane: Natural Nerd Selection


Two Points, or Shanna the She-Dilemma

Planet Karen

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Anonymous said...

Not an analysis so much as an account of what happened when I contacted Sideshow regarding the MJ figure on May 16th:

~caras_galadhon @LJ