Sunday, May 13, 2007

All these posts and no "Something about Mary Jane" joke titles yet?

Why the MJ kerfuffle matters: (probably not why you think)

Sexism PSA

should we be outraged?


My thoughts on the Mary Jane statue.

Not a whore

I am shocked, shocked and appalled

Mary Jane Comiquette Statue… good god!

That MJ statue...

MJ, again

Chasing the all mighty comic book smut dollar

This Is Just Getting Ridiculous



"...the radical notion that women are people."

Mary Jane Watson: Return of the Idiot Sex Bomb


Disappointment with Marvel Entertainment

Because I am on a roll…

You say 'feminist' like it's a bad thing...

and yet people wonder why i am a feminist

The Decline and Fall of Western Civilisation

DC Also Sucks

Ironically, I'm excited to be surrounded by a bunch of women, which probably loses me any points I gained

... wow, jaded over comics. And I just started paying attention to Marvel

Why, Yes, I AM Angry.

Face it, Tiger: This is Gratuitous

It's sort of like limbo, but with less dignity

Ropa sucia

Practice for When She Finally Gets Pregnant?

we might as well have a were-cheetah

yeah, okay, vomit.

Because Some People Just Made Awesome

More contact info -- to complain to Marvel