Sunday, May 06, 2007

Backlog Clearing

The Fantabuloso Torchy Brown Art Meme!

Breastblog 2007

A skillful dissection of AB:VH #6, courtesy of Chris's Invincible Super-Blog.

Now – Classics from the UK

[Interview] Jennifer Estep talks Karma Girls, Hot Mamas, and the challenges and joys of writing superhero romance.

Not so Green

LGBT Character of the Week

When Fangirls Attack

Spider-Mania: The girls of summer

Boy, I wonder!

Green Lantern #19

Groovy Chick Month 3: Tula

52 #52: Goosebumps

Buffy comic #3 commentary

Attack of the Penis Snatchers

Obligatory Power Girl Boob Post

Argument for Boobs, continued…

Taking aim at two very broad targets

Three Cheers for Censorship!

This Week's Haul: The Mother Load!

Lost Bet: Ms. Marvel #14

Warm and fuzzy comics day

Is This Gratuitous?: Astonishing X-Men #21 Variant Cover

Agreeable LinkBlogging

Sexual Assault (in comics) Awareness Month: Same-Sex Assault

Boom Chicka Wow Wow!


The All New Atom - #11 Review or Did GAIL SIMONE just create the new Major Force!? :( (Editorial: If so, maybe they'll let a woman kick this one's ass instead of die, because I'm getting impatient waiting on "Arisia vs. Major Force: This time its painful for HIM" -- R.)

We're Hosting the Next Carnival of Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans!

I am not a plot device

Poor Hougun.

The Powers That Be...


1 comment:

MarkAndrew said...

Having made Journalista twice, I've decided to devote my life to being linked in When Fangirls Attack.

I'll have a review of three comic collections written by women in the next day-or-so, on Comics Should Be Good but none of 'em are really fanperson type comics.

Failing that, well I did just buy Brave and the Bold 63 (Supergirl and Wonder Woman.) And I could write about that. Would I lose points for thinking that the least feminist superhero comic of all time is also freaking hilarious?