Monday, May 14, 2007

May 14th, 2007 Part I

Editorial: Consider the categorization over with for a while, because the conversations are running into each other

Oh, Snap...

May 14, 2007: Fangirls Attacked

Hold a mirror up to life

Two Quick Links

In Which I Help Out Marvel's Marketing Department.

Because a woman’s place is doing the laundry. In pearls. Barefoot. With her thong showing. Not to mention her ass.

more feminist ranting

Things to watch out for when going to a guy's house for the first time.

The necklace makes it classy...

Abusing power for a cause.


Attack of the jerkwad fanboys

Repost: "We're not gonna take it"

Good for the gander

For lauredhel: Spider Sleaze!

Mary-Jane Watson … Likes to Wash Peter’s Spider-suit?!?

What? I supposed to ignore this bullshit indefinitely ?!

Rooting for the rapist?!

The (Super)Hero and the Princess: On Role Models and Gender.

MJ & Me & Everyone Else

Grovvy Chick Month 7: Batwoman

Editorial Simmering


LurkerWithout said...

The Kevin Church Girltron post was linked to yesterday as well. Not that I can fault you for missing that amidst the vastness of MJ-Fest

Ragnell said...

Yeesh, I'm surprised that's the onyl one this week.

Oh well, Kevin gets a little extra traffic. Maybe I can get him to write a cameo of me in Cover Girl

emjaybee said...

The friend of the "creator" whines about how unfair we all are.

call the Waaahmbulance!